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Why I’m Off to Europe this Winter, in Photos

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Welcome! It’s week 258 (12/10/2015)  of Travel Photo Thursday, and exactly 2 weeks until I am off to Europe. I am beyond excited. My photos this week will leave no doubt as to why! If you missed last week’s Travel Photo Thursday, here it is. 

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Definitely, the olives! These beauties were served to me at a bar in Seville, Spain. They came with a bowl of potato chips. When the bartender asked if I wanted more, I said “more olives please, hold the potato chips”! I have vowed that I  would move to Europe just for the olives!


Delicious Fresh Spanish Olives

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Czech’s Karlovy Vary for Travel Back Saturday

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If you’re visiting Prague, and want to wander further afield, I highly recommend that you visit Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). This small city offers superb architecture, world class spa facilities, and some great restaurant choices. The city boast thirteen major hot springs’ along with some 300 smaller springs. Comfortable, reasonably priced, buses depart daily for the short trip between the two cities (slightly more than an hour). While it’s possible to do a day trip, if you want to enjoy a spa treatment, at least two days would be best. Have a peek of my favorite shots from my 2012 visit.

Travel Back Saturday Archives

Karlovy Vary, Czech


Karlovy Vary, Czech

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Travel Photo Thursday — 7/03/14 — Windows on Europe

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Welcome to the 184th week of Travel Photo Thursday! I’m finishing my second week of summer school teaching, a 15 week course crammed into 3 weeks. Trust me, it’s brutal. I’m teaching a required basic English course that is designed to be fail proof! I do have a few students who are wonderful (not sure how they ended up here), but most of them would not react to a fire lit directly under their butts! I had originally planned to be in Europe this summer, but this summer school session put a damper on those plans. As thrilled as I am to be heading off to Penang in just over a week, there remains some wistful thinking directed at Europe. I love photographing windows and doors, and this week I bring you a few of my favorite windows from Hungary’s Budapest and Czech’s Karlovary.

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My favorites from Budapest. Windows always set my imagination on fire…

I love the carving at the top. He looks more than a little ferocious! 


untitled shoot-0191-2.jpg



So peaceful looking… A far cry from her “brother’ in the shot above:)


untitled shoot-0121-2.jpg


Mellow yellow in Budapest. Love how the light is striking the blind…


Mellow Yellow in Budapest


Colorful and detailed in Budapest. I am not a big lover of the color orange, but it definitely works with this window!



Colorful Detail in Budapest


And to end this window on Europe, two of my favorite window shots from Czech’s picturesque Karlovy Vary…


Karlovy Vary Window, Czech



What a blast of color from the shutters, and the blast of fuchsia…


untitled shoot-0019-3.jpg


Do you photograph windows and doors when you travel?

This is the 184th  edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.



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A Salty Tourist Attraction in Czech’s Karlovy Vary

Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Czech - Prague, Karlovy Vary | 9 comments

On my list of “Must Dos” when I’m traveling  hitting the local spa is right up there on the list with museums and eating local food. When I kept seeing and reading the advertisements for the salt caves in Karlovy Vary I just new I had to find more about them, and probably give it a go.

We stumbled into the Morova Bath House with Pool and Salt Cave after seeing their advertisement on one of the many boards in downtown Karlovy Vary. The lady on the desk didn’t speak a lot of English, but enough to give us the gist of what  the cave was all about, and her friendliness eclipsed any language barriers. She was happy to show us the caves, and after the tour we were eager to try them out.

Preparing to enter the cave is very easy. Blue plastic booties go over your shoes/sandals, and a blanket is provided in case the cave gets a bit chilly. That’s it. Once you pay your 110 Koruna (about $6US) you get to sit in a comfy reclining chair for 45 minutes and let the salt do its magic.

in Karlovy Vary, Czech

Enjoying the Morova Salt Cave in Karlovy Vary, Czech.

You might be thinking, okay, looks relaxing, but what does the salt cave actually DO. Well, according to Morova’s website, it can help heal a plethora of ailments; everything from asthma to fatigue.

An extensive list is provided on their website.

After reading the list you might think…I’m catching the next flight to Czech! OR Where’s the proof that it works? I can’t say whether the claims made are true or not. What I can tell you is that I felt a lot more energetic after my 45 minutes in the cave. Now, was that because of the 45 minutes of relaxation or the salt ions? My friend was suffering from a bad cold, which had gone into her chest. She said her chest felt better after the treatment.

You might be thinking that this looks a bit boring…45 minutes sitting in a cave on your duff. Well, if you share the cave with someone, as I did, you can chat away the time. If you are alone, take the time to meditate, read, sleep, plan your next cave visit, or you can….

Watch the fish go by.

Watching the fish go by…

Have you ever visited a salt cave? Would you?


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