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Lafayette Louisiana and it’s Cajun Roots

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Lafayette Louisiana

Lafayette Louisiana and its Cajun Roots , contributed by Susan Moore, who blogs at Solo Trips and Tips is the sixth small town expose in the series  Small Town Explorer.  You can find Susan’s bio and social media links at the end of this post.

The villages and towns we visit in our travels are often the hidden gems of a country or region. In this series readers are introduced to small centers around the globe from travel bloggers who have experienced the location firsthand; featuring their uniqueness, their history, what to see and do, and often where to stay and where to dine.

Previous towns featured in the series:


Ravello, Italy 

Sanzhi, Taiwan


Rothenburg ob der Tauber

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On The Road Photo Essay

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I’ve been on the road since last Thursday, and have been unplugged for about 90% of the time, and loving it! Welcome to Week 288 of Travel Photo Thursday.The camera has not been working overtime, either. That being said, here are a few of my favorite shots of the past week.

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Approaching Vancouver International Airport

I arrived in Vancouver at noon hour to brilliant sunshine. I took these two shots on our approach to the Vancouver International Airport. The weather has magnificent since I’ve arrived.



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Travel Photo Thursday — November 14th, 2013 — In the Heat of Summer Travel

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Welcome to another week Travel Photo Thursday. Thanks to everyone who contributed to last weeks 150th edition.  You are the reason that our weekly virtual trip around the world is so successful and so much fun. Earlier this week we had a night of huge rain, cascading down my window panes in a dull roar, lasting about eight hours. That brought a huge shift in temperatures. While, not yet the dreaded cold of winter, it’s cool enough to wear a heavier coat, and the gloves are tucked in my bag for when the cold is too nippy on my hands. To help bring back the balmy summer temps, at least in my imagination, here are a few shots from last summers travels.

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Tree felling in Washington State. My friend has a summer place, and when the trees get too thick around the summer homes…


Treen Cutting

Treen Cutting



Celebrating Canada Day in Washington State, with a parade. Who would have thought?


untitled shoot-0093.jpg


untitled shoot-0127.jpg


Washington State’s Mount Baker in July.



Washington's Mount Baker in July

untitled shoot-0225.jpg


Then it was home to the East Coast of Canada…


An awesome day for kayakers in Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia…




Ocean Views in Mahone Bay…


untitled shoot-1811.jpg


Halifax’s awesome waterfront at 30+




These shots have warmed me up nicely; even the snowy ones of Mount Baker. The snow was deep, but down below I knew that the temps were high!


This is the 151st edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.


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Travel Photo Thursday — July 4th, 2013 — From Robin Nests, to Mountain Top Snow in Washington State

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday.  My time in Washington State and Vancouver is almost to an end. In fact, I spent 95% of my time at my friend’s summer retreat in Washington State. I decompressed after the most stressful semester in recent years. Now, I am raring to go when I hit Nova Scotia, in less than 24 hours. I’m sad to be leaving, but beyond excited to be seeing my Dad, and spending time in my home city and province. Today’s post is a quickie. Here are a couple of shots that I took over the past week or so. A gentle reminder…please leave a comment after linking, and remember to add a link to Budget Travelers Sandbox on your post.

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A mom-to-be robin that I “met” in my travels…

Robin On Nest -- Washington State


She really is sitting on eggs…(She should be a mom around July 10th.)




Sandals in the Snow…(near the ski lodge at Mount Baker. It was a hot hot day down below, and even at the top it felt like summer.




Mount Baker at the end of June…80 degree day; the snow was melting, but there was still plenty around!




Traveling to a ski lodge at the beginning of summer when it’s 80 degrees and finding a fair amount of snow, was strange, even for this Canadian. However, it was fun, and probably a memory that will stay with me for a long time to come. Have you ever experienced snow on the ground when the summer temps are soaring?
The robin and her eggs is another one of those lifetime memories. I had never watched one build a nest, lay her eggs, and sit on them, all in the same week!

Now it’s off to Nova Scotia to visit family and friends. I’m sure my Dad will be standing at the door when I pull in the driveway in the rental car. Then on Sunday I will pick up an old friend at the airport, who is flying in especially to see me. On the 14th a life time friend is celebrating her 90th birthday! That’s just a few of the amazing things that will be happening over the next 3 weeks!




