Travel Photo Thursday — July 5th, 2012 — The Eyes of Prague

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday. I can’t believe I’ve been in Prague for over a week! From walking the Charles Bridge to hearing Mozart’s Giovanni at the Estates Theater, I’m enjoying every moment. The camera has also been doing its thing; in fact it’s working overtime. Today’s choices were not easy. I finally decided to share with you a few of  many beautiful and interesting windows that I’ve admired and photographed as I’ve walked through this intriguing city. They’ve “turned on” my imagination.

For those of you who missed last week’s Travel Photo Thursday, Prague — First Glimpses.

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Curtained Prague … What could be happening behind that pretty white curtain? And, you’ll find the prettiest window boxes in Prague!



Curtained Prague


Watching the world go by…is this a daily event? Do his friends drop by to chat?

Watching the World Go By


Open to the world…Why is the window open? Why is the curtain pinned as it is…a sign, a message?

Open to the World


Do you photograph windows? Where have you taken your favorite window shots?


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  1. These window shots are great. I love the first one with the window box. I can imagine how photogenic Prague must be. I love taking pictures of windows too – the more rustic looking the better. The ones in Venice were perfect.

    • Yes, Venice windows are special. I remember them from many many years ago. Time to go back, and take some shots!

  2. Beautiful photos!
    My favorite window shots are from Sibiu, Romania. I think you would love it… (^_^)

  3. I do like snapping pictures of windows and doors, so photogenic. I think my faves are from various cities and towns in Eastern Europe. Must be something about that part of the world.

    • Interesting observation…I continue to find them here in Prague!

  4. Yes, windows and doors are a favorite. Just took some in Toronto. That pinned back curtain is quite mysterious. Love them all. I can see why Prague is turning on your imagination.

  5. Great photos – I love the one of the man looking out on the street – wonder what he’s thinking. I like to take photos of windows/houses but it embarrasses my teenager – she doesn’t think the owners would appreciate me pointing my camera at their houses. So I take them when she’s not looking!

    • Funny Lisa. I can imagine your daughter saying…MOMMMM!!! and rolling her eyes as she walks away 🙂

  6. I love taking photos of windows and doors. Very pretty!

  7. Some cracking shots there. I want to revisit Prague so badly.

  8. Interesting idea for a post.

  9. I love the guy in the window. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the city so much. One day yet and I’ll get there.

  10. I haven’t taken many window picture, but seeing yours all together makes me consider starting my own collection.

  11. I simply love windows and doors when traveling. My imagination runs wildly at times just because of the scene at a window or a doorway. I am also enjoying your trip, keep the photos and posts coming!

  12. Love this idea for your photos from one of my favorite places — beautiful Prague!

  13. How pretty! I like the first window a lot – the way the lines change from going outward to going around when you go out further.

  14. I loved taking photos of windows in the Czech Republic. They are romantic and often have interesting decoration. I am glad to hear you are enjoying every moment! I look forward to more of your posts.

  15. I have never thought to photograph windows – but I can’t say I have ever come across such pretty ones as these in my travels!

    • Becca…I am always on the lookout for windows (no pun intended!), and in Prague you don’t even have to look!

  16. I have never thought to photograph windows – but I can’t say I have ever come across such pretty ones as these in my travels!

  17. Yup! Always on the lookout for window shots. These are nice. Here’s one I took of windows in Prague:

    • I had a look at your window shot…very nice!


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