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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday .  With temperatures hovering just above single digits here in Korea, I am counting the days until I am on the beach in Hua Hin, Thailand. I’ll be there from December 21st  until January 4th. I can’t wait to be a beach bum for two weeks. Here are some shots from last years Hua Hin beach adventure.

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Beach walking or there’s always the horses to ride…

Fun on Hua Hin Beach


Kite surfing  is so popular here, or just cooling off in the water…

Fun on the Beach


For some the beach means work…

Getting Ready to Fish


There is always the sunrise….

Fisherman Walking, Hua Hin Beach


Fisherman, Hua Hin Beach


Two hours out of Bangkok, Hua Hin is an easy beach destination for anyone visiting Thailand. Catch a bus, a minivan, a train, or a taxi. The choice is yours.
Home to the Thai Royal Family summer home means that you don’t have the wild night life that is such a big part of many of Thailand’s beaches. Great for families, or anyone who isn’t interested in that scene. The nicest part of the beach is to the right of the Hilton Hotel. Walk about 10 minutes and you’ll find chairs to rent on the sand for a reasonable price, while avoiding the Hilton crowds.

There are hotels to fit every budget. Opting to stay a few minutes walk from the beach means a nice room at an affordable price. Of course, you will pay premium prices over Christmas and New Years.

Tourism Hua Hin


Have you ever been to Hua Hin, or any Thailand beach?


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  1. I am writing this from Coolum Beach, Queensland. We are here for two weeks and I can understand your longing for your two weeks in Hua Hin. Beach life is so relaxing.

    • Jan, I’m jealous! Do enjoy your beach holiday!

  2. A cosy reminder that it isn’t snow everywhere. Love the sunrise.

    • Thanks Sophie! Yes, there is a part of the world that never sees the white stuff and that makes me happy!

  3. I’ve never been to Thailand – but I’m a sucker for beaches, sunsets, and beach sunsets!! Three out of three in your wonderful pics!

  4. These beach pictures look so inviting and relaxing. I love that it is so different from those famed Thai beaches. It sounds like a wonderful holiday for you in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Thailand yet but would love to one of these days.

    • Mary, because of the Royal Family’s connection to Hua Hin the beach life here is much tamer than some other places in Thailand, so a real pleasure to spend some time here.

  5. I have never been to a beach in Thailand, but I really love the shot of the sunset. We already have snow in Minnesota, so the warm weather looks pretty nice!

    • Snow… I shudder. I am now crossing my fingers that I will get out of Korea before the snow flies here. However, I am not really that optimistic.

  6. No wonder you don’t go to Halifax at Christmas. I like the sound of being a beach bum for two weeks. It’s been a lot of years since I’ve done just that. Your sunset photos are gorgeous.

    • Thanks Leigh! I have been once for Christmas, since moving to Asia and I spent most of the time shoveling!!

  7. Great beach shots! I love all those kites. One day after I get better at normal surfing I’ll have to learn to kite surf.

    I’ve followed suit and added some pics of a beach in Hawaii that is just a little rougher…..

  8. Sounds like a lovely place!

    • Cindy, it really is! Especially, when you know that your home country is probably covered with the white stuff in January!

  9. I love the color you managed to get on the sunrise photos. I always have trouble waking up early enough to photograph the sunrise 🙂

    • Getting up early is not easy for me either. Then I think of all the beautiful shots I’ll be missing and up I get! 🙂

  10. How wonderful to be spending two weeks at this beautiful beach. It was certainly worth setting the alarm for your wonderful sunrise photos. I bet Dec 21st can’t come quickly enough!

    • I’m counting the days Jenny!

  11. Beautiful sunset pictures, and I love beach too. Although I’ve been to a beach in Thailand, I was never around that time to capture a beautiful sunset.

  12. Nancie, I was so excited to be back in Internet-Land and able to view everyone’s posts, that I looked at your wonderful beach shots last night and forget to leave you a comment (of course, it could be jetlag as well). Anyway, these are great reminders that a warm, wet wonderful beach is out there waiting for us all. . .and how nice to keep that in mind in this dark, wet November morning in Kirkland!

    • Welcome back Jackie. Your trip to Venice looked amazing!

  13. beautiful. Would much rather be their than hurricane rattle NYC. Thanks for a 30-second vacation.

    • You are welcome! Be safe.

  14. Your beach post has given me an idea — to the beach this weekend! All I’ve thought about since last week is Hurricane Sandy. Your photos remind me I need to relax. Thanks!

  15. I really like the pinks and purples in the sunrise photos. Kite surfing looks interesting. Perhaps it will catch on in Penang some day.

    • I’m surprised it hasn’t caught on in Penang. The beach there would be a perfect spot. It’s probably just a matter of time.

  16. Being a beach bum for a couple of weeks sounds very, very good to me right now. Such inviting photos!

    • Thanks Cathy! Do you have a beach holiday planned anytime soon?

  17. Looks like a beautiful beach to sit on for 2 weeks – JEALOUS!

  18. OMG, that sunset is so orange and PURPLE! O_O my jaw just dropped to the ground

    Never heard if Hua Hin. Where in Thailand is it located? Close to Phuket or…?

    – Maria Alexandra

  19. Nancie- that pink sky is so beautifully captured! Gorgeous!


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