Stunning Water Photos from Around the World

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Welcome to week 252 of Travel Photo Thursday (10/29/2015), and my apologies for being so late this week. My students submitted their 5 paragraph essays this week, and I now have the never ending task (or so it seems) to mark each and everyone! I love water, and I know I’m not alone. I don’t hesitate to get up before the crack of dawn with the hope of capturing that perfect sunrise over the water photo. If it’s a sunset over the water, I’ll stay until the sun is only a memory. This week I’m sharing with you some of my favorite water photos from around the globe.

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I’ve taken some beautiful water shots in my own home province of Nova Scotia.

Stunning Peggy’s Cove; obviously taken looking way from the lighthouse towards the village.


Peggy's Cove

Taken from exactly the same spot, but (obviously) in the other direction. 🙂


Peggy's Cove


Beautiful Hirtle’s Beach in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. What’s not to love? I’m sitting here right now imagining the smell of the salt air in my nostrils!


Hirtles Beach, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


Known by the locals as the “Dingle”, this is the Northwest Arm from Sir Sandford Flemming Park. I grew up a ten minute drive from here.


The "Dingle", Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

A summertime view of Prague from the banks of the Vltava.


A Perfect Summers Day in Prague

Bliss on Malaysia’s Mabul Island…



One of my favorite sunset shots, taken on Malaysia’s Langkawai Island.


Langkawi Sunset

Sunrise on Thailand’s Hua Hin Beach, where I’ve been fortunate enough to watch more than a few sunrises and sunsets over the years.


Sunrise, Hua Hin Beach

I can’t resist one last sunrise shot, taken on the waterfront in Penang.


Penang Sunrise

Each of these shots bring back special memories. Do you have a favorite water shot?

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  1. Those are gorgeous photos! (And you grew up in such a beautiful place.) I admire your willingness to get up at the crack of dawn for sunrise – early rising isn’t my strong point.

    • Hi Cindy. I do get lazy when I’m traveling, and (almost) talk myself out to getting up for sunrises. By nature, I am a morning person, so I usually make it, and happily so.

  2. I love all of these! I’m a water person so this is a great post right after my own heart. What a great collection of beautiful photos!

    • Hi Mary. Thanks, and I know how your feel. I never miss a good water view.

  3. I’m probably being biased but I my favorites are the photos taken in Malaysia and Thailand. I specifically love the sunset shot! Just amazing!

    • The Malaysia and Thailand shots are some of my favorites, too. I would love to go back to Langkawai someday and experience their awesome sunsets again.

  4. You’re pulling at my heart strings with the pics of Nova Scotia and Prague. Beautiful shots that bring back great memories. However, I’ve been to Prague twice — both times in winter. Would love to see the Vltava in summer.

    • Hi Cathy. Happy that you enjoyed the photos. The Vltava is beautiful in the summer. It was a bit of a challenge to get a photo on a nice day. I had a lot of rain when I was there.

  5. I especially like your Malaysia shots. I think my favorite sunrise photo (To be honest, I don’t have many) was when we climbed Masada in Israel in time to watch the sun rise over the Dead Sea. It was breathtaking!

    • Hi Rachel. Sunrise over the Dead Sea sounds amazing!

  6. Lovely shots Nancie. I find water shots are often very calming and your last one of sunrise in Penang is certainly that. I would like to improve my technique taking photos of running water as I think it’s so beautiful (rivers, waterfalls etc). Today I’ve linked up some spectacular photos of water (in the form of a guest post, sadly not taken by me!)

    • Hi Phoebe! I have generally found that early morning or evening light is best. Although, the shot that I took on Mabul Island was in the middle of the day, and I have always loved it!

  7. Beautiful, esp Mabul Island. Stunning!

    • Hi Lydia. Mabul Island in amazingly beautiful!

  8. I’m drawn to water so I love all these photos!

    • Hi Jill. Thanks for your kind words. I have so many water shots that I could start a gallery (which maybe I will one of these days!)

  9. The Mabul shot is sublime – I didn’t know you’d been there Nancie – do you dive? I also loved the sunset at Langkawi and the Sunrise in Penang. Seems like I’m in an Asian frame of mind today!

    • Hi Jan. I love that shot, too. I don’t dive, but I do snorkel. Although, it’s been too long since I’ve snorkeled or watched a sunset over the water!

