Travel Photo Thursday — November 14th, 2013 — In the Heat of Summer Travel

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Welcome to another week Travel Photo Thursday. Thanks to everyone who contributed to last weeks 150th edition.  You are the reason that our weekly virtual trip around the world is so successful and so much fun. Earlier this week we had a night of huge rain, cascading down my window panes in a dull roar, lasting about eight hours. That brought a huge shift in temperatures. While, not yet the dreaded cold of winter, it’s cool enough to wear a heavier coat, and the gloves are tucked in my bag for when the cold is too nippy on my hands. To help bring back the balmy summer temps, at least in my imagination, here are a few shots from last summers travels.

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Tree felling in Washington State. My friend has a summer place, and when the trees get too thick around the summer homes…


Treen Cutting

Treen Cutting



Celebrating Canada Day in Washington State, with a parade. Who would have thought?


untitled shoot-0093.jpg


untitled shoot-0127.jpg


Washington State’s Mount Baker in July.



Washington's Mount Baker in July

untitled shoot-0225.jpg


Then it was home to the East Coast of Canada…


An awesome day for kayakers in Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia…




Ocean Views in Mahone Bay…


untitled shoot-1811.jpg


Halifax’s awesome waterfront at 30+




These shots have warmed me up nicely; even the snowy ones of Mount Baker. The snow was deep, but down below I knew that the temps were high!


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  1. Glad to see more pictures from your summer travels. Wow, Mt Baker is absolutely beautiful. Love those coastal views! I hope winter doesn\’t come too soon for you.

    • Hi Mary! So glad you like the photos. Winter is definitely coming too quickly here in Korea, and it looks like I might be here for the duration this year!

  2. I hope that scrolling back through your summer Canada pictures helped warm you up. Thanks for hosting again. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the last sunny days.

  3. Hi Nancie, thank you for bringing in the balmy summer weather my way. Just what I need. It’s freezing in NY today; way too early for a down jacket. And thanks for sharing more of your summer travel. The Mount Baker shots are spectacular. And the Halifax harbor is truly awesome; that blueness of the sky is incredible. Thanks again for hosting this wonderful forum.

    • Hi Marisol, Thanks for your kind words. I miss the Halifax harbour and those gorgeous blue skies. Hopefully, I’ll get back there next summer. Keep warm in NYC!

  4. Oh Nancie that photo of Mt. Baker will always bring a smile to my face! Someday I hope to see it as clearly as you did. Come back soon!!!

    • Hi Jackie! Yes, I would love to go back to Washington State, sooner rather than later! It would be fun to do the trip to Mount Baker together!

  5. The winter is coming here too… Not that fast, but it’s getting colder every day.
    Beautiful photos! (^_^)

    • Hi! Yes, winter in this part of Asia seems to be creeping in 🙂

  6. Every weekend for the last three we’ve had snow storms but it was beautiful today so I can relate to your dread of winter. But as long as it doesn’t snow until after Saturday morning I’m happy as I’m off to Costa Rica for 10 days for my son’s wedding. It will be a real holiday.
    Your chopping the tree photo reminds me of how much money we used to have to spend to stay on top of tree growth when we lived in Vancouver.

    • Hi Leigh! Have a fantastic time in Costa Rica. Congrats to your son and his soon to be wife!

  7. Ohh, your photos of the mountains and East Coast of Canada had me yearning for some cooler weather. It’s sweltering in Western Australia today. Beautiful cool pics were very soothing:)

    • Thanks, Johanna! I forget that it’s summer in Australia. Try to stay cool. I’d love to send you some of our cold weather!

  8. Hey Nancie, thanks for sharing these warm weather photos. I’m in Charlotte at the moment and we just got a blast of cold air along with flurries earlier this week. Time for a warmer coat and gloves though those can stay in my pocket or purse until I really need them.

    I’m surprised that there’s such a large Canada Day celebration in Washington State. Very nice!

    • Hi Marcia…stay warm! Yes, lots of Canadians have summer places in Washington State. Many purchase trailers in the seasonal trailer parks.

  9. Sorry Iv posted twice on Mr linky no’s 13 and 14. I can’t figure how to delete one of the two. Please delete the no 13 iv written my name instead of the title of my post.

    Otherwise beautiful photos.

    • Hi Rachel, will do. Thanks for contributing this week 🙂

  10. Love the contrast between Mt. Baker and Nova Scotia! You got to experience a broad range on your summer vacation.

    • Hi Cindy! Yes, from coast to coast the landscapes and scenery are so different.

  11. We just had out first snowfall of the season – it sent me looking through all my summer trip pics, too! Oh well, at least staying inside gives me an excuse to catch up.

  12. I was supposed to visit Washington State back in September… So sad I have to cancel my plans due to a personal emergency 🙁 the state is so beautiful, just as the wilderness in Canada is. Lovely photos!

    -Maria Alexandra

    • Hi Maria! It really is a beautiful State. I hope you make it one of these days.

  13. What an interesting set of photos. Love the Canada day stuff and of course the snow covered mount baker.

  14. A nice collection of scenes, Nancie. Keep warm…

  15. That photo of Mount Baker reflected in the water is fantastic. I would have thought it was winter, though, not July. It’s still balmy where I am.

  16. Mt Baker would be my kind of place, Nancie! Seeing the picture of Nova Scotia reminded of a blog I’m sure you had up a long time ago about the rising and falling waters? I’m almost sure of it. I apologize if my memory is off on that. We are in that transitional weather time here in Reno where it’s cold enough to bundle up in the mornings but gorgeous in the afternoons. I want to hang on to for as long as it can last! 🙂

  17. Pics are awesome.I would Like to go there for travelling in the heat of Summer 🙂

  18. Beautiful photos! I’ve only spent time in Canada on very short trips. Would really like to explore more of it!


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