Thailand: A Bangkok Quickie

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Thailand: A Bangkok Quickie…

Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. Hard to believe we are at week 195! I am on the fly again this week. My best intentions flew out the window this week, and now here I am at almost 8pm just getting Travel Photo Thursday “out the door”. On my way back from Penang this past summer I had a sixteen hour layover in Bangkok. I cannot tell you how excited I was. I hadn’t been to Bangkok in at least two years, and the last time I was there was just after the riots and the burning of Central World. What was on my mind? Shopping, massage, and food…pretty much in that order. I headed to Central World, which the last time I was there was still burnt out, with plywood sheets covering the burnt out windows.  My heart was warmed to see all the changes and rebuilding.


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First thing I wanted to do was a bit of shopping. There were a couple of things I wanted, like my favorite soap and body lotion, and I was hoping to find an outfit to spruce up the fall semester. First I had to stop for a shot on my way from the Skytrain to Central World. This IS Bangkok. Love it or hate it! I don’t think there is an in-between.




Shopping success (no photos!), and then this spa lured me in. What a deal, under $30. for two hours. I was in! I left there relaxed and hungry!





Now I am starved! My plan was to take the Skytrain a couple of stops to one of my favorite restaurants, but I exited Central World to find an outdoor food market. How could I resist?

The first thing I found was MOO PING. If you were here last winter you have to remember my love affair with the Chiang Mai moo ping stall. I was so excited to find the Moo Ping guys in Bangkok, and I was not disappointed. Their moo ping was FAB… a little sweet, and perfectly cooked. I was in heaven!




Only in Bangkok can you enjoy your favorite street food, with a front row seat to a shrine and its worshipers.





Now I was ready for my favorite Thai salad, Som Tom, and I again I was not disappointed. People were lined up ten deep waiting for this guy to perform his magic, and he was worth the wait. I was the only foreign face! His salad might be served in a Styrofoam dish, but it is worthy of a five-star restaurant. The sweet, the sour, and the crunch…hmmm.





My tummy is starting to groan just a bit, but I made one more trip into the food stalls. I knew exactly what I was looking for, and SUCCESS…Thai sour sausage, and my favorite. Again, I was not disappointed. Biting into each succulent sausage gave my taste buds just a wee jolt of sour….



And that ended my 16 hour Bangkok quickie. Back to the Skytrain, and the airport. If you have a short layover in Bangkok, don’t hesitate to take the Skytrain into the downtown core. It’s fast, comfortable, convenient, and cheap! But, just a couple of more shots that I couldn’t resist!



And this final shot is from my Air China flight into Seoul, just as dawn was breaking…


When was the last time you had a quickie layover, and where in the world was it?

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  1. My last layover was in Dusseldorf a couple of months ago, where I popped out of the airport to have a quick beer with a friend. It too has a sky train, though it’s very sci-fi as it hangs under the rails. Last time I was in Bangkok the sky train ddn’t even exist. It’s definitely time for a visit!!

    • Hi Phoebe. Wow! It has been a while since you were in Bangkok. Obviously, the subway didn’t exist the last time you were there either. Of the two, I prefer the Skytrain. If you don’t have a lot of luggage the airport link is super convenient. I like the sounds of that Dusseldorf Skytrain. Thanks for linking up this week!

  2. Loved Bangkok and your pictures are a reminder of the fun we had celebrating the Thai new year!

    • Hi Brooke! Apologies, I missed your comment. I’ve celebrated the new year in Chiang Mai, and that was fun. I’ll be in Bangkok over Christmas this year.

  3. That is a fantastic price for 2 hours of spa time, I would so be there right alongside you!:-)

    • Hi Jess! haha…yes you can’t beat the spa prices in Thailand, and both the body massage and foot massage were excellent. Sometimes I’m a little leery of spas in shopping malls, but this one was really busy. That’s always a good sign!

  4. Nancie, this is a great post! Loved the ideas you gave for a stopover in Bangkok (silly me, I don’t think I realized there was a Sky Train that could whisk me into the city these days). Loved that quick tour you gave us. Our last stopover was an couple nights long in Amsterdam, I think. Usually the stopovers are just long enough to be boring but not long enough to do anything.

    • Hi Jackie! Yeah, I was lucky. Sixteen hours was perfect. This was the first time I took the Skytrain from the airport and I loved it. Not overly convenient if you have a lot of luggage, but for day tripping it was great!

  5. Oh, Now I’m plotting. Where can I go with a stopover in Bangkok? Hmmm

    • Hi Corinne! Isn’t it fun to have that dilemma? 🙂

  6. I planned a half-day of touring Narobi on a layover there, but we got in so late that it was all we could do to get to the hotel before midnight! Still, I was able to eat breakfast watching the sun light up the acacias on the plain outside the diningroom window. Nothing makes me feel more like I’m in Africa than that scene – it’s a great welcome even if it isn’t as exciting as street food in Bangkok!

    • Hi Cindy! Sounds like a perfect way to start the day.

  7. I have been craving Som Tom ever since I found my papaya grater, and this post hasn’t helped me. If only I could find some green papayas. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve been to Bangkok, and I don’t think the SkyTrain existed back then. I just remember the traffic and how long it took to get anywhere. I also clearly remember going to the airport, finding out that our flight was delayed by hours, and the airline putting us on a bus to stay at a hotel while we waited. I was just an economy class passenger. I cannot imagine that happening nowadays.

  8. Sounds like a very nice way to spend a 16-hour layover. I would probably just change the order of things to put food first. 🙂 Haven’t been to Bangkok, but so many people tell me that they love it, that I must go sometimes. Great photos, as always, Nancie.

    • Hi Cathy! If I hadn’t eaten on the plane, I probably would have done the same.

  9. We were actually on a 5 hour layover in Bangkok and couldn’t leave the airport this past summer. I was so disappointed! My husband changed the stopover to a layover after the curfew and everything that was going on. I have wanted to visit Bangkok for so long I just know I’ll love it. We did enjoy our airport stay with a lot of shopping and cheap massages. All that food looks delicious! One of these days..I’ll make it there. Thanks for the virtual tour for now.

  10. I have been to Thailand many times but so far haven’t visited Bangkok. I do love Thai food, the flavours and the fresh ingredients.Next time I go to Thailand I will have to have a stopover here.

    • Hi Cathy! Sorry I missed your comment. Bangkok is well worth a stop over. In fact, I am spending Christmas there this year!

  11. THIS is my kind of layover, Nancie! Shopping, spa and food. My last layover wasn’t as lovely. It was in Dakar, Senegal. One flight came in around 11 pm and my connecting flight was scheduled to leave at 7 a.m. Nothing was open at that hour. And as it turned out, the flight was delayed. We didn’t leave until early afternoon.

    • Hi Marcia. Sorry, I missed your comment. What a shame that you couldn’t take advantage of that layover!

  12. Bangkok it’s a must destination to travel. It’s such an amazing place with so much to offer. Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s lovely.

  13. Thai salad is the most i like when go to bangkok. It’s Fresh, crunchy, satisfying with a deliciously sweet. I also like this post that provide me recommended accommodation when visit bangkok.


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