Magnificent Monday — “Look Through Any Window, Door, or Archway”

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Another Magnificent Monday is happening over at HolesinMySoles, and this week Jim has chosen the theme “Look through any window, door or archway”. I believe that your eyes are the windows to your soul, and that windows and doors are eyes to the world. I’m always looking for doors or windows to frame a shot, and here are a few of my favorites…

(Click on the photos to view a larger version.)
Angkor Wat, Cambodia…a doorway into the past…

A Doorway into the past..............Angkor Wat


Bayon Temple, Angkor Wat…If “he” could speak, what would he tell us?

Bayon, Angkor Wat


All that glistens could be gold; looking out from a temple in Myanmar.

Temple Beauty from A Window .....Myanmar


The Buddha’s Gaze (Jogyesa Temple, Seoul)

The Buddha's Gaze

Which shot “speaks” to you?

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  1. These are very beautiful photos, Nancie. I especially love the way you framed the faces of Buddha and one of the Bayon faces.

    Here’s my Magnificent Monday entry:

    You will see we have something in common. 🙂 Hope you drop by.

    • Thanks Reiza. The Bayon was one of my favorite temples at Angkor Wat; so much fun taking photos there.

  2. Intriguing selection of photos, Nancie. I like your statement about windows and doors being eyes to the world — so true.

    • Thanks Cathy. We all spend so much time going through doors, and looking out of windows. Where would our world be without them, eh?

  3. The Bayon temple face really beckons you to walk through.

  4. The first one speaks to me. Looks like doorways to infinity…

  5. #1 jumps out at me. Can’t fond anything like that around here. Thanks for sharing !

  6. Truly magnificent. Especially love the Bayon shot.

  7. It’s always fun to peek through an archway particularly if what it’s framing is as exotic as these.

  8. Very interesting collection of photos. The doorways in the first photo look really impressive!

  9. The Bayon Temple is a really special one for me, but they’re all so well done.

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