Favorite Buddha Statues from Across Asia

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Welcome to week 238 (07/23/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. When I think of Asia I almost always  think of Buddha statues, and the many that I have gazed at over the years. I don’t think I’ve ever been in an Asian country where I haven’t admired (and sometimes fallen in love with) one. This Travel Photo Thursday I am sharing with you some of my favorite Buddha statues from across Asia. 

On our 238th week of Travel Photo Thursday I am thrilled to welcome Jan Robinson as a co-host for our photo weekly link-up. Jan blogs at Budget Travel Talk. Jan and her husband, Marty, have just returned from a 10 week European adventure. Please give Jan a warm welcome!

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The sitting Buddha at Korea’s Mt. Seoraksan’s Shinhungsa Temple is huge. I think the second shots puts the statue’s height into perfect perspective.


Sitting Buddha, Shinhungsa Temple, Mt. Seorakson, Korea


This is one BIG Buddha!


Sitting Buddha, Shinhungsa Temple, Mt. Seorakson    

Buddha statue production is alive and well in Thailand. I wonder where this graceful Buddha found a home. I took this shot when I visited Bangkok’s amulet market. The market is frequented by mostly by locals, and I highly recommend anyone that visits Bangkok to spend some time here.  My post featuring the amulet market.       

Buddha Statue Production


I found this beautiful statue at Chiang Mai’s Wat Pa Pao, a Shan style temple just steps from the ancient moat.  I published a photo essay on the temple here. 


Buddha Statue at Wat Pa Pao      

The Bamboo Buddha at Wat Chong Kam in Mae Hong Son is to thought to be the only the world’s only Buddha statue made from bamboo. Getting to admire this Buddha is a bit of a adventure. If you take the bus from Chiang Mai, you’ll probably lose count of the curves in the road; 1864 of them! You’ll find a photo essay of the Bamboo Buddha here.     


Bamboo Buddha - Wat Chong Kham


I would say that the prize for the most Buddha statues in South East Asia has to go to Myanmar. The country is full of them, and they are all meticulously maintained. Both of these Buddhas can be found in the town of Bago, an easy 50 mile trip from Yangon. The first is definitely one of my favorite shots. The second  and third shots give you an idea of the sheer size of some of the reclining Buddhas.


Reclining Buddha, Bago, Myanmar


Reclining Buddha's Head, Bago, Myanmar    

Reclining Buddha, Bago, Myanmar


Do you have a favorite Buddha statue somewhere in the world? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. The Buddha statues certainly are an integral part of Asia. Happy travels

    • Hi Jill. You are so right, and I love how each Asian country has there own take on what the Buddha looks like.

  2. Hi Nancie, So happy to be on board as a new Co-Host 🙂 I didn’t know you had been to Myanmar – or if I did I had forgotten. I must go and read some posts. 1864 curves is an enormous amount – a definite adventure. You are lucky to be so close to so many Buddhas. Are they common in Korea too?

    • Hi Jan. Excited to have you as a co-host Jan. I think I was in Myanmar just before I started this blog. Yes, going to Mae Hong Son by bus is an adventure, and next time I will fly!! Lots of Buddhas here. The first two shots are of a Buddha here in Korea, which I wasn’t really clear about. I’ll have to change that!

  3. I love big Buddha statues, in Japan I visited them whenever I had the chance. So far my favorite is the Ushiku Daibutsu. I like a lot the composition in your second photo.

    • Hi Lily. I’m with you. I never get tired of admiring and photographing Buddha statues.

  4. I love these! I saw my first big Buddha statue this year – at Kamakura, Japan – and it was fabulous!

    • Hi Jill. They are a sight to see. I always love the detail.

  5. I love all the different perspectives in these photos.

    Welcome Jan! And thank you,Nancie for encouraging me to stop back and link up again. I always intend to and then it slips my mind. Maybe I’ll become a regular around here again. I do enjoy viewing everyone’s photos and catching a glimpse of where everyone is traveling.

    • Welcome back, Tonya! It will be great to see more of your photos, too. 🙂

  6. And I thought I’d seen a lot of buddhas. You know, Chinese people actually think that it’s lucky to have large ear lobes because of Buddha’s huge ears? My mom once told me that it was bad that my ears were so small!

    • Hi Claire. I’ve read that about the ears. Every culture has different superstitions and beliefs. I hope you didn’t to anything drastic to your ear lobes! 🙂

  7. I like the giant buddhas – we’ve been to a few. The one in Hong Kong is worth a visit…

    • Hi Lydia. I saw the Buddha in Hong Kong on my first visit. I think that was back in 2003. I loved it!

