Through The Sandbox Lens #46 — Serenity Through the Arches at Prague Castle

Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Prague Sandbox, Through the Sandbox Lens | 5 comments

Prague Castle always seems to be humming with people. When I found this little “sea of calm” I smiled and breathed. Isn’t it lovely? The funny thing is, when I walked through the arches I found a big parking lot on the right; who would have thought? 🙂

Serenity Through the Arches

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  1. I love arches in photos – you get a tiny glimpse of what is on the other side – and it gives you enough to dream about what could be around that corner – the picture always tells a story!

  2. It is a lovely view! Sometimes it’s best to just imagine what’s on the other side of a doorway – reality falls short most of the time!

  3. Lovely photo. I love the whole area around the castle. If you have time and haven’t done so yet, check out the Novy Svet area–it’s very quiet and pretty–and then follow it up to the Loreto and Strahov Monastery. To get to Novy Svet, cross the square that’s in front of the castle and keep going.

    • Jenna, thanks for the tip. I have gone to the Loreto, so maybe I just need to backtrack a bit. I’ll try and make the time.

  4. Parking lots are necessary, but not very scenic. It looks like they did a nice job of hiding this one. Lovely photo.

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