Hua Hin’s Thai Cooking Course — Tips, Tricks and Recipes for an Amazing Curry Experience

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Since my friend was grounded from traveling, due to health reasons, I initially decided that I would spend Christmas Day at Hua Hin’s only Thai cooking school. However, that was not to be, since they were totally booked. I did the next best thing, and spent Christmas Eve afternoon learning about and making delicious Thai food.

We began with the curry paste. Impossible to make a good curry without the paste! Below is the recipe for Green and Red (Nam Prik Geang Khew Whan/Pedt).


Preparing the ingredients…

Thai Cooking Course Hua Hin


The Recipe…

1 Tbls. lemongrass

1 Tbls. galangal

1 Tbls. shallot (remove the skins)

1 Tbls. small Asian garlic (leave the skins on)

1/2 Tbls lime kaffi (only the skin) (You can use dried, if fresh not available)

1 Tsp. salt


1 Tbls. fresh green pepper (about 10 corns) (or dried peppercorn)

1 Bunch fresh coriander (use root and leaves) (use coriander seeds, is fresh not available)

1 Pinch/Slice Tumeric (use a pinch of the powder, if fresh not available)

1 Tsp. fresh green chilli


Dried red chilli (small) 7-10 chillies


1 Tbls. Shrimp paste  (A good paste has a minimum 80% dried shrimp, 20% salt; be sure to read the container.)


1. You should use a stone mortar and pestle. (You can use a blender… blend max.  5 minutes and then finish by hand.)

2. Smash in and up and down motion, don’t grind.

Once our paste was perfected we proceeded to the kitchen to create our own Green Curry with Chicken


Our lovely instructor Beau gives us a demo, before letting us loose with our own wok and saucepan.

Thai Cooking Course Hua Hin

Some of the delicious ingredients…

Thai Cooking Course Hua Hin



And now, the finished product…Yes, it was as phonomenally good as it looks!

Thai Cooking Course Hua Hin


And now, what you’ve really been waiting for…THE RECIPE…


1 Tbls. of Green Curry Paste (adjust to your own personal taste…less means not so spicy. I put in more, because for me, the spicier the better!)

6.5 Tbls. Coconut Cream

100 gr. chicken (cut in small pieces)

1/2 C. egglpant (cut into small pieces and placee in salt water)

Large, fresh chilli pepper (julienne for decoration)

1 lrg. Kaffir lime leaf (rip into small pieces)

1 Tbls. Fresh Green Pepper (for decoration)

1/2 Tbls. Finger Root (julienne for decoration) (From the ginger family/very mild)

1/2 handful Fresh Basil (pull the leaves off the stem)

1-2 Tbls. Fish sauce (adjust to taste)

1-3 Tbls. White sugar (adjust to taste)


1. Better to add a little too much curry paste than not enough.

2. Cook a little longer for softer vegetables.

3. Broccoli stem and carrot are a good substitute for eggplant.

And…Beau shared this tip as well…

If you don’t have fresh coconut cream, take your coconut milk and put it in the freezer for 5 minutes. The cream will rise to the top.

Finally, a lovely group to sample the curry with…


If you are visiting Hua Hin, and want to learn to cook your own awesome Thai food, book a class from the Thai Cooking Course website.

The class is between 4.5 and 5 hours.

Cost is an affordable 1500TB (approximately $45.00US…Includes hotel pick-up/drop-off; market tour; all ingredients and instruction, water/soft drinks/tea/coffee; and a fabulous cookbook!

Eat lightly before the class, or you won’t be able to finish all of the sinfully delicious  dishes you make. 


Please note: I was a regular paying customer on this course. I did not recieve any compensation for writing this review.


This is my final post of 2012. Happy New Year, everyone! See you in 2013!

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  1. It is barely 6 a.m. West Coast time and you’ve got me lusting for that plate of Thai food! Hope your New Year’s Eve and day are spent having as interesting as experiences as your Christmas Eve. Happy New Year, Nancie!

  2. this looks so good- I just ate dinner but I seriously could make room for this!

    • I know what you mean, Jade! I want to try everything. I could be eating 24 hours a day, non-stop!

  3. The plated curry looks devine. It is definitely curried chicken for dinner in our house tonight.

  4. I’m salivating as I’m reading and wondering where I can buy some of the more unusual ingredients.

    • Hi Leigh…that is always the challenge. Believe it or not, you probably have a better chance of finding most of it in a good Asian store in Calgary, then I do
      in Korea. If you can find the spices fresh, you can always use dried.

  5. I did cook this for dinner last night (adjusted some of the ingredients to use what I had) and it was delicious. I meant to photograph it, but when it was plated I totally forgot and scoffed it down. Guess I will have to make it again. Yum. PS I made the green curry, and I added less not more chilli!

  6. I really like Thai food and this looks very delicious. I love how they use coconut juice and spices.


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