Travel Photo Thursday — August 16, 2012 — Chiang Mai Attractions and Food

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. This is the first summer in many that I have not spent some time in my favorite Thai city, Chiang Mai. I am really missing it, and have been staring wistfully at some of my favorite photos taken during previous visits. Today, I’ll share some with you.

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Early morning at Wat Chedi Luang…

Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Monk ringing the early morning bell at Wat Chedi Luang

Ringing the Bell, Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai

Built during the reign of King Saen Muang Ma in 1399. This is one of the most visited and photographed of Chiang Mai’s 300+ temples. Plan on lots of people if you go late in the morning or afternoon. If you go early in the morning, you will have the place pretty much to yourself, and of course, the dogs.

Wat Chedi Luang 


The “Broom Lady”… She was on the way to Sompet Market when I happened to “run into her”. I loved the fact that she seemed so genuinely happy for me to take her photo.

At the Office, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Chinese Opera in Chiang Mai…

2011 was the 100th anniversary of Chiang Mai’s Warworot Market, the hub for the Chinese community in Chiang Mai. To celebrate a Chinese Opera was staged over several nights. The costumes were awesome, and although everything was in Chinese, I eventually got to the point where I could figure out the story line. Guess what? It was FREE.

Chinese Opera in Chiang Mai

Warorot Market

Of course this post would not be complete if I didn’t mention food. Chiang Mai has some of the best and the cheapest street food in Thailand. One of my favorites is Som Tom Salad, and the hotter the better!

My favorite Som Tom Salad chef….

Som Tom Salad Maker; Street Food Alley, Chiang Mai

And the finished product…

The Best Som Tom Salad in Chaing Mai

If you missed my post about “Street Food Alley”, you can see more to the great CM street food.


And, a beautiful Chiang Mai sunset…

Chiang Mai Sunset


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  1. No wonder Chiang Mai is a favorite city for you. It looks beautiful and I love the sunrise and sunset photos. The costumes and make-up for that Chines opera are absolutely amazing and how wonderful for it to be free.

    • Mary, I never tire of CM. Just when I think there is nothing left to see or do something else just seems to “pop” up.

  2. Chang Mai looks beautiful. I can see why you’re missing it! So much to see and do…and eat! The Som Tom salad looks delicious!

    • I would pay huge bucks for a som tom salad right about now !:)

  3. Beautiful photos of Chiang Mai! I love the broom lady – that can’t be an easy load to carry!

    • She makes it look so easy, though! 🙂

  4. What incredible photos. The colors are so vivid. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing more of Asia with us.

    • I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the post!

  5. I think this one post has just moved Chiang Mai much, much higher on my Go See list. When is the best time of year to go?

    • Michele…it is so worth a visit. The hottest months are April, May and June…plus the farmers burn at that time, so the air quality can be extremely bad. I have been there in July, which is technically the rainy season. However the real rains don’t usually start until August, and sometime late August. I have been there in January and February, and those are two great months to visit. I have found in January that, providing I leave my windows open. there is almost no need for the A/C. There are more people around from December-April than June-August. At least that has bee my experience.

      • Thanks! So many places, so little time.

  6. I love the photo of the broom lady. She does seem to be so happy.

  7. It looks like Som Tom Salad Chef is mashing an incandescently hot pepper mixture. The splash glasses are a good clue. Is that a Mona Lisaesque evil grin? Can’t stop staring at that blue apron; what a captivating colour. The salad looks delicious but just know that there are mouth numbing heat bombs in there! Love the red in the table too.

    • Leigh…it was hot…I asked for extra chilies!! The hotter the better is my motto.

  8. As I’ve said before, CM is where we spent the most memorable Christmas of our 32 Christmases together. Your photos pulled at my heart strings. (and made me hungry!)

  9. The early morning sun is just perfect!

  10. I’ve been hearing so much about Chiang Mai lately that I really need to get myself there asap. Gorgeous photos!

  11. The clarity of the dinner plate on red is exquisite!

  12. Can’t believe I haven’t been to Chiang Mai yet. I’m really missing out. Something to think about when the temperatures start to drop up here.

  13. Great light on the Wat Chedi Luan photo!

  14. I’m uber-impressed that you managed to figure out what the plot of the Chinese opera was. Did you just wait for them to sing words you know, like som tom salad?

    • haha Steve! I think it was a pretty simple story line, and who knows, maybe I got it all wrong 🙂

  15. Great pics! And that a salad maker has to wear protective glasses…

  16. Great photos of Chiang Mai. Unfortunately we were there in February and they had an early burning season this year. The air was so awful we cut our trip short. I’d caution people to really do their research on the best time to visit. For our story and photos:


    • Sorry to hear that, Michael. I was in CM until the end of January and there was no burning. I’m often been there in February and no burning. However, things change from year to year. Even though burning is technically illegal, the locals don’t always obey the law.

  17. Thailand fascinates me. ugly modern day buildings alongside mind boggling temples and palaces that are mind boggling in their complexity and beauty. And the food is fun — if you don’t accidentally eat a whole raw Thai bird chili, which I’ve done…

  18. I loved Chiang Mai and it is one of the places in Thailand where I would love to spend more time. We were there in the fall and the weather was great and everything was beautiful. I especially loved the markets and street food. Wow.

    I took a lot of pictures, the beginning of which can be found at!/2006/11/arrival-in-chiang-mai.html

  19. I am somehow enamoured of those rustic brooms in Southeast Asia, and have a picture of a broom seller at the top of Angkor Wat. All these are great and so colorful, but the temple and monk is so serene.

  20. Now I’m craving Thai food really badly! Oh those curries…

  21. Wonderful pictures! I especially like the first and last ones. That sunset is amazing. I’m craving Thai food now too 🙂

  22. LOVE the lights on that first shot. beautifully captured!

  23. The picture from the Chinese Opera is beautiful! What elaborate costumes and make-up.

  24. As usual, your pictures are stunning! I love the costumes of the opera and that salad looks delicious although I’m a little afraid of the hotness!!!

    • Becca…he will make your salad only as hot as you want it. No spice is okay 🙂

  25. Wonderful photos of daily life in Chiang Mai and its people.

  26. Great post, Nancie! What an imposing structure that is, as shown in your first photo. And I absolutely love the broom lady!


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