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Travel Photo Thursday — June 27th, 2013 — Traveling Across Time Zones and Cultures

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday.  I arrived in Vancouver around 11:00am on June 21st, having left Seoul at 4:30pm on June 21st! I managed to get a seat with some extra leg room, so all was good. Since arriving I’ve been spending time between Vancouver and Washington State. The cameras haven’t been too busy, but I have caught some shots with the Iphone. Do scroll to the end for a pleasant surprise.

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Minutes to boarding…Canada bound…






The setting sun…


m_setting sun



I managed to miss the sunrise coming into Vancouver, and the next time the camera saw any action I was across the border in Washington State at my friend’s summer place.

Towering evergreen trees everywhere…





The summer retreat … Washington State





On Monday we left the summer retreat for a few days. However, not before a blogging friend and long time contributor to Travel Photo Thursday, Jackie of TravelnWrite, paid a visit. We chatted about our travels, and where we hope to go in the future. There was even some talk of a future Travel Photo Thursday meet-up! Thanks so much for the visit, Jackie! I know our paths will cross again.




Travelers Tip

Washington State is less than an hours drive from Vancouver. Crossing the border is relatively easy. Canadians can cross by showing their passport, or if you are a frequent visitor you can purchase a NEXUS card. The card is good for 5 years, costs $50.00, and gets you into the express lane. If you’re not a Canadian
you’ll have to go into the border crossing office, show your passport, and obtain a Visa. After 48 hours in the States you can bring back up to $800.00 worth of merchandise. There are restrictions on the fruits and veggies you can bring back. You are allowed 1-40 of alcohol or 2 bottles of wine. Keep your receipts!


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Guest Post : Los Angeles: A Travel Photo Essay

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Today’s guest post photo essay : Los Angeles is from Sofie, who blogs over at Wonderful Wanderings. Thank you, Sofie!


Last September I took a friend to Los Angeles. We’d planned twelve days in the country and when those were over, neither of us wanted to return home and we both swore we’d be back. We’d had such an amazing time! During those twelve days we tried to see and do as much as possible, without rushing everything. I think we’ve managed that pretty well, and I’d like to take you along some of the places we’ve visited.


Let’s go!

Santa Monica

We spent an entire day in Santa Monica and absolutely loved it: the shopping, the beach, the great pancake restaurant where we had lunch… And of course I also had to get a picture of probably one of the most photographed buildings in Santa Monica:

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., known from the movie Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks. It’s now a bar and souvenir shop.


Bubba Gump Schrimp Co


When we got to Santa Monica in the morning, the peer was almost empty. Not so anymore in the afternoon!


Santa Monica peer


A view on Santa Monica from the peer.


view on Santa Monica



We also went to Santa Monica’s neighbor: Venice beach. Although those two places are right next to each other, they’re totally different. We experienced Venice as a town of contrasts: the pricy shops on Abbot Kinney vs the souvenir stalls by the beach and the (sometimes rather shabby looking) street artists.

Street artist playing the piano.



Street artist in Venice


My friend at the Venice Canals, a peaceful area with luxurious houses.


At Venice Canals


Beverly Hills

We didn’t spend all our time in the beach areas, though. One of the real touristy things we did was take a stroll through the Beverly Hills shopping area (Rodeo Drive!). We made it into a game trying to guess who of the people we saw on the streets ‘belonged there’ (as in: regularly went shopping there) and who of them were tourists.


A friend of mine who’d been to LA a few weeks before had seen this same Bugatti Veyron parked there as well. Someone showing off?’


Bugatti Veyron in Beverly Hills


Runyon Canyon

From all-city Beverly Hills to the green and mountainous Runyon Canyon Park. We came here in the morning and it was already blazing hot. We couldn’t believe people were actually running up and down the steep roads. Respect! You do have to have a car to get all the way up to the park, but the views are definitely worth the drive:

View from Runyon Canyon


View from Runyon Canyon



And last but not least I want to take you to the area Los Angeles is probably best known for: Hollywood and its Walk of Fame.


How many times do you think this star on the Walk of Fame has been photographed already?


MJ Walk of Fame


This is the only time during our trip that we had to rush a bit, so we didn’t go into any of the many museums like Madame Tussauds or Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

But hey, no problem because… I’ll be back?


Author info…

Sofie is a travel blogger, food fan and dance aficionado. She’s a language lover lusting life, exploring the world and writing about it on her blog http://www.wonderfulwanderings.com. You can also find her on twitter (https://twitter.com/WondWand).


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