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Wanderfood Wednesday — Malacca’s Chicken Rice Balls

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Here we are for another week of Wanderfood Wednesday, kindly hosted by WanderLust and Lipstick. My last Wanderfood post was back in early December, so it’s great to be back.

When I decided to add Malacca to this winter’s itinerary the first thing I wanted to know about was the food. One dish that was mentioned time and again was Haianese Chicken Rice, or simply Chicken Rice Balls.

I immediately pictured chicken and rice mixed together and shaped into balls. I couldn’t have been more off the mark! The chicken and rice, although served together, are very separate, and delicious.

Here are the rice balls, which are very filling. These five with chili sauce is a perfect serving for one person.

Chicken Rice Balls

Then, there’s the moist, succulent, perfectly cooked chicken…yummy to say the least! If you could see under the chicken, you would find that it’s sitting on cucumber slices.

Malacca's Chicken Rice Balls

One of the burning questions I had was “why rice balls?” I went searching for an answer, and this is what I found over at the food blog Fatbooo.

“So why does Melaka’s hawkers serve their chicken rice in the shape of balls? To answer this, we have to go back to the history behind chicken rice. This comforting dish was brought over to Malaysia and Singapore by Hainanese immigrants. In its early years, the dish was sold by travelling peddlers and the reason why the rice was sold in little balls was primarily a functional one. It simply made life easier for the peddler because the rice balls could be wrapped in banana leaves instead of using plates.”
True or not?; I can’t say for sure, but sounds credible to me.

I feasted on my Chicken Rice Balls at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah. Located just over the bridge at the beginning of Jonkers Street, look for the noon hour lineups. The wait is well worth it!
Kedai Kopi Chung Wah
A lunch of Chicken Rice Balls is perfect for any budget traveler. My entire meal, including a beverage, was well under $5.00 U.S. That should make any budget traveler smile.


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Travel Photo Thursday, December 23, 2010

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Thursday has arrived in beautiful Malacca, and it’s time for TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY. To join in the fun simply post a photo on your blog. Return here and place your link in the Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post. Please remember to leave a comment after you link. Finally, if you have a few moments, visit the others who have linked. Perhaps you can give them a tweet, a stumble, or a comment on their TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY.

If you do tweet, please use the hashtag #TPThursday.

Today’s Travel Photo Thursday is a shot of Saint Francis Xavier Church in downtown Malacca. The Gothic style church was built by Catholic French priest Rev. Farve. The church was dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier, known for his missionary work in SEA during the 16th century. He was commonly known as “The apostle of the East”.

The church, or at least the steeples, can be easily seen from various vantage points throughout the old city. On my first night here I probably would never have found my way back to my home stay if it hadn’t been for those trusty steeples!

The church is open to the public, and being free to enter, is a great place for a budget traveler to spend a few minutes admiring the stained glass windows, and soaking up a bit of history.

Saint Francis Xavier Church


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Warming up in Malacca

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I’ve arrived in Malacca and after the deep freeze of Korea it’s a welcome relief. The trip here was a long one. My Air Asia flight left Incheon at 11:20pm, arriving in KL at 5:00am. I waited until 9:00am for the bus to Malacca. Anyone who tries to tell you that there is no bus between LCCT in KL and Malacca is wrong. I will post more details later.

I am at the Apa Kaba Homestay, which is fantastic at $12.00 per night. The owners are friendly and helpful, and it’s about a ten minute walk from the historic downtown. This is a fabulous find for any budget traveler.

Late yesterday I did a bit of an explore. I took one of the trishaws for an hour tour ….forty ringets or about $12.00US. The price is posted, so there is no haggling or getting ripped off. I am off to explore and will write and post more photos in the next day or so. Here’s my beautifully decorated trishaw………………


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