Warming up in Malacca

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I’ve arrived in Malacca and after the deep freeze of Korea it’s a welcome relief. The trip here was a long one. My Air Asia flight left Incheon at 11:20pm, arriving in KL at 5:00am. I waited until 9:00am for the bus to Malacca. Anyone who tries to tell you that there is no bus between LCCT in KL and Malacca is wrong. I will post more details later.

I am at the Apa Kaba Homestay, which is fantastic at $12.00 per night. The owners are friendly and helpful, and it’s about a ten minute walk from the historic downtown. This is a fabulous find for any budget traveler.

Late yesterday I did a bit of an explore. I took one of the trishaws for an hour tour ….forty ringets or about $12.00US. The price is posted, so there is no haggling or getting ripped off. I am off to explore and will write and post more photos in the next day or so. Here’s my beautifully decorated trishaw………………


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  1. Very informative and brief!! My fav!

  2. Get a look at those wheels. What a ride. Hope those flowers aren’t real. Some folks have allergies !

    • No real flowers Mike. Although, I’m sure the way they’re lit up a night the drivers must rent out dark glasses!!

  3. sounds like a great place

  4. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Sounds like heaven, climate and price wise. Aside from the overwhelming floral decorations…. would you look at those trishaw seat cushions! I’d be queen for a day, or maybe an hour.

  6. Sounds like a great place. And $12 per night! I can’t wait to warm up in the Dominican Republic in 5 days! Enjoy your time!

    • Have fun in the DR. Nothing like being somewhere hot when so much of the world is in the deep freeze.

  7. Oooh, I’ve been in Melaka – almost 20 years ago, though. Really nice, colourful photo!

    • I wonder how it’s changed in the last 20 years. I’m sure there are a few more five star hotels!

  8. What a beautiful trishaw. Looking forward to reading your about your explorations. Have fun!

  9. Great image, Nancie. Glad to know that you’re off to a good start on this trip. I went to Malacca half a lifetime ago, and I remember it as being beautifully quaint at that time. I’m looking foward to what you have to say about it now, and seeing the photos, of course.

    • I’ve enjoyed myself immensely here, Graham. Of course, out and about a lot, so many photos taken, but not much posted yet. Next week!

  10. You’re in Malacca?! I’m going to Malacca in less than two weeks. I’ve already read that there are tons of buses from KL that can take me down to my guesthouse. I get in at 8:00 at night, though and the last bus departs at 10:00 pm., so I’m hoping I can make it. A taxi would cost me $67, the owner of the guesthouse said, so if my plane is late and I do miss the last bus, I’ll be spending my first night in KL. Maybe we can meet when I get there if you’re still around!

    • Hi Sabina, I’m only in Malacca until Friday. I’m heading out to Bali for Christmas and NY. I’ll be in SEA until the last week in February…Singapore and Chiang Mai after Bali. Maybe we’ll be able to meet up somewhere else in the region.

      Regarding the bus to Malacca. I wanted to take a bus from the LCCT terminal (Air Asia) to Malacca. I didn’t want to go all the way downtown to the bus station. Downtown KL is quite a ways from the airport (maybe you already know that). I’ll be surprised if you’ll make that last bus. Anyway, I ended up on a Transnasional (not a spelling mistake) bus directly from the airport to Malacca in 2 hours. However, I think the bus only goes twice a day from the LCCT terminal..9am and 11:30am. You might be able to find out more here….

      • Hi Nancie, I did not know that! Thank you for telling me. It looks like I have more travel arrangements to make. Groan.

  11. By the way, Nancy, is the air clean there or do they suffer from smog as does Kuala Lumpur? The smog here in Sharjah is pretty awful and I’m hoping to get back in air that has oxygen and not chemicals in it.

    • Sabina, I find the air here in Malacca good. Malacca is much smaller than KL, plus you’re close to the water. I don’t think you’ll have any air problems.

  12. Yes, Malacca is a wonderful little town! Don’t forget to eat a gula Melaka baba cendol, 1 of the best icy treats ever with Melaka black sugar!

  13. With all the snow and cold weather around it seems like you are in the place to be!

  14. Love the rickshaw! Haven’t made it to Malacca yet.


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