Magnificent Monday — Conservation:What can we do?”

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Magnificent Monday is here again. Hosted by Jim over at Holes in My Soles, this weeks theme is “Conservation – What can we do?”. Be sure to check out Jim’s great article. Some of the photos are disturbing, but a good reminder that we can’t forget the animals, and keep doing what we can to help in whatever way we can.

Most people will quickly admit that they don’t like zoos, and that animals should be free to roam. In an ideal world I would agree. Sadly our world is far from ideal, and even though it might be 2011 and there are all kinds of bans on the killing and purchasing of exotic animals and their parts, poachers continue to poach and consumers continue to buy the
poacher’s illegal products. This, I believe, is why a good zoo can play such an important role in conservation. I have been to a few zoos since moving to Asia, and they are not all created equal. Take for example the zoo here in Daejeon. I visited once several years ago, and I wanted to rip open all the cages and let the animals run free. Maybe it has changed since I was there last (I doubt it). All I can say is that it was one of the worst zoos I have ever been in. Now, the Singapore Zoo!; that is a zoo. I fell in love the day I was there. The animals are well cared for and you can just tell that they are happy in their environment. I did a post on the Singapore Zoo a while back…Singapore Zoo

Here are a couple more shots from my day at the Singapore Zoo. Click on the photos to go to a larger view.

Now You Be Good




Basking in the Sun at the Singapore Zoo

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  1. I agree with you Nancie! There are some very good Zoos out there with ample of space and where they take good care of animals. I would also like to see them roam free but sometimes they are safer in an environment where they are protected and taken care off.

    My contribution:

  2. Wish all zoos could be like the Singapore Zoo! Such wonderful photos, Nancie.

    • So true Cathy! It is such a fantastic place to visit. I would love to live in Singapore for a couple of months, with the goal of visiting the zoo a couple times a week.

  3. I agreee some zoos are very progressive in their thinking these days and try and place animals in large areas as close to ther natural environment as possible. We were at Singapore zoo way back in 74 and even then it had an expanzive feel about it. So next time through we’ll make a point of getting there.

  4. Every time I photograph at a zoo I am conflicted. I agree with you on how different zoo can be. When we see the ones that actually try and recreate a natural environment , we tell people about it and encourage them to visit it. We have been to a few where I don’t even take images other then to show the negative conditions. Really good post. This was a great idea by Jim!!

  5. These are some very good pictures…I particularly like the depth of the colours.

  6. A beautiful series of images, Nancie!

  7. Yes, sometimes I question whats the point of having a zoo when the animals are not being taken off. It’s great that you’ve brought this up.

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