Food and Markets Around the World for Travel Photo Thursday

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. As we move from the heat of the summer into fall  and now winter, my mindset seems to shift to food. This is the time of the year that I will cook up a huge pot of vegetable soup and eat it everyday until it’s just a memory. Food is also a welcome indulgence when I travel, and I love trying the local fare. This week I am sharing food and markets discovered in my travels.

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Out of this world Nova Scotia lobster….

Actually, I have to ‘fess up here. I bought this lobster at Costco here in Daejeon, but it is imported from Nova Scotia. If you ever go to Nova Scotia, don’t miss the experience of our local delicacy. Seafood restaurants abound. The other alternative is to buy live lobsters at the local pound and cook them yourself. Easy to do if you have a large pot and a stove.

A Taste of Nova Scotia in Korea


Spanish olives…….hmmmm.

If you are in Madrid, the Mercaso San Miguel is a must see. Just steps from the Plaza Mayor, your taste buds will love you!

Olives, Olives and More Olives at the Mercado San Miguel


Spain’s churros and hot chocolate…

I don’t think anyone can understand how good they are until….you know 🙂


Jeonju Bibimbap (Korea)…

Every region of Korea is famous for different dishes. This one hails from the historic city of Jeonju. Don’t worry about the egg. The dish is very hot, and the egg cooks as you stir the rice, veggies and egg together.

Jeonju Bibimbap


Northern Thailand’s famous Khao Soi…



China’s Peking duck…

, or as it’s known these days…Beijing Duck. One of the best meals I had in China, and so cheap!

Peking Duck (or as it's politically more correct name...Beijing Duck


Budapest’s Great Hall…the largest indoor market in the city.

Easily accessible by tram, with a fabulous river view. In addition to all the great food, you can find fab, reasonably priced souvenirs. I loved the painted egg Christmas ornaments. If you’re in the market for authentic Hungarian paprika, look no further. The secret is, go to the back of the hall where you’ll find vendors with carts. You’ll find the best and cheapest paprika here. I bought mine from a lovely lady who could have passed for about 80. 🙂

Budapest's Great Market Hall


Market ladies in Myanmar selling their goods.

Market Ladies 2, Myanmar

Market Ladies, Myanmar

The flower lady in Myanmar…


Flower Lady, Myanmar


And finally, no foodie post would be complete without my favorite…Thailand’s famous Som Tom Salad…

The Best Som Tom Salad in Chaing Mai


Do you have a favorite market or food that you would travel far and wide to taste again and again?


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  1. I’ll have one or two Spanish olives, a large lobster, then the churros and chocolate for dessert, please 🙂

    • You have good taste, Sophie!

  2. The flower lady of Myanmar is my favourite travel photo thursday photo today. The expression on the flower lady’s face, the woven basket and the fresh flowers are all wonderful.

    • Thanks, Jan! That’s a favorite of mine as well.

  3. Oh my gosh, I’ll have a little of each please! You’re right, the market in Budapest is an amazing place to eat and shop.

    • I spent several hours there on two occasions. I couldn’t get enough of the place. I wanted to try something from every food stall.

  4. Good thing I ate before I read this because my mouth is watering. First, I made a big pot of corn chowder this week and am working my way through it, too. Second, I’m envious you have a Costco. Third, churros and chocolate! That’s reason enough to visit Spain. Fourth, my husband just brought me some paprika from his trip to Hungary, but I’m sure where you bought yours had more local ambiance. Our school’s international food fair is next week. This post of yours has me looking forward to it.

    • One shouldn’t read food posts before dinner!Nova Scotia lobster always figures high on foods I could eat everyday if it was only available. What fantastic photos these are Nancie and I can’t believe I missed the hot chocolate churros combo last year in Spain.

      • Leigh, the perfect reason to go back to Spain!

    • Having a Costco when I’m so far from home is great. At least I can get some of the food that I miss. I bet there will be some delicious food at your fair… enjoy!

  5. Yummy! These all look delicious and I am so glad I’m still full from lunch but still salivating. Yes, I’ll take one of each. We loved the churros con chocolate in Spain and sampled quite a few of them. Beautiful mouth-watering pictures, Nancie!

    • I could easily do a churros and hot chocolate tour of Spain ! 🙂

  6. Such delicious photos! My favourite would have to be the Nova Scotia lobster though – my mouth waters just thinking of it. My 9 year old had lobster for the first time in Halifax this past summer and now she asks for it all the time! 🙂

    • That girl has good taste, even if a tad expensive 🙂

  7. What a wonderful trip to the food markets of the worlds. I love markets too…they are usually the fist stop for me when I arrive in a town. I’d love to go to Nova Scotia and try some of your lobsters and then head to Budapest for the paprika!

