#TPThursday — December 27th, 2012 — Hua Hin’s Chatchai Market

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday, and the last one before we ring in 2013. The week has been a pretty lazy one for me, spent mostly on the beach. The one exception was a Christmas eve afternoon Thai cooking class at Hua Hin’s Thai Kitchen Cooking School. Before the cooking began, we needed to buy all of the ingredients. Our first stop was Hua Hin’s Chatchai market. I always love a market tour, and I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite shots.


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Chatchai’s seafood section…

Hua Hin's Chatchai Market


The “Seafood Ladies”…

Hua Hin's Chatchai Market


Those “OH SO BEAUTIFUL” red Thai chilies…

Hua Hin's Chatchai Market


Awesome fresh veggies…

Hua Hin's Chatchai Market


Fresh coconut milk…(nothing from the can here!)

Making Coconut Milk at Hua Hin's Chatchai Market


On arrival we were greeted by the beautiful resident cat. (Actually, she didn’t move a muscle!)

Resident Cat at Hua Hin's Thai Kitchen Cooking School


Hua Hin’s Chatchai Market is open daily from 3am to 3pm. Lots of great photo opportunities, along with very fresh food. The market is easy to find in downtown Hua Hin, just off of Soi 72.

Next time, I’ll introduce you to some of the delicious food we learned to make.


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  1. What a wonderful experience to actually shop the freshest ingredients and then attend a Thai cooking class. I’d love to see what you made in that class. I love Thai food! That cat is just too adorable! I hope you’re enjoying your break. Happy New Year Nancie!

    • Hi Mary, I’m having a lovely beach holiday. Yes, I will share the cooking class dishes with everyone, and the recipes 🙂

  2. Doing nothing in Thailand – with a little satay cookery lesson thrown in – sounds wonderful about now. I really have to spend Christmas on the beach once. Just to try it. Love that lazy cat. 🙂

  3. This looks just like the wet market where I do my shopping in Malaysia. The prices are cheaper and the food is fresher than at the grocery store. Funny, I also mentioned freshly pressed coconut milk in my post, too. I can’t wait to see what you cooked up.

    • Even in Korea, I often go to the wet market. The prices are alwyas substantially less than the grocery store, and the food is always fresher.

  4. There is really nothing like a market tour. I’ve never been lucky enough to cook with anything beside coconut milk from a can, so that would be pretty special.

  5. Always a pleasure visiting here to hear about your latest adventures and browse the photos. Happy Holidays !

  6. Loved the cat! And you captured the market so well, I could almost smell all the wonderful items you pictured. Hopefully you took photos of the class as well!

  7. Fresh Coconut Milk – What a Luxury. I have never seen such a relaxed cat. Did you cook a curry?

  8. Very very cute cat!

    • Isn’t he though. He slept through most of the class, but did make an appearance just before we left.

  9. Great pictures – sounds like a wonderful way to spend the holidays and I too want to know what you ended up cooking with all the good things you found at the market.

  10. That is one comfy cat! What a fun place to visit! I love markets- I never fail to find something new.

  11. The cat is SOOOO adorable! If I were there, I wouldn’t be able to resist kissing her tummy!

  12. I love shopping and exploring in new markets- when we were in japan we stumbled upon several wet markets (hadn’t heard of this until then) and the energy and food was absolutely fun and delicious. Hope you had a great christmas!

  13. Markets like this provide great subjects for photos. On the West Coast of North America, you’ll find them in Vancouver, B.C. (Granville Island Public Market), Seattle (Pike Place Public Market Center), Portland, Oregon (James Beard Public Market), and Los Angeles (Grand Central Market).

    • Hi Dick, I’ve been to Granville Market, and Pikes in Seattle. Loved them both. If you go to eastern Canada you’ll find the Farmers Market in downtown Halifax (highly recommended), and there are lots of other farmers markets throughout Nova Scotia, especially during the harvest season. They are wonderful to visit.

  14. I love markets and especially love cooking classes. I hope to do one in Colombia to get some insight into their culture. Fresh coconut milk would be a treat – especially if you buy it like that.
    Hope it’s a great year for you Nancie. I’ve enjoyed following along with your travels.

    • Hi Leigh…cooking school in Columbia would be fabulous. I try and take a cooking class everywhere I go, and should be better at writing them up here. You’ve had some great adventures in 2012 as well. May our travel adventures continue in 2013.

  15. I always enjoy a market tour, too and Hua Hins Chatchai Market looks so vibrant and fun. Love the smiles of the “seafood ladies”.

  16. I can almost smell the wet market smells. Great photos! happy new year!

  17. Aww that cat is so cute! She must be accustomed to people not to be afraid like that.

  18. That market looks wonderful–and delicious.

    • Margaret…it was a great market. In fact, I went and had a second look a few days later. I was surprised at how large it is.

  19. Im from Brisbane and I flew to this country just to learn their cuisine and culture. Im a lover of thai cuisine.

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