Where Cheap Eats and Luxury Mix in Bangkok

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This is my contribution to this weeks Foodie Tuesday, hosted by Inside Journeys.
If you missed last week’s Foodie Tuesday post, you can have a peek here 🙂

Here we are for another week of Wanderfood Wednesday, kindly hosted by Wanderust and Lipstick.

The Emporium on Sukhumvit in Bangkok is one my favorite malls to window shop. A browsers delight, and once in a while there are some great bargains to be had. Walk out the front door, and a few steps to your left you’ll find some fantastic Bangkok street food. I don’t remember these food stalls being here the last time I was in the city. However, they’re here now, so I decided on dinner to go.

First stop was the som tam salad lady. ” A little spicy I say.” (My translation… hot with a small “h”, not a capital “H”. Don’t make me cry!)I watch as the salad is freshly made, and packaged to go.

Som Tam Salad

Then I decide on some Thai sausage. If you like sausage, then Thai sausage is an absolute must. When bought from a street stall it will be grilled over charcoal until crispy on the outside, moist and flavorful inside. There were quite a few sausage stalls to choose from. I chose this one because he had lots of customers, and the sausage looked to be freshly grilled.

Sausage Vendor in Bangkok

Off I went with my salad and sausage to enjoy at home, and I was not disappointed. Both were prepared to perfection, and I enjoyed every morsel.

Street Food Dinner

I spent about 70 baht for the entire meal (under $3.). There are also tables available where you can people watch while you eat your delicious budget dinner.

I believe these food stalls open around 6pm. The Emporium is at the Phrom Pong Sky Train station.


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  1. Another enticing food story, Nancie. I remember Sukhumvit Road very well from many years back.

  2. I love the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, and of course I love eating ANYwhere in Thailand!

  3. That looks delicious, especially the salad! I shouldn’t have read this post so close to dinner time…

  4. The grilled sausage looks delicious! This certainly adds to my list of cravings especially if I get the chance to visit Bangkok one day. Thank you for sharing.:)

  5. This looks and sounds like great food. Maybe I’ll stop by Thailand. I wasn’t planning to, though.

  6. That look so good! Oh how I miss Thai food!

  7. I remember that mall and eating there. So much too choose from. I fell in love with mango cake there. I must return to Bangkok 🙂

    • Mango cake makes my mouth water. I love anything to do with mango!

  8. This food looks fantastic. I’v never had Thai sausage and didn’t associate Thai food with sausage, but it looks wonderful.

    • Hi Donna! The Thais make fantastic sausage, particularly in the North.

  9. I love Thai and I love sausages, so am sure I’d love those sausages. Thx for the post.

    • Hi Doreen. My only issue with Thai sausage is that I never know which one to choose. There are quite a few kinds available.

  10. STOP IT you’re making me hungry! I love Thai street food – so cheap so tasty – in fact most of Asia is awesome for street food – but Thailand takes it to whole new heights

  11. Oh dear, I imagine that those red flecks in the salad are pieces of chile and I can’t eat it because it completely deadens any other taste for me. When I visited Thailand, unfortunately, I had to content myself with Chinese sweet and sour chicken (which everywhere seemed to have on the menu) and Pad Thai. That, and mango with sticky rice and coconut milk—-so nobody has to feel too badly for me. 😉

  12. Okay, I’ve just stuffed myself with a huge pile of Greek moussaka and had a side of their scrambled eggs with fresh tomato, cheese and smoked ham and have been thinking I need to sign off the blogs as my pant’s waist is cutting off circulation to the lower half of my body and then I read your post and my mouth started watering. . .oink!

  13. I love sausages but I’ve never had them grilled. I can just imagine the texture, as I read your description, my mouth was watering.

  14. Thanks for linking up this week, Nancie. Now you have me craving sausages.

  15. What a tempting salad and sausage on a stick. Do all the cooks wear a face mask?

  16. I was just thinking the other day that I needed to go out and get some green papaya to make my own Som Tam salad. You are wise to pick a sausage seller that has a big crowd. I somehow never tried sausage when we were in Thailand, and I am now curious what they taste like.


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