Travel Photo Thursday — December 12, 2013 — Travels from Christmas’s Past

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Hi, and welcome to Travel Photo Thursday, our 155th episode. I have to be honest, I almost forgot today was Thursday. About two weeks ago I changed hosts, and the complimentary drama free site transfer I was promised was anything but! Hopefully, all that’s history and everything is back to normal. Plans have finally gotten finalized for my Christmas and winter break. I am off to Chiang Mai at the end of next week. I’ll be celebrating the holiday there, and settling in for the winter. That got me thinking of the Christmas’s I’ve spent in Asia over the years. They have been far from traditional, and oh, so memorable. Today I want to share of few favorite shots of Christmas’s past. You won’t see any snow, but there is no doubt it was Christmas!

Hua Hin decked out for the holidays…

Hua Hin, Thailand 2011

Bangkok, dressed for the holiday…

Bangkok, All Decked Out for Christmas 1

Emporium Christmas Tree, Bangkok

Bangkok, All Decked out for Christmas 3

It doesn’t matter where we are for the holiday, Frosty is always with us!

Frosty at the Emporium in Bangkok

He’s so cute!

Frosty Looking Happy in Bangkok

Of course, there is always Hong Kong. The British influence means that Christmas is over the top gorgeous!

Christmas in Hong Kong!

Christmas in Hong Kong!


Christmas Hong Kong Style!

Christmas Hong Kong Style!


Harbour Front

Harbour Front

And, my adopted city Daejeon, gets into the spirit…

Daejeon Christmas Decorations

Tis The Season!

There are even Christmas decoration shops in Daejeon…

Daejeon Christmas Shop

Daejeon Christmas Shop


Last but not least, the beautiful Rudolph, who is 66 years old this Chrismas and he still plays that famous song…



Do you travel on the holiday, or stay close to home?



This is the 155th edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.


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  1. Rudolf’s 66? He’s wearing his age quite well. Must be all the time he spends outside.

    I like the Daejeon shot the best, the pattern and repetition work really well.

    Happpy holidays to you!

    • Hi Bob! Yes, he has been in our family for 66 years. He still plays, and he keeps me company here in Korea 🙂

  2. Since moving to Australia I have given up on travelling over Xmas and New Year….the flights are just ridiculous…so I am jealous!

    • Hi Denise! Flights our of Korea are not cheap this time of year either. I’ve only stayed here once for Christmas, and I hated it. Thankfully, I am able to leave 🙂

  3. HI Nancie, All these photos are very festive. They make good memories of Christmas past indeed. It’s interesting that many countries have jumped into Christmas wagon even though they’re not Christian countries. I guess that’s a good thing for universal unity:) I bet you’re excited about your well-deserved holiday break. Have a wonderful travel in CM. We’re staying put this holiday season. My father-in-law’s first death anniversary is around that time, so it will be quiet time for us.

    • Hi Marisol! Yes, it is amazing how Christmas has been embraced. When I moved to Asia almost 13 years ago Christmas was a nonevent in Korea, but not anymore! There is money to be made. Enjoy your holiday!

  4. Awww..always great to see Rudolph again and glad he’s still working. I always look forward to your Christmas posts on decorations in Asia. I love how they don’t hold back. Glad to see the commercialization of Christmas has affected them too. Have a great time in CM! We always stay home during the holidays due to family obligations. One of these days I wish I can just get away 🙂

    • Hi Mary! Enjoy your holiday. Traveling over the holiday is fun, but home is good too 🙂

  5. I love seeing all the decorations in Asia. There seem to be fewer decorations here every year. (Oh, wait, I’m part of that trend.) I really like warm weather Christmases, but will be here in chilly Minnesota this year. (Unless, of course, a last-minute discount package calls my name too loudly.) Enjoy your time in CM with Rudolph!

    • Hi Cindy! I never decorate here. I was tempted to buy a poinsettia yesterday, but then thought…WHY. I’m gone in less than a week. I’d come back to something shriveled and dead! Enjoy your holiday!

  6. Brought back wonderful memories of long ago travels, Nancie!

  7. After having just seen the fabulous Xmas decorations in London, it’s great to see your photos of the decorations in Bangkok and Hong Kong. I’m not sure I could get together enough photos for a post on decorations in Australia! It’s always great to see that Rudolph is still celebrating Xmas! Enjoy your Xmas and winter break in Chiang Mai.

    • Hi Jenny! I’m sure London must be amazing. Enjoy your holiday. Do you go to the beach? Usually, I do end up at the beach. This year I’m looking forward to a mountain view in CM. I’ll probably go to the pool!…haha

  8. Glad you’re back up, Nancie!
    Christmas lights and decorations always put me in a good mood. Two weeks to go and I haven’t started shopping.

    • Hi Marcia! Yes, it has been a wild ride. I hope that there won’t be any more down time.

      I sent a parcel to my Dad a few weeks ago. I’m done 🙂

      • Hope so too, Nancie, and as I said, I hope they give you a month free for your trouble.
        Glad you’re done. I actually went out yesterday and did mine, so like you, I can say, I’d done!
        Hope you have a great Christmas, though I’m sure I’ll ‘see’ you soon on TPThursday. Have a great week!

  9. Thank goodness for Christmas. We have only been home three weeks and suffering from “wishing we were still away” syndrome, so planning Christmas day at our place, buying presents and attending parties has been a welcome distraction. Love the close up of Frosty and that Rudolph is a real stayer. Wish I were going to Chiang Mai with you. Oh well I can live vicariously through your posts.

    • Hi Jan! I always feel the same way when I return. I’ll be posting lots from CM!

  10. I am so glad that your site is back up and working. I remember ole Rudolph from last year. It’s good to hear he’s still playing. I wasn’t expecting Daejeon to have a Christmas decoration store. We were in Hong Kong right before Christmas a few years ago, and I recall how nice the decorations were. Penang has decorations at the mall but it’s rather limited elsewhere. We’re headed to Texas for the holidays. Have fun in CM!

    • Hi Michele…Enjoy Texas! One of these years I need to go back and celebrate in North America. That means snow! (:

  11. Looks very festive but there is one thing missing and that is snow. It’s never Christmas in my mind without snow. Hope Thailand is a great change of pace. I’m not feeling very christmasy as I’m off to visit my father in Scottsdale over Christmas.

    • Hi Leigh, I honestly do not miss the lack of snow. If it could just be a dusting that would be great. In Nova Scotia we always get these huge storms on Christmas Eve and it shuts everything down…pretty, but a pain! Enjoy

  12. A sparkling Christmas series, Nancie. All the best for your Christmas break, and congratualtions on that posting milestone!

    • Hi Andrew! Merry Christmas to you, too! I am really looking forward to this break!

  13. finally got to Travel Photo Thursday – only half a week late – by going through another internet provider – it worked!
    Wow, these Christmas scenes are amazing. Big Asian cities know how to do lights really well – even when it is not Christmas.
    Have a wonderful week and the countdown to Christmas. Enjoy Chiang Mai.

    • Hi Jill! Glad you made it. Hopefully, all of the issues with my new host have been resolved. Yes, the big Asian cities really do go all out. Enjoy your holiday 🙂


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