Why I’m Off to Europe this Winter, in Photos

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Welcome! It’s week 258 (12/10/2015)  of Travel Photo Thursday, and exactly 2 weeks until I am off to Europe. I am beyond excited. My photos this week will leave no doubt as to why! If you missed last week’s Travel Photo Thursday, here it is. 

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Definitely, the olives! These beauties were served to me at a bar in Seville, Spain. They came with a bowl of potato chips. When the bartender asked if I wanted more, I said “more olives please, hold the potato chips”! I have vowed that I  would move to Europe just for the olives!


Delicious Fresh Spanish Olives

Olives and wine! How can you possibly go wrong? (Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid)


Wine and Tapas at Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid, Spain


The pomp and ceremony of the changing of the guard (must be something to do with being from Commonwealth country, and all those Royal visits!) Taken at the royal palace in Madrid.


Pomp and Ceremony at the Royal Palace in Madrid


Stunning views, monopolized with ancient architecture. (Czech’s Kutna Hora)


A Hill With A View...Czech's Kutna Hora


The windows, definitely the windows and the flower boxes! (Karlovy Vary, Czech)


Karlovy Vary Flower Boxes


Churches lit up at night. (Church of St. Nicholas, Prague)


Church of St. Nicholas, Prague


Colorful rooftops (Prague)


Prague Roof Tops from the Old Town Tower


Finally, the bridges! (A black and white of St. Charles Bridge, from the water, Prague)


Charles Bridge from the Water...Prague


Looking good at night, too.


Charles Bridge from the Vitava Riverbank

Charles Bridge from the Vitava Riverbank

What makes you want to return to a continent, a region, a country or a city?

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  1. Oh Nancie, I can feel your excitement in this post. What lovely photos to inspire you for your upcoming adventure! Too bad we are leaving Europe about the same time you arrive or I’d have you come taste some Greek olives for a taste test comparison! One of these days. . .

    • Hi Jackie. What fun it would be to cross paths in Europe. Maybe we could track down another subway sandwich to munch on with our olives! 🙂 When are you heading back to the States?

  2. I’ve never been to any of these places, but they are definitely on my list of where to go one day. I can see why you are so excited. I also think that living in Asia makes the European culture seem so much more different than it would if you’d been living in North America. I’m wishing you a good last few weeks of teaching before your break and safe travels.

    • Hi Michele. Thanks. It’s difficult to stay focused right now, but this time next week I should be free and clear of work obligations (or just about!). I agree, there’s something about living in Asia for such a long time that makes Europe that much more appealing!

  3. Love the flower boxes – what a superb photo, and I want to eat those olives too. I well remember the delicious array of olives in Spain – you can eat my share while you’re there too if you like. It is the experiences that makes me want to return. On Vis Island in Croatia, it was sitting on the waterfront watching the yachts come into the harbour and tie up right in front of us. They usually all came in at once and there would be lots of drama while they tied up. I’d so love to be back there right now. Have Fun in Europe Nancie.

    • Hi Jan! Watching yachts tie up sounds like a fantastic way to pass the time. I will definitely eat a few olives for you! Where are you off to next?

  4. Your post brought back fond memories of my visit there some years back.
    Great captures! The red roof tops make a fantastic shot, I don’t have one like that.

    • Hi Indrani. I love Prague, and will go back one of these days. The red roofs definitely add to the city’s beauty.

  5. I totally get going back to Europe in the winter. After living in Germany for 5 yrs. every winter I wish I was there because the cities are beautiful and in a different light. There’s also that sense of expectancy for the coming of Christmas that I have never found anywhere else. Beautiful images. Prague was beautiful.

    • Love, love, love Prague! I am anxious to experience some of the holiday season in Europe.

  6. I’m always drawn to water so I usually go to a city that is by the water – or return to a relaxing resort on the beach. Paris always calls me back – there is just something about the architecture, food and bridges. Have fun on your travels. Enjoy!

    • Hi Jill! Thanks. I grew up on the North Atlantic, so water is always calling. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Paris, but one of these days!

  7. Wonderful! HAve a fab trip!

    • Hi Lydia. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I will definitely have a fab trip!

  8. I will get back to Europe because of the food, architecture, history and train travel (oh, how I love trains!). In Europe, a building with a humble function (city hall, library, train station) is full of history and beautiful details. By the way, my husband and you will get along wonderful. He loves olives too!

    • Hi Ruth! Yes, the trains are wonderful in Europe. I’ll eat olives with your husband any time! 🙂

  9. Your photos of Prague shows me exactly why you’ll be visiting Europe this winter! You can’t beat great architecture and food.

    • Hi Brooke. I totally agree, and I will add museums to the list!

  10. I can see why you’re excited to return, Nancie. I’ve not been to Prague but it looks like a beautiful city. Love your photos!
    To answer your question, the food, the culture, the architecture of a place usually draw me back.

    • Hi Marcia. I am with you, and I also can’t get enough of the great European museums.

  11. Like you, I think food is always a good start! Stunning scenery does it for me and also friendly locals. I only wish that Europe wasn’t such a mission for me to travel to from Australia, otherwise I would be travelling here all the time.

    • Hi Kathy. It’s not bad traveling from Asia to Europe. Nova Scotia is even closer!

  12. Beautiful collection, Nancie! I absolutely love Europe too and we can’t wait to return. I’d move to Europe in a heartbeat. It’s the food, the history and architecture that appeals most to me. I look forward to seeing your photos and posts during your travels in a few weeks. I’m disappointed we’ll miss each other. Safe travels!

    • Hi Mary. It is too bad we’ll miss other. I’ll be reading your posts, too.

  13. Nancie, you really captured some beautiful shots here. I’m so eager to experience the Czech Republic for myself, both for the architecture and the cuisine … plus, I hear the beer is top notch. What did you think of it?

    • Hi Linda! I drank a bit of the beer. It has spoiled me, and whenever I want to bring back Prague memories I go to the grocery store and pick up a Czech Pilsner. Thankfully, Koreans love imported beer!

  14. You are so right about the olives and wine, love it. The photos from the Czech Republic so make me want to go back. Miss the food and beer there too.

  15. Ahh, Europe in winter – or any time of year come to that!
    I am so lucky to be able to live in Greece. If you like olives and Mediterranean gastronomy in general, come to Greece. You will love it here.
    And beautiful, moody picture of the Charles Bridge.

  16. Hi Nancie! A big part of the joy of travel is food, isn’t it? For you it’s olives. For me it’s pretty much anything that comes from a bakery in France!


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