Travel Photo Thursday — October 25th, 2012 — Chiang Mai’s Wat Chomphu and Chedi Luang

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday . I’ll be heading back to Chiang Mai for the winter, and I’ve been thinking about, and looking at some of my favorite places in the city. Today I’m sharing two shots of my favorite temples. One I think I have posted before, and the other is brand new.
Hope you enjoy!

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Wat Chomphu…Just a 2 minute walk from where I often stay, this is one of my favorite temples in Chiang Mai. I love the gold stupa and the umbrella that greets visitors as you enter the Wat  compound. Several nights a week they offer Tai Chi classes. It’s a great way to mingle with the locals and get a bit of exercise! Located just outside of the moat on Chang Moi Rd. (There’s a sign.)

Chiang Mai's Wat Chomphu



Early morning at Chedi Luang

Located in the old city, inside the moat, this is one of the most important temples in Chiang Mai, and if you’re in the city you shouldn’t miss it!

Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai, Thailand


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  1. Beautiful! I love how the gold sparkles in the sunlight. Chiang Mai sounds like a wonderful place to spend winter and visiting all those temples. That first photo is amazing.

  2. That’s a lot of gold! It makes me want to put on some really nice sunglasses to protect the eyes!

  3. That umbrella is gorgeous. I will have to go see it in person someday.

  4. Both photos are fantastic! The first one is sooooo shiny, it makes me think it could be painful to look at in the sun.

  5. Fantastic that you are going to Chiang Mai for the winter! Love the photos above and the way the gold is so dominant, standing out in such sharp relief.

  6. Wow. Your first photo is fantastic especially with the texture that comes through. I really can’t get over the intensity of gold. It makes me realize that its a colour we don’t see often in Canada in monuments or churches.

  7. Oh, you have captured it just as I remember it looking. The intensity of color just isn’t matched anywhere else it seems.

  8. The golden umbrella looks amazing with that intricate lace…

  9. Thailand — my dream. Lovely photos, LOVE the perspective of the golden umbrella shot. WOW! Even though you say you have posted it before, I didn’t remember it (might have missed it?)

    – María Alexandra

  10. I haven’t been to chiang mai. But I’ve spent time in bangkok and ayutthaya. The temples are so mind boggling and such a contrast to the often non-descript modern buildings around them.

  11. The first photo is so beautiful- the golds and fushia almost from under the umbrella. Love the combination!

  12. Is that REAL GOLD?! Would love to know! Molding it so intricately for that umbrella…whoa, THAT is art. Just gorgeous

  13. My first reaction is WOW! But I also remember that when I saw the golden temples in Bangkok, although they were beautiful, I couldn’t help thinking about the contrast between the incredible wealth that went into them while poverty surrounded me throughout the country.

  14. The gold stupa is stunning! It must be very cool to go there and mingle with the locals. Sorry about duplicating my post. Feel free to delete the first one!

  15. Talk about gilding the lily! Nice shots.

  16. Thanks for showing us a different part of the world each week – your pictures are stunning!

  17. How exotic these are, Nancie! Have a wonderful time on your winter break. Looking forward to seeing the posts.

  18. Chiang Mai looks like an amazing place. I guess it’s a great place to beat the winter cold as well. That umbrella looks beautiful. A great piece of art.

  19. This bring too many good memories. The two places are very different but have their own reasons to be stunning.

  20. Hi, I’m in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I like your pictures very much. Especially, Chedi Luang Temple where is my the most famous temple. There’s so many pictures of this temple and your picture is a very good one. Thank you very much for sharing a good thing. 🙂


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