Prague and Budapest Memories

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Welcome to week 255 of Travel Photo Thursday (11/19/2015). If you missed last weeks octopus eating adventures, they’re just a click away.  I think most of us are walking around with heavy hearts this week, trying to absorb and make some sense (as if that’s possible) of the atrocities and innocent lives lost this past week. My love affair with Europe began when I was 17 years old, plying the Mediterranean on a cruise ship giving many Canadian school kids their first taste of the rich history, and the ambiance that is so prevalent throughout that part of the world. Since moving to Asia in 2000, I have spent more time traveling the countries surrounding Korea.  I love Asia, and always will, but I have never left my heart in Asia as I have so often in Europe.  I have been fortunate enough to spend some time in Europe over the last few years, primarily Spain, Czech, and a peek of Budapest  thrown in. In a few weeks I’ll be  in Barcelona and Portugal. This week I share with you a few Prague and Budapest memories.


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Budapest was a side trip from Prague, and I loved every moment. I hope one of these days to return and spend some time getting to know both the city and country a little bit more. I am anxious to explore the Hungarian vineyards.


One of my favorite Budapest shots (and not new to BTS)


Budapest Sunset

Budapest Sunset

Loved the window boxes in Budapest!




Pest from the Buda side…




Budapest’s iconic parliament buildings taken from the water.


Budapest Parliament Buildings

Budapest Parliament Buildings


In Prague’s castle district, a stunning archway.


Prague Archway

Prague Archway


A Prague artist at work.




An archway and balcony in Prague’s old town.




Taken from Prague’s historic Charles Bridge. Love the steeples!




Have you been to Budapest or Prague? Do you have a favorite photo?


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  1. I’ve not been to either Budapest or Prague Nancie. I hope I’ll get there one day. Not long now until your in Spain and Portugal – I am quite envious! It must have been spring when you took these photos – the skies are so blue and crisp.

    • Hi Jan! I was in Prague and Budapest in July, 2012. In fact, one of the days that I was in Budapest the city recorded the hottest temperature in the world. It was 40+!!!

  2. fabulous images. Thanks for the tour. One of the things I most enjoy about Travel Photo Thursday – visiting places I have never been too. Thanks! and happy travels.

    • Hi Jill! Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m so looking forward to getting back on the road, and happy travels!

  3. I’ve never been to Budapest or Prague but a former neighbor who has traveled extensively named Budapest as her favorite spot in all the world. So taking that to be the high compliment that it is I would say it is worth visiting – it sure looks to be from your photos. Beautiful!

    • Hi Jill. Budapest is a fabulous city. One of these days I will go back. I also want to explore the rest of the country.

  4. We were considering Budapest as a tag on to this trip, as in return to Seattle via Budapest for a few nights but checked the temperatures for December and decided we didn’t have the clothing for a winter stop. Loved your photos though and know that one day we will get there. Looking forward to reading about your adventures this winter!

    • Hi Jackie. Yes, Budapest could be a tad cool in December. Just a little more than a month and my new adventures start!

  5. Just beautiful…(and no sense can be made…)

    • Hi Lydia. Thank you, and I agree none of what has happened recently make a bit of sense.

  6. Gorgeous cities both; nice captures. I think of the two, Budapest is my favourite.

    • Hi Sophie! For me I think it’s a tie. I would go back to either Budapest or Prague in a heart beat. The thing is, there are just so many other awesome places to see around the world 🙂

  7. Hope I can visit Prague and Budapest soon. They have been in my “to go” list forever. I love all the photos that are posted about those two cities. Great to know you’ll be in Spain and Portugal. I want to go back to Spain already.

    • Hi Ruth. Spain is definitely very special. I’m looking forward to spending 5 days in Barcelona. I might also see a bit more on the way back to get my flight in February. That was one of the reasons that I chose to fly in and out of Barcelona.

  8. I have not been to Prague or Budapest yet, but I love your photos of each city’s unique architecture. Budapest’s parliament building is incredible!

    • Hi Brooke. The parliament buildings in Budapest are gorgeous. If you visit, be sure to book a ticket. I just showed up, and they weren’t open due to some government function. Obviously, not an uncommon occurrence:)

      • Thanks for letting me know about the delays caused by everyday government occurrences. It’s always so helpful to know things like that when you are visiting a new place!

  9. WOW! Prague has been on my travel bucket list for a long time, and lately, Budapest has been screaming for me to go over!

    This is actually the first time I’ve seen shots of Budapest’s parliament buildings during the day; don’t get me wrong, they’re stunningly gorgeous at night, but your day shots are fabulous.

    Thank you so much for posting all these beautiful shots! 😀

    • Hi Becky. Thanks. Yes, I was blown away by the parliament buildings, and there are so many opportunities to photograph them. I don’t think I got a night shot, and I’m not why I didn’t. Budapest was in the middle of a heat wave when I was there, so I think I was preoccupied with trying to stay cool!!

  10. Beautiful photos, Nancie! I have left my heart in Europe too. I would move there if I could. We’ve been to Prague and loved it. I love the charm of the Old Town area. Budapest is very high on my list of places to visit.

    • Hi Mary. Yes, Prague is very special. I think you would love Budapest, too!

  11. One day, I’m going to tag along on one of my husband’s Hungarian business trips and finally get to see Budapest. I hope he’s willing to do a repeat visit to the places he’s already been because I want to see everything. I’ve always wanted to visit Prague, too. That photo of the archway with a balcony is captivating. I wonder what the room up there is like.

    • Hi Michele. You definitely need to tag along with your husband. I’m sure the two of you would have a great time. It sounds like you’d also have to time to explore on your own when he’s working. That’s a bonus, too!

  12. That sunset is absolutely stunning! We haven’t been to Budapest or Prague but both look so photogenic, either would be such a pleasure to explore with the camera.

    • Hi Toni. Yes, my camera worked overtime in both cities!

  13. Great photos! Thank you for the link up!:)

    • Hi Tanja. Welcome, I’m glad that you found Travel Photo Thursday!

    • Hi Tanja! Welcome, and I’ll be checking out your Lisbon posts. I’ll be in Portugal for the winter, and my first stop is Lisbon!

  14. Such beautiful cities! Both Prague and Budapest are very popular and well set up for tourists nowadays. They are even great places to go in the winter thanks to all of their cozy and beautiful cafes!

    • Hi Corrine. I think it would be fun to explore these cities in the winter. It would be a great opportunity to also visit the thermal spas in Budapest.

  15. Georgeous photos, Nancie. Each time I see photos from these cities, I want to get on a plane. I really have to stop dithering. Meantime, I’ll savor Budapest and Prague from your photos.
    And to your point about the terror attacks, they can try but they can’t kill people’s spirit, they can’t. They’ll only make us more resolute.

    • Hi Marcia. I totally agree. If we don’t keep going, who will? I’m sure you would love both cities. I hope to see you post about them one of these days. 🙂

  16. Beautiful shots!
    I hope you’ll join in with us at this week’s Wordless linkup, which begins in just a few hours!

  17. What a grand and graceful place. I love your captures and seeing a bit of how life goes on there. So looking forward to visiting and hopefully with good weather as you have!

  18. We’re hoping that next year will be the year to visit these amazing cities and I loved seeing your photos with all the colorful rooflines, architectural details and steeples. Somehow I have the feeling that these are places one would always long to return to …

  19. Prague and Budapest are two of our favorite cities. Thanks for the very nice pictures that brought back so many fond memories.

  20. I have been reading lots of lovely blogs today and I found the ones I liked the most were the ones that showed the personality and musings of the writer


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