Magnificent Monday — “Vintage” — The Seoul Lantern Festival

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Jim at Holes in My Soles is hosting another week of Magnificent Monday and this weeks theme is “Vintage”.

A number of vintage action heroes could be found at the Seoul Lantern Festival at the Cheonggyecheon Stream in downtown Seoul this past weekend.

There was Superman…

Superman at the Seoul Lantern Festival


Batman was also in attendance…

Batman at the Seoul Lantern Festival


Of course, the Mighty Thor…

Thor at the Seoul Lantern Festival


Thor guarding the stream….


The Seoul Lantern Festival is an annual event held during the first two weeks in November at the Cheonggyecheon Stream in downtown Seoul. The huge lanterns float in the stream and are admired by hundreds of thousands during the two week event. The weather this past Saturday was perfect, and it was literally wall to wall people. The event is free to attend.

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  1. THIS LOOKS LIKE A LOT OF FUN..I read all these comics when I was young . As a photographer I would love to photograph an event like this. Thanks

  2. These are incredible shots Nancie. They show up so well. Have you any shots of them without the lights so we can see how they are constructed?
    BTW I’m the real Jim.

    • Would the real Jim please stand up? 🙂
      Jim, the lights were all ready on when I arrived.

  3. The Seoul Lantern Festival must be so fun to attend. Great shots of these cool action figures.

  4. These are great! Kids must have loved them. What a fun idea.

    • Kids..young and old 🙂

  5. Great post, how exciting and fun that fesival must be. I love the photos, wonderful captures. <3

  6. What a fun festival of lights

  7. Beautiful captures, Nancie! The atmosphere must have been great there in the streets.

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