  10. Really beautiful captures.I speciialy like the sunset and sunrise captures.Malaysia-Langkawi sunset capture is amazing!!

    • Hi Amila. The Langkawi shot is definitely one of my favorites.

  11. Nice ones, Nancie. Reminds me I really must see more of Nova Scotia and all of Atlantic Canada, really.

    • Hi Sophie. Thanks! There is just so much to see and do in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. You will not be disappointed!

  12. Beautiful photos Nancie. I love the beach shot at Langkawai. I am visiting here in January next year so will try to emulate this shot!

    • Hi Kathy. Have fun on Langkawai in January. I’ll be on the lookout for your sunset shots.

  13. gosh they are all so gorgeous! I can’t decide which is my favorite although I would love to visit Nova Scotia & Malaysia now!

    • Hi Hannah. Both places are amazing. Having grown up in Nova Scotia, I say go there first. (haha)

  14. Here I am dragging up the rear again for the linkup. This time it was a power outage that lasted all day Thursday followed by a day long shopping trip to the big city of Kalamata and so here I am on a blustery Saturday morning. Love your water photos – nothing I like more than sunlight and its effect on water. Happy weekend.

    • Hi Jackie. Glad you made it! Sorry to hear about your power outage woes. A trip to the city sounds like fun.

  15. Nancie, I think all of your water shots are amazing. I love, love, love taking photos of water as well…especially at sunset!

    • Hi Corinne. Thanks! Sunrise, sunset, both fantastic times of the day to be close to the water with camera in hand. 🙂

  16. I love being near the water. My dream home would be near the water with water views! My practical husband though would probably worry about the insurance costs and so that may not happen!

    • Hi Shobha! I’m with you on the house with water views!

  17. All stunning, Nancie. I love water and water shots. No matter what I’m doing, just looking at them makes me feel calm.

    • Hi Marcia. Water definitely has a calming effect on me as well.

  18. I think of the the things I miss most about living in Penang is my apartment that overlooked the water. I was so fortunate to have a sunrise over the water every morning. The water in that Malaysian photo is so clear that it looks like that fishing boat is floating in AIR. And your Peggy’s Cove lighthouse photos are always favorites of mine. You were so lucky to grow up that close to Dingle. Good luck on grading those papers, perhaps with some wine on the side?

    • Hi Michele. I will always have a soft spot for the Dingle, and never miss spending time there when I am home. I would love to wake up to a sunrise outside of my window every morning!

      Wine and grading don’t go together very well, but I’ll celebrate with some wine once they’re finished! 🙂

  19. Great water photos. I’ve been to the spots in Nova Scotia and found them beautiful. Someday maybe I’ll see the spots in Thailand.

    • Hi Donna. Thank you, and it’s nice to hear that you’ve been to Nova Scotia, and enjoyed it!

  20. I also am drawn to places near or on the water and, as your photos illustrate, could any place be better? These photos are outstanding and how lucky you were to be there in person to take each one!

    • Hi Anita. Thank you! Yes, I consider myself very fortunate. I am looking forward to a lot of water views this winter too!

  21. I never tire of looking at the water, being on the water, and seeing photos of the water. These are all wonderful, but I especially love the golden sunrise. It is so southeast Asia. Just beautiful.

    • Hi Betsy. I agree, that sunrise is a poster child for SEA.

  22. Great water pics. I love to be near the water, always feel more expansive when around the ocean.

    • Hi Aaron. I totally agree. Although, we have the Han River running through Seoul, it is not the ocean. I’m going to spending a lot of time around the ocean this winter, and I cannot wait!

  23. Until I saw your fab photo of Malaysia’s Langkawai Island, I\’d forgotten how beautiful Malaysia’s beaches are. Time for a return trip!

    • Hi Michele. Yes, Malaysia does have some amazing beaches.

  24. Wow, you took some amazing shots Nancy, I love all the Asia water images, stunning!

  25. These pictures are unbelievably stunning! Amazing job! Being by the water is my favorite place to be. Unfortunately I’m dwelling inland right now, so these were really needed 😀

  26. Hi Nancy, I just came across your photos randomly from google as I was searching for travel inspiration. I have to say, these pictures are stunning. I especially like the one of Thailand. Just wanted to give you a quick heads up!

    Cheers and keep up the good work!


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