Five Budget Friendly Prague Attractions

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From museums and churches, and everything in between, most of Prague’s attractions charge an admission fee of varying amounts. Here are five attractions that you can enjoy for free or a very reasonable entrance fee.

1. Take a stroll over Prague’s infamous Charles Bridge. The photo opportunities are endless, and it is a lovely way to wile away a couple of hours any time of the day or night. No need to worry about cars, as it’s a pedestrian only bridge, and there’s no charge to cross.

A view of  the Mala Strana from the Charles Bridge…


View of Prague's Mala Strana


You can stop as you stroll over the bridge, and rub the gold figures at the base of the statue for good luck. People line up…


Rubbing the Gold Figures for Luck...Charles Bridge, Prague



2. Watch an artist at work on the way to Prague Castle.


Prague Artist at Work



3. Catch the Changing of the Guard at Prague Castle at noon hour. There is no lack of pomp and ceremony, and the music to go with it. Arrive 10 -15 minutes early if you want to get a spot to capture some great photos. The noon hour change takes about 30 minutes and it’s FREE!


Changing of the Guard, Prague Castle




4. Visit some of the private galleries in the old town. It’s free to browse and you’ll be treated to works of art that are museum quality, and museum prices. You probably won’t be walking home with a painting, but wonderful to browse!


Private Art Gallery in Prague's Old Town


5. Climb a tower, and be mesmerized by the magical Prague views. My favorite is the Old Town Tower in the Old Town Square. For only 105 Czech Krona (approx. $5.50) you can go to the top and gaze out for as long as you like. The viewing area is quite narrow and it does get crowded. The doors open at 9am and if you go first thing you might have twenty or thirty minutes to view and take photos all by yourself. After 9:30am the crowds begin streaming to the top.


Prague's Old Town from the Old Town Tower


Prague Roof Tops from the Old Town Tower


Worth noting…

Prague is often over flowing with people. If you want to avoid some of the crowds, get an early start. Most attractions don’t open until 10am, but some do. The Old Town Tower opens at 9:00am, along with the Prague Castle. I found the hour between 9am and 10am one of the best for taking photos without crowds of people in front of where I was aiming my lens.


This is my third post in my personal challenge this month “A post every second day in August”. If you missed the second post, you’ll find it here… Capture the Color

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  1. Great list! May I also suggest that one shouldn’t forget a walk through Kampa Island at the western end of the Charles Bridge, just before reaching Mala Strana. 🙂

    • Hi Harry, Loved Kampa Island and it deserves a post of its own! 🙂

  2. Great suggestions and beautiful photos! I want to visit Prague so badly but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen yet.

  3. More buildings in U.S. cities should be painted bright yellow. We should have more red-tiled roofs as well. I love all the colors in your photos! Thanks for the recommendations from Prague.

    • Allison…I am with you 100%. I have lived in Korea for almost 12 years and the predominant color is gray…it is so ugly and particularly depressing in the winter!

  4. I love the idea of a pedestrian only bridge. That would be so great with kids! Thanks for linking up today!

  5. Gorgeous pictures!

  6. Great suggestions Nancie. I haven’t been to Prague yet but it’s on the bucket list…one day!

  7. Absolutely beautiful pictures, Nancie! I can’t get over how awesome the architecture is in Prague. I have longed to visit Prague and hopefully we’ll get there soon.

  8. Great tips and photos. The views from Old Town Tower are just wonderful. I agree that Prague is overflowing with people and that morning and night are the best times to experience the “real” city unless you get off the beaten track a bit, which is very easy to do.

  9. I love all the places you mention in this post. Just never had time to go up the Old Town Tower 🙁 Shame on me!

  10. Great suggestions, Nancie. The views from where the artist is and from top of the Old Town Tower must have been fantastic.

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