Travel Photo Thursday — 28/8/14 — Penang’s Padded Art

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Here we are for week 191 of Travel Photo Thursday. Welcome! Happy to say that my back seems to be on the mend (touch wood). Classes start on Monday, so lots of prep work happening here. The funny thing is, we have a major holiday, Chuseok, beginning on September 7th. We don’t come back to classes until the 12th. I am anticipating that more than a few students won’t be back until after! There was no end to the art work on display in Penang, and some of it was just a tad on the quirky side.

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I wonder how many women are missing their bras, in Pengang! 🙂

Can you imagine riding around Georgetown on this?!


Bra Art, Penang

Bra Art, Penang


Or, how about a padded trishaw?


Bra Padded Trishaw, Penang

Bra Padded Trishaw, Penang

Bra Padded Trishaw, Penang

Bra Padded Trishaw, Penang


How about an order of  “padded bra” on the side? 🙂


Padded Bra Food Cart, Penang

Padded Bra Food Cart, Penang


Let’s take a road trip!


The Bra Mobile, Penang

The Bra Mobile, Penang

I found this quirky exhibit at the Hin Bus Depot Art Centre. In case you missed last week’s Travel Photo Thursday that is also home to the Ponytail Girl. You can read the art centre’s opening hours and location over at that post.

What’s the quirkiest street art you’ve ever encountered?

____ This is the 191st edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.


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  1. How do people come up with these ideas?? This is a new one on me. Quirky and pretty cool.

    • Hi Cathy! I thought the same thing! The more I looked at each piece the more I liked it.

  2. Wow!!! I know that there’s a lot of creativity in Penang, but I never thought that they would be THAT creative. Or is it really creativity or some sort of fetishness on display? Whatever, it truly is a unique kind of art. Anyway, I enjoyed perusing each of your images. Thanks for bringing the quirky to us!
    I’m knocking the wood, too, for the healing of your back. Good luck with the new classes. Yeah, it really is awkward when classes start before a major holiday.

    • Hi Marisol. I was a little taken aback. It was one those WTH moments, but fun to photograph. I would have loved to have spoken with the artist.

  3. After seeing the vehicular padded bra collection, I can’t think of any quirky art I’ve seen that’s worthy of mention. I suspect I’ve seen some, but my mind is kind of blown by the quirkiness of what you found in Penang. Enjoy the waning days of your summer vacation.

    • Hi Suzanne. I think this probably tops my list for quirkiness, at least in recent time. Yes, last day/weekend of vacation. Going to make the most of it!

  4. That’s definitely quirky! Especially when you consider that so many people are Muslim and are definitely not supposed to be looking at other people’s lingerie. I didn’t have a chance to see this when I was there.

    • Hi Michele. You’re right, I never thought of that. I’m thinking back now, and there were quite a few young Muslims at the exhibit. Maybe the younger ones are more liberal.

  5. That’s funny… but I’m not so sure about the art aspect though (>_<)

    • Hi! You probably know the saying…”Art is in the eye of the beholder”. 🙂

  6. Sorry Nancie, I just have to say this. . .what a treasure ‘chest’ of art you’ve shown us in this post!! Love it!

    • Hi Jackie. Glad you enjoyed it (laughing here) 🙂

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any lingerie type exhibits or quite anything like this before. This was just so strange but a part of me would have really loved to see this and examine it closely. I love Jackie’s description of a “treasure chest” 😉

    • Hi Mary! Jackie was right on mark! It was a fun exhibit to wander around and take photos.

  8. That’s the first bar-art I’ve ever seen; funny — and creative!!

  9. How Bizarre. The Hin Bus Depot was a real find – I am wondering if there is anything else waiting for us to see from the Art Centre. Glad your back is on the mend Nancie.

  10. Wow, lost for words. Definitely a curious thing to see in Penang, and unexpected in a Muslim country, as Michele said. Is this a permanent exhibit?

  11. So does it work as protection on the car, or just for support? 😉 I have actually used a sports bra to hold a watermelon onto the back of my bike, who knew it was art?

  12. Now those are some useful ideas. Padded bras to protect your young driver. Glad they didn’t show a bike with the driver wearing a padded (ahem) helmet.

  13. Definitely outstanding uses for super duper flopper stoppers. In a way, I’m reminded of Bras for a Cause, a cancer fundraiser hosted by the local Soroptimist Club. Individually, they were incredible. Another winner – now that I think about it – was one I saw at the World of Wearable Art in New Zealand. These carts are show-stoppers, though.

  14. I recently travelled to the Northern Territory in Australia and saw some quirky art in the most unexpected places, including a bar decorated with bras and a pergola adorned with rubber thongs at the Daly Waters Pub. I also saw a fence in Albany, Western Australia that had knitted artwork attached to it!

  15. This is quite ingenious – and definitely quirky. Just goes to show, Nancie, that everything can be turned into art.
    Thanks for your comment/message. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately either. Was traveling a bit then my hard drive crashed. Just getting back to normal this week. Will have a post for FoodieTuesday next week. Hope to see you then. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  16. Great post.Such a great idea. People are so inventive. Thank you for sharing this lovely pictures with us.

  17. This is a kind of mobile street art 🙂
    You should add the tumblr share possibility because there is a huge street art community there. (edit: I tried and it doesn’t work on tumblr, images are blocked. I did it on pinterest veryprivateart instead. Tell me if you correct it 🙂 And I am sharing it now. Great work.


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