Penang’s Quirky Street Art for Travel Photo Thursday

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Penang’s Quirky Street Art for Travel Photo Thursday…

This Travel Photo Thursday I want to introduce you to some of Penang’s quirky street art, found in historic Georgetown. Welcome to our 198th week.I hope you have as much fun looking at this art, as I did taking the photos. So often when I was taking these shots I would just stand back and say WHY. Then I would let my imagination run away.

You can check out more Penang street art HERE.

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All of these shots were taken when I was wandering the streets of downtown Georgetown with camera in hand. There is definitely a photo behind every corner in Georgetown, and many of them are on the walls of the area’s oldest buildings. The best quirky street art I found was when I just let my feet guide me.

So, what exactly are these two doing? Look to the left under the umbrella and you’ll the word “polis” peaking out. Is this a suggestion that they should be called, or were they lounging hidden away under the umbrella taking a breather from the midday sun? 🙂 The man seems to really want that bucket!


Penang's quirky street art

Penang’s quirky street art

Lot’s of Chinese clan houses in Georgetown, so not surprising to find dragons lurking on nearby walls. Could be that someone was looking for some good luck!


Penang's Quirky Street Art

Penang’s Quirky Street Art


Are these flower pots really dancing, or is my imagination simply on the run?


Penang Quirky Street Art

Penang Quirky Street Art

Then we have the cats…(not on a hot tin roof!…)

Penang Street Art

Penang Street Art

And “Angry Cat”…mama chasing her babies, maybe?

Penang: Quirky Street Art

Finally, the dog…he looks awfully happy. Maybe he ate the cats! 🙂

Penang Street Art

Penang Street Art

If you’ve been to Penang and have wandered the streets of Georgetown, you have no doubt seen some of this quirky street art. If you haven’t, then you are in for some fun when you do visit.

What do you think the stories are behind the art?

This is the 198th edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.

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  1. Very interesting, that three-dimensional piece in the first photo. And the dragon, too – street art with Asian flair. 🙂

    • Hi Sophie. Nothing dull about the street art in Penang 🙂

  2. We are both looking at Penang street art this week! Happy travels and art hunting!

    • Hi Jill! Great minds think alike!

  3. I am liking the look of Penang. Those flower pots are definitely dancing and the first one is very interesting.

    • Hi Jan! I’m glad it’s not only me who sees the dancing plants! Penang is a great place to visit. Lots to see and do, and the food is delish!

  4. These are so neat and interesting! I would love to spend days just looking at all the street art Georgetown has to offer. I love your take on some of these. I see the flower pots dancing too.

    • Hi Mary. Penang is the perfect place to just wander and discover. I’m glad that I’m not alone with the dancing flower pots!

  5. Nancie, I love the little dragon…too cool…it’s like a treasure hunt! Great photos as always.

    • Hi Corinne. I am always on the hunt for dragons! 🙂

  6. You always find such unusual interesting things for us to marvel at. Thanks!

    • Hi Phoebe! You’re so sweet, thanks! 🙂

  7. Great idea of TPT. Love the cats!

    • Hi Dick! So glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  8. It’s all in the details 0 and what fine details on a walk through town. My favourite ids the dragon.

    • Hi Leigh. Dragons always rank high on my list. But, those dancing flower pots really caught my eye, too! 🙂

  9. We both had the same idea this week! I love street art, and this looks incredible – I especially like the flower pots :).

    • Hi Molly! Street art is always so much fun, wherever encountered. I’ll be over to what masterpieces you found in Lisbon.

  10. This is definitely one of the reasons I want to go to Penang. How long would you suggest as a whole there (not just George Town). Would 7 days be too long?

    • Hi Denise. There’s a lot to do in Penang. You could easily find enough to do over 7 days. Lazing at the beach or beside the pool can easily take up a day or two!

  11. Georgetown certainly looks like an interesting place. The quirky art is very intriguing. Can’t think of the reasoning behind it but it looks fab.

    • Hi Kathy. Sometimes there is no reason 🙂

  12. I haven’t seen the 3-dimensional sculptures. How interesting! I do indeed think that the flower pots are dancing. and I suspect that the dragon may be modeled after the ones on temple rooftops. One thing that I like about Penang’s street art scene is that there are always new additions.

    • Hi Michele. Yes, the dragon does look like the ones you see on the temple roofs. I agree, I was always finding new art.

  13. Penang’s street art certainly has a quirkiness to it. It would be fun to imagine the stories behind the pictures.

  14. Love the 3-D aspect of this interesting street art!

  15. Very unique and intriguing. Quite an interesting find.

  16. It’s always fun to wander around and see what catches your eye – it looks like you had a lucky day! Love the cats with attitude art!

  17. I love these public creative displays and have enjoyed different versions around the world. Have never seen the three dimensional, non-funded, kind before. Penang’s on my bucket list.

  18. What a wonderful way to explore a city, and how great that there is so much street art. I loved the flowerpots dancing – yes, I think they are too.

  19. How fun, beats plain old tagging.

  20. How interesting! It seems that decorating the cave walls is a primal instinct.

  21. It is crazy how the cats look exactly like ones I have seen in London, Paris and San Francisco – same person, or a mimic of style?

  22. I love the ‘weirdness’ of the art.

    I haven’t been to Panang since I was a child so I don’t remember what it was like. Must get back there next time we are in Asia.

  23. Wow. Your picture are amazing. Street art is beautiful. I could not take my eyes of your photos.

  24. Do you know any street artist in Penang who are actually selling their art as well? It must be difficult, I see a top10 street artist in Malaysia on google but is there is any can make a living on it?


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