  8. Yes, Thailand id full of Buddha statues. I photographed tons of them when I visited. I liked the ones in the Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai. There were several reclining ones that were very unique. I think my favorite ones were in the countryside.

    • Hi Ruth. Yes, the ones at Doi Suthep are lovely too. I always find that it is so crowded there, hard to get a decent photo.

  9. What a great collection of photos! I’ve always admired the size and symbolism of these Asian Buddhas. I clearly need to travel more around Asia to see these especially the Myanmar ones. My favorite Buddha is the only Asian one I’ve seen with is in Kamakura, Japan.

    • Hi Mary. Myanmar has some fabulous Buddha statues. I found it hard to believe that one country could have so many! 🙂

  10. Having travelled to several Asian countries, I never get tired of seeing Buddha statues. Have you seen the giant Buddha in Phuket? It sits atop a hill and dominates the skyline in Phuket.

    • Hi Kathy. I have done a lot of traveling in Thailand, but not yet made it to Phuket. One of these days I will, and I can’t wait to see that Buddha.

  11. The big buddhas are always interesting. But for me those loooooong rows of buddha after buddha are really enthralling. the variety is interesting also.

    • Hi Eileen. I love the rows of Buddhas as well. I know I have a few photos hanging in my files.

  12. We’ve just got back from Hong Kong and visited Lantau Island to see their Big Buddha, Tian Tan – definitely worth a visit if you’re ever that way!

    Anthony & Claire

    • Hi Anthony/Claire. I have been to the big Buddha on Lantau and it is amazing!

  13. Buddhas!! I couldn’t get enough of them in Thailand! I want to go back for a longer time.

    • Hi Jackie. They are definitely addictive!!

  14. That closeup of the reclining Buddha in Bago is great. It’s a unique perspective. My favorite Buddha is the reclining one in the Thai temple in Penang. I loved that it was so close to me and I could just drop in for a few minutes whenever I wanted to.

    • Hi Michele. I think I remember that one in Penang. It is a beauty.

    • Hi Michele. I think I remember that one in Penang, and it was lovely!

  15. Nancie, What is it about a Buddha statue? They are soooo photogenic! Welcome to Jan; I love reading her blog as well!

    Thanks for linking up with #wkendtravelinspiration!

    • Hi Corinne. You’re right. I can never walk by one without a few clicks of the camera 🙂

  16. Buddha’s are everywhere in Asia, and I do remember trekking somewhere to see a part of Buddha, but I can’t recall where. Don’t buy any Buddha statues or T-shirts or anything. Despite the fact that these are sold by the Thai people, the government takes a very dim view on this and you could come across problems in customs.

    • Hi Paula. I have brought back small Buddha statues without an issue. However, Buddha t-shirts I would not even attempt. Besides the fact that do not want to wear Buddha on my body! The last time I drove into BKK there was a big billboard warning people against Buddha tattoos.

  17. You have made me want to go on a Buddha statute crawl throughout Asia and see how many I can find. My favourite is definitely the little one in our garden though.

    • Hi Lyn! A Buddha crawl in Asia would be fun.

  18. Enjoy your photos, especially the one of the toes!

    • Hi Debi. Thanks. The toes are cute, aren’t they? 🙂

  19. I have only traveled to Thailand and Malaysia. My favorite Buddha is the Golden Buddha in Bangkok.

    • Hi Marilyn! The Golden Buddha in Bangkok is lovely~!

  20. I have quite a collection of Buddha statues but have still not been to Asia. Your photos are great, my favourite is the Bamboo Buddha at Wat Chong Kam, stunning!

    • I loved the Bamboo Buddha, too. He is just so unique, and the attention to detail is amazing.

  21. Buddha: The face of Asia…or should I say the faces of Asia. Always intriguing, as you’ll aptly pointed out. Must admit, I’ve always been fascinated with them, too

    • Hi Ursula. I don’t think I have ever seen one that I didn’t like, and I can never walk by without stopping.

  22. I don’t have a favorite Buddha statue in Asia — yet! I really liked looking at your photos, though! I would really like to see the reclining Buddha in Myanmar!

  23. Before I left on my first trip alone to SE Asia I would visit the Glenbow Museum in Calgary every Sunday (it used to be free on Sundays) and I would study all the statues from Asia in their exhibit, I would imagine seeing similar statues in their original location. When I went to Thailand i saw the reclining Buddha statue in Bangkok at Wat Pho. I would love to revisit SE Asia – so much more to see! Thank you for bringing back these memories for me 🙂


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