    • That would be a fun trip!

  8. Thank goodness I read this after dinner. Beautiful shots, all. But ‘the moment’ was the one of the flower lady. I must try churros again in Spain as I was underwhelmed by those I tried last year and seeing your photo makes me think I might have have a less than perfect version.

    • Jackie, I had some churros that weren’t all that great. Thankfully, most were delicious, and these ones pictured here were the best. I think one of the secrets is the freshness. I remember waiting quite a long time, and it turned out that they were being freshly cooked!

  9. Favorite food is definitely anything Thai! Then the Vietnamese pho and banh mi…Delicious! That market in Budapest looks lovely. I never got to see it although I did buy paprika in some store to bring home.

    • You have a reason to go back!

  10. I love the flower lady of Myanmar pic. Food markets are a great place for travel photography, and you’ve made me want to get out and about to more markets 🙂

    • Thanks, Johanna. That’s one of my favorite shots.

  11. Mmm, those Spanish olives looks delicious! 🙂

    • They are! I could have eaten them at every meal.

  12. Food…the reason why I travel 😉

    • I’m right with you there!

  13. Oooh! You are making me hungry!
    We had fresh wahoo (caught by one of the other boats in our little flotilla) that was absolutely fabulous while we were in the Seychelles. Food is one of the reasons to travel!

    • There’s nothing like freshly caught fish!

  14. loving all these food shots! I have to agree with you on the hot chocolate and churros from Spain. You just don’t know until you’ve had them!

    I am curious about the Khao Soi dish, though. Is it like curry? Is it really spicy? Does it have lemongrass? Haven’t heard of it before (explains I haven’t been to Asia yet!), so I’m curious 🙂

    – Maria Alexandra

    • The Khao Soi is similar to a curry. You can have it with any kind of meat, vegetable or fish. I’m quite sure this was vegetarian. I’ve eaten at a restaurant that specializes in this dish. When it arrived the lemon grass and other spices were on the side and you added what you wanted. For the most part, I would say it is more sweet than spicy.

  15. That Peking Chicken looks better than before they serve it up, just hanging in the window!

    • True! Seeing it hanging in a window is not particularly appetizing!

  16. Yum! All of it, just YUM!

    • I think I made you hungry 🙂

  17. I really like the photos of the Market Ladies. It is just so different than the experience of grocery shopping in America.

    • Yes, a totally different experience and one that I prefer. Although, anytime I visit NA now I love roaming the isles of grocery stores, just to see what is new!

  18. It’s a good thing that I’m reading this post just before lunch. I wouldn’t be able to wait much longer. Delicious pics! I’ve got a craving for Spanish churros now!

    • Cathy, I crave churros all the time!

  19. love all the photos but the one with the woman carrying the basket on her head is so great- love the composition and coloring. Great shot!

  20. What a nice colourful set of shots. Not as easy as it seems to make food look good enough to eat. But I’m hungry now!

    • Thanks, Stuart! I am always trying to improve my food photography skills.

  21. Your pictures make everything look delicious – even the raw egg- ewwww!

  22. Your pictures make everything look delicious – even the raw egg- ewwww!

  23. Great food shots. The one at Budapest is my favorite.

    You’re made my ravenously hungry. Good think dinner is about to be served!

  24. Beautiful photos and beautiful food. I probably wouldn’t try the Jeonju Bibimbap though but others for sure.

    • Thanks, Salika… It’s all individual preference:) If the raw egg bothers you, there are other kinds of bibimbap without the egg, and also a number of varieties that vegetarian only.

  25. Your sumptuous photography has my mouth watering. Beautiful!

  26. My mouth is watering too, since I haven’t had breakfast. A big bowl of bimimbap would taste great right about now.

  27. Some really great photos.

  28. I stumbled upon your site rather accidentally… and as I browsed around a bit I realized that we may be related (if your father is Donnie). I’m glad there’s another McKinnon out there that is as passionate about travel as I am. Nice to meet you!

    • Hi Sharlene! Yes, we are definitely related. Max and my father(Donnie) were brothers. I’ve left you a message on your blog. Loved the newspaper clipping. I am going to print it out and send to Dad.

  29. Those food photos are divine! Still working on my food photography skills – I am so much better with food market shots.
    So, you asked the question – where would I travel far and wide to taste the food again? So many places spring to mind…street food in Guatemala, Thai in Thailand….but most recent addition to my food travel fantasies…San Sebastian, Spain! I accidentally found myself in town for restaurant week, and the Basque food was incredible! Would love to find a way to accidentally end up there in restaurant week again!

  30. Wow. Only by just looking at your photos makes me hungry. I’m a big foodie. I really like your article, thank you for sharing it with us.

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