A Salty Tourist Attraction in Czech’s Karlovy Vary

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On my list of “Must Dos” when I’m traveling  hitting the local spa is right up there on the list with museums and eating local food. When I kept seeing and reading the advertisements for the salt caves in Karlovy Vary I just new I had to find more about them, and probably give it a go.

We stumbled into the Morova Bath House with Pool and Salt Cave after seeing their advertisement on one of the many boards in downtown Karlovy Vary. The lady on the desk didn’t speak a lot of English, but enough to give us the gist of what  the cave was all about, and her friendliness eclipsed any language barriers. She was happy to show us the caves, and after the tour we were eager to try them out.

Preparing to enter the cave is very easy. Blue plastic booties go over your shoes/sandals, and a blanket is provided in case the cave gets a bit chilly. That’s it. Once you pay your 110 Koruna (about $6US) you get to sit in a comfy reclining chair for 45 minutes and let the salt do its magic.

in Karlovy Vary, Czech

Enjoying the Morova Salt Cave in Karlovy Vary, Czech.

You might be thinking, okay, looks relaxing, but what does the salt cave actually DO. Well, according to Morova’s website, it can help heal a plethora of ailments; everything from asthma to fatigue.

An extensive list is provided on their website.

After reading the list you might think…I’m catching the next flight to Czech! OR Where’s the proof that it works? I can’t say whether the claims made are true or not. What I can tell you is that I felt a lot more energetic after my 45 minutes in the cave. Now, was that because of the 45 minutes of relaxation or the salt ions? My friend was suffering from a bad cold, which had gone into her chest. She said her chest felt better after the treatment.

You might be thinking that this looks a bit boring…45 minutes sitting in a cave on your duff. Well, if you share the cave with someone, as I did, you can chat away the time. If you are alone, take the time to meditate, read, sleep, plan your next cave visit, or you can….

Watch the fish go by.

Watching the fish go by…

Have you ever visited a salt cave? Would you?


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This is my 8th post in my personal challenge “A post every second day in August.” If you missed my previous post…Chiang Mai Attractions and Food.


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  1. I’ve never heard of this Nancie! It sounds very interesting and I would love to try it. However, I wonder if it has any negative affects on people with high blood pressure? I know….stupid question….but I know that I can’t eat salt and this way I would be ingesting it….oh, the mysteries of life. I’m going to continue to do research on this because I’d like to go. I will be there in May!

    • Renee….have a look on the Morova website. They give a lot of info., including who should avoid this. Maybe the best idea is to ask your doctor. Let me know what you find out.

  2. I have never been to a salty cave? What an interesting idea for a travel destination. I’ll put it on my list.

    • I enjoyed it and part of it was the novelty of the whole experience.

  3. A most interesting post and you are doing a great job with your challenge! I am posting at least three a week so you’ve helped me focus as well. Keep ’em coming – they are all most interesting.

  4. Thanks Jackie! I’m glad this challenge is helping you out!

  5. I’m sceptical by nature, I must say, Nancie, but I’d go for a look!

  6. I’m sceptical by nature, I must say, Nancie, but I’d go for a look!

  7. I’m sceptical by nature, I must say, Nancie, but I’d go for a look!


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