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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday, week 266 (2/18/2016), and beautiful, rainy Porto.

This is a very quick post for me this week. I am back in Barcelona, and had a very trying day yesterday. My wallet was stolen on the subway, and I am still dealing with all of that. I didn’t have much in the wallet, thankfully! However, I had a credit card, which I am still a little concerned about. I filed a report with the police and also reported to Mastercard that the card has been stolen. However, I’m dealing with Korea regarding the stolen credit card and that makes me nervous. I’m sure all will be okay! I hope you enjoy this week’s photo.

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A rainy Porto made for a beautiful, moody photo.


Rainy Porto


My week in Porto was rainy, cold, and windy. However, the city’s beauty could not help by shine through, and I will definitely return one of the these days when the weather is (hopefully) better! Have you visited Porto? What did you enjoy in the city?


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  1. Hope your credit card issue gets resolved at the earliest!!!! I love the concept of #TPThursday, hence linking my post here.. for the first time 🙂

    • Welcome Aditi! Thanks for linking up.

  2. Yikes! How stressful getting your wallet stolen! Glad you’d kept a card separate…

    • Hi Lydia. Yes, I didn’t have much in the wallet. First time this has ever happened to me, and hopefully the last.

  3. We spent a week in a holiday house just outside Porto once, many years ago. It was lovely. One day I hope to return. I am sorry about your wallet but at least you didn’t have a lot of cash in it.

    • Hi Lyn. Yes, not having much in the wallet made the whole thing less of an ordeal. I loved Porto, in spite of the cold and rain. I would go back again in a moment.

  4. sorry to hear about your wallet:(

    • Thanks, Tanja! All is okay, now 🙂

  5. Sorry to hear of your troubles! Hope it all works out for the best!

  6. Thank you for sharing this photo. I love rainy day shots and this one is very atmospheric. I’ve been to Portugal but didn’t go to Porto. I’d love to visit one day; heard so many good things about. I enjoyed following your Portugal journey in FB.
    So sorry to hear about the Barcelona incident. I know the city is so notorious when it comes to pickpocketing. I was a victim myself the very first time I visited the city. I hope your Barcelona experience will go better from here.

    • Hi Marisol. Porto is definitely worth a visit. I enjoyed Barcelona, although I was a leery after the wallet incident. It’s such a shame that pick pocketing seems to be totally out of hand.

  7. Sorry to read of your wallet being stolen. Barcelona is the only city we’ve ever stayed in where the hotel gave us a printed warning and said to literally leave everything locked in the safe in our room – no jewelry, no wallets, no purses. And as much as I love Barcelona (and have been there several times) it did color my thinking about the place as there are so many other cities where you don’t need to be on constant alert. As for Porto, between you and my other blogger buddies this year, it is definitely on the ‘must get to’ list!

    • Hi Jackie. Porto is so worth a visit. I’m looking forward to going back when the weather is dryer and warmer. I so want to wander off into wine country!

  8. Love your photo and I’m so glad you had a great time in Porto despite the weather. But what a disappointing turn of events to have your wallet stolen in Barcelona. Hope you salvage the rest of your time there and find lots of photo opportunities!

    • Hi Anita, and thanks! Porto is a fantastic city. The people are lovely, food was great, and lots to see and do. I did enjoy Barcelona. Once I felt that I had done everything I could getting the cards stopped I decided to make the best the rest of my visit.

  9. I have never been to Porto but the rain makes it look like something out of a 1950’s spy film! I do hope you hav esorted everything out with your lost credit card.

  10. Hope everything works for the best. Would like to visit Porto but maybe in spring or fall. I am sure it is lovely during those times.

  11. Sorry to hear about your stolen wallet Nancie. I recently travelled to Vietnam and had my visa card swallowed up by the ATM. I never realised until the following day and then I panicked big time. Fortunately no damage done, but it does leave a sour taste in our mouth. Love the moody photo of Porto. 🙂

  12. Nancy, I am so sorry about your Barcelona incident. Hoping everything gets resolved and you won’t have that many issues in Korea. Wish we had enough time to visit Porto. It looks so beautiful even in the rain. Good luck and safe travels home.

  13. Oh Nancie, I hope everything turns out alright! Good Luck!

  14. Oh no, that’s terrible about your wallet. The photo from Porto has such an interesting mood to it. I’ve never been myself.

  15. I loved loved loved Porto. I am reminiscing on my recent trip there and surfing the web. Where was this pic taken? I loved walking around the old town and the River front. I was there in August so my experience was a bit different than yours but beautiful none the less. Sorry to hear about your wallet but I hope you had enough Bacalao Ball cause they were so yummy!


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