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Magnificent Monday is happening over at Holes in My Soles , and this week Jim has chosen “Transportation” as our theme. No matter where we are going we have to have a way of getting there. From our feet to huge airliners, modes of transportation are everywhere.

Some of my favorites…

(Click on the photos to view a larger version.)

This is what I call a Tuk-Tuk! I’m not sure how well it can navigate the streets of Bangkok!

A Limo for the Times?


In Chiang Mai and most of South East Asia motorcycles are meant for the entire family. Six or more on the same bike is not uncommon!

Motorcycle Madness


Packed in tight in Myanmar!

On the Road Again


Finally, in my hometown, Halifax, Nova Scotia, you can rent bicycles to cycle along our fabulous waterfront. This shot was taken last July 1st, Canada Day, so, as you can see, all of the bikes were proudly showing off the Canadian flag.

Bicycles on the Halifax Waterfront

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  1. Crazy photos Nancie.

    BTW my Tram Nostalgia was posted separately and then added to the “Transport” Mr Linky post later as I thought I was going to be late. So have posted your link into the correct post.

  2. Love your selection of transportation modes! 6+ on a single bike doesn’t sound too safe, but I suppose they know what they’re doing! Great shots.

    • It’s scary to see sometimes, Cathy. You just wonder how the family makes it home on one piece, but they do!

  3. I love the very colorful Tuk Tuk in the first picture! This is a great list of just some of the transportation that is out there to be experienced.

  4. I could not believe the number of people crammed on motorbikes and into four-wheeled vehicles when I traveled to SE Asia. Twice I saw a family of seven – mom, dad, five small kids – on a motorbike in Kampot, Cambodia. They may have been crowded into each other, but they all had huge smiles on their faces both times I saw them. There is something to be said for closeness.

  5. An excellent selection of transportation pics! Really nice.

  6. cool pictures!

  7. The tuk-tuks are fascinating! I loved the transport system in Thailand…they get you anywhere! The one in your first photo is unusual! Love it!

  8. love that picture of the stretched tuk tuk, as they say “Only in Thailand”.

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