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Magnificent Monday is here again. Hosted by Jim over at Holes in My Soles This weeks theme is “colors”.

I have always been fascinated by the colors of the temples here in Korea. This traditional Korean coloring is called Dancheong, and you will find that almost all of the temples here are painted in pretty much the same color scheme. What I find very strange is that although green is always a prominent color, it is never mentioned in anything that I have read about Dancheong. You can learn more here:

Also, notice that there is a lot of yellow featured at several of these temples. Yellow is an important color in Korea, symbolizing aspects of pride, nature,and accomplishment. Find out more here: The color yellow in Korea.

Dragon’s Head at the Nun’s Temple (outskirts, Daejeon Korea)
(Featured in the March 2008 issue of National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel.)

Dragon's Head..........Nun's Temple, Daejeon


Hwaeomsa Temple (Giri-San,Korea)

One of the most important temples in Korea. You can find more info. here: Hwaeomsa Temple.


Bulguksa Temple (Gyeongju, Korea)
Another important temple here in Korea. More information is available here: Bulguksa Temple.

Bulguksa Temple

Which do you prefer? The newly painted Hwaomsa or the slightly faded Bulguksa?


In my neighborhood…Many Korean neighborhoods have their own temples. This one is located a short walk from my apartment. I have no idea if it has a name or not.

Spring Time at the Neighborhood Temple


Admission to temples in Korea is usually free, and a great way to spend a day or an afternoon without breaking your budget. You can also participate in the very affordable temple stay program. Find out how: Temple Stay.

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  1. Stunning Colours and patterns, brilliant but they still seem to compliment nature as in the last: the temple still seems to be part of the environment..

  2. Jim is right, stunning colors. I love the patterns, what a wonderful place to see, thank you for the visit.

  3. Great post on colors love the vibrant colors in and on the temples they look like great subjects. I am guessing you spent a lot of time photographing them!!!

    • Jim, It’s hard not to photograph temples here. There are so many, and they beautiful.

  4. I’m in love with Korea, and that first picture is just stunning (and it’s hard for me to use that word on a picture)

    • Thanks for your kind words Denise! Do visit sometime.

  5. The dragon is stunning! The colors are so rich and vibrant! Your photography is wonderful.

    I’m following your blog and look forward to future posts.

    Regards, Mari
    Join my blog and learn Photography Tips

    • Thanks for your kind words Mari. I will definitely start following your blog. I have visited and your work is lovely.

  6. Beautiful photography with jump-off-the-page, brilliant colors!
    Wish I had time to join this gang Jim started but, I have a hard enough time catching up with my TPThursday friends !

    • Thanks Mike! Yes, it can be hard to keep up with all that’s happening in the travel/photography blogging community.

  7. Beautiful photos. So colourful. We were invited to go to South Korea this summer but missed out due to the Mongol Rally. Now I am really wishing that we could have made it!

    • Thank you! Do try to make it here sometime. Korea is a fascinating country.

  8. Gorgeous bright colours. Love that dragon photo. I really should put Korea on my travel itinerary soon.

    • There’s a lot to see and do here. Come for a visit and I will show you around 🙂

  9. I’m a huge sucker for colorful photos. I have to force myself to try different things like black and white in my photography because I love when colors pop. Great photos!

  10. Wow! The color in these shots is amazing!

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