Sandbox Reviews

Independent reviews written by myself and other independent travelers; hotels, restaurants, things to do…and whatever else tickles our fancy.



Coral View Villas (Amed) (Published on Trip Advisor)


Best Western Premier Gangnam (Published on Trip Advisor)


MHC Guesthouse, Bangkok, Thailand (Published on Trip Advisor)

Top Garden Boutique Guesthouse, Chiang Mai, Thailand (Published on Trip Advisor)




W Bistro (Daejeon)


Cafe Compassion, Chiang Mai (Published on Trip Advisor)

Peppermint Coffee House, Chiang Mai (Published on Trip Advisor)

Pulcinella da Stefano, Chiang Mai  (Published on Trip Advisor)

Jerusalem Falafel, Chiang Mai

Terrace 90, Hua Hin  (Published on Trip Advisor)

Things To Do

Seoul, Korea

Leeum Samsung Museum

Granada, Spain

Hammams de al  Andalus (Arab baths)  (Published on Trip Advisor)

Travel Gear

Packing It Up In Style – A Suitcase Review