Travel Photo Thursday — October 11, 2012 — A Bangkok Moment

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday . The past two weeks have been hectic. Between traveling on the weekends and preparing for upcoming midterm exams, there has not been much time for processing new photos. I’ve recently booked my winter flight to Thailand, and that got me thinking about many of my Thailand shots that I’ve never posted. This week I give you a favorite shot that I took in Bangkok last winter.

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A Bangkok moment…

(Taken one evening when I was wandering around downtown Bangkok. Monks were attending a large prayer gathering, and I caught him as he was leaving the prayers.)

A Bangkok Moment


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  1. I have a severe case of Monk-o-mania. I stalk them with my eyes. Can’t get enough of them. Thanks for fuelling the obsession, lol.

    • LOL Jan, loved your comment. I actually have a severe case of bright-outfit-mania. I stalk those with my eyes as well πŸ˜€

      beautiful shot as always, Nancy! I keep saying all this Thailand posts… Gosh, why do I have to wait 3 years until I can make it there?! Not fair…

      – Maria Alexandra

      • Maria…it will be worth the wait and in the meantime you can read all of my Thailand posts πŸ™‚

    • Your welcome, Jan. I’m with you. I usually can’t pass by a “good” monk shot. They really are photogenic.

  2. What a beautiful shot, Nancie! I love how he looks like he’s glowing. How fun to spend your version of winter in Thailand.

    • Hi Mary, Thank you! Yes, I am so looking forward to Thailand this year. Usually I make it over twice during the year, but because I went to Europe this summer, Thailand had to wait. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for taking time to show us this monk photo amidst your busy schedule.

    • Hi Michele…always have time for Travel Photo Thursday πŸ™‚

  4. A beautiful shot. I love how you’ve caught the light on his robes. Thailand sounds like a well earned break for you.

    • Thanks Jenny. I’m counting the days.

  5. I feel like there is some mystery with this photo. And fantastic depth of colour.

    • I think the light gives it a mysterious feeling. The robe he had on was definitely new. The color was just so vibrant and fresh. This shot is straight out of the camera.

  6. Fantastic photo – there is something about the color and the light that does give a depth of ‘feel’ to this photo. We are still in Tuscany and head for the cruise ship today. I hope to get some photos uploaded sometime in the next few days. . .sometimes travel keeps you hopping, doesn’t it?

    • Enjoy your time in Europe Jackie! Can’t wait to see your photos.

  7. Great colors and a beautiful light. Excellent photo, Nancie!

  8. Monks are so photogenic. Once I came across 4 of them sitting on a bench in zurich with their backs to me, with a beautiful backdrop of lake and snowy mountains…and I didn’t have a camera. Would have been the perfect shot.

    • Hi Denise…sounds like the perfect shot. Now that I have an iphone I always have a camera with me πŸ™‚

  9. I like the glow on the side of the monk. Beautiful colors.

    • Yes, his robe looked brand new. The color was very rich and vibrant.

  10. I love Thailand. The mash-up of old and new is so extreme and colorful.

    • Hi Eileen. For me, that’s one of the great things about Thailand. YOu never know what’s around the next corner. It could be a beautiful old temple or a modern high rise.

  11. Love that color and the way it is lit up. Almost seems to be glowing.

    • Hi Debbie. I could not have asked for better lighting.

  12. WAs his robe really red, or is that a red light shining on him? (I’ll resist saying he was in the red-light district–but there, I didn’t resist, did I?) A really intriguing photo, Nancie.

    • Haha Vera, no this wasn’t the red light district. Actually, his robe is a very brilliant orange…brand new.

  13. He is glowing! Love the shot- usually I see monk photos from the front but I love the unusual perspective.

    • Hi Jade. I think taking him from behind added some intrigue to the photo.

  14. I’ve always loved their bright orange. Such a contrast from the all white we’re used to.

    • The orange does make a statement.

  15. I have friends that spent a bit of time in Thailand this past winter teaching English. They loved it and shared the neatest pictures and stories from their trip. Now my kids want to visit Thailand as well.

    • Hi Tonya…I’ve been traveling to Thailand since 2002, and never tire of the country.

  16. SO interesting to see him completely out of context, on a busy street!!

    • Becca…that’s what made me take the picture!

  17. Great lighting on this shot!

    • Thanks Dick! I was pleased with the light.

  18. I am glad I found this from Inside Journeys. So many beautiful places here.

    • Welcome, Danyelle. I hope you’ll drop back again. If you have a photo to add, please do πŸ™‚

  19. Great shot, Nancie. Love the scene & that gorgeous orange. I didn’t get a TPT post ready in time this week, but will be trying to get to some of the people on the list anyway.

    • Hi Cathy! Thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to having you back next week.

  20. Lovely shot with all that orange. One of my favourite times to go for a walk in Thailand/Cambodia/Laos was as the student monks were all leaving for the day. With the temples and vibrant green trees, the bright orange of their robes (and often bright orange umbrellas if it was Phnom Penh) made the city so colourful.

  21. I love to spot the old Thailand as it clashes with the high-rises of the new. Great post


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