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I arrived in Chiang Mai a little bleary eyed after wandering the corridors of Bangkok’s airport for 7 hours waiting for my Chiang Mai connection. Let me tell you that airport takes on an entirely new look after 1am. You’ll see mostly prone bodies wrapped up in whatever is available, eyes shrouded from the light. Before we get to the food, here’s one shot that I took from the second floor.

After midnight Suvamabhumi Airport

After midnight Suvamabhumi Airport

Even though sleep eluded me, I applaud the Thai airport authorities for allowing transit passengers to nest in the building overnight. For those who can’t seem to catch any shut eye, like me, there are lots of places selling airport priced coffee and snacks.

Onto the food!!

I’m staying in a new neighborhood this time. Except for the nutty traffic, which is hard to avoid in Chiang Mai, I think I am going to like my new hood. There are lots of locally owned Thai restaurants to choose from. Some of them operate from the sidewalk, while others are nestled into buildings fronting the streets. After wandering for a while, I finally chose  an eatery advertising beef and chicken soup. The signs were displayed in English, so that was welcoming.  I chose the chicken noodle soup, and found a table close to the front, so that I could watch the action. The restaurant seemed to be run by a mother and her daughters. They were all very nice, making me feel welcome with their smiles. Since this was my first time here, I decided not to spook them with the camera.

This is where the cooking magic happens…


Magic happens here!

Magic happens here!


I watched as the cooked moved from pot to pot in her little kingdom. Although everything was already cooked, she really was making each bowl as hungry diners placed their orders. First she dipped into the huge vat of drool inducing broth. Next, were the noodles, the cilantro, the bean sprouts, and finally the chicken. The chicken was so tender it fell off the bone. The soup was served spice free. Condiments are available at the table. I added some chili to mine to give it a little bit of omph! 

Chicken noodle soup worthy of a trip to Chiang Mai!

This soup will make you drool!

This soup will make you drool!

The ladies here were lovely. I think they were a mother and daughters. In Thailand noodles are usually eaten with chop sticks. Instead of shouting at me…CAN YOU USE CHOP STICKS???, they quietly set down a plate with a fork and spoon. It was nice not to be shouted at! 🙂 I was so busy admiring the soup that I didn’t even notice the fork until I was half way through my bowl of chicken and noodle goodness. I have no idea (yet) what is in the broth, but it was so good it was mesmerizing. Truly, I had to stop myself from licking the sides of the bowl! The noodles and the chicken were cooked to perfection. Honestly, this is a bowl of soup that would have patrons of a 5 star Michelon restaurant shouting for more!

The price of this bowl of goodness will set you back a mere 35Baht (about $1.07US/CDN). I can hear all you budget travelers clapping your hands in delight!

This is the sign that made me stop here. I think I know what I am having for breakfast this morning!

Thai Breakfast

Thai Breakfast

How to get there…

It’s a secret! 🙂  No it isn’t, but I didn’t really take good notes yesterday. I need to go back and take some photos of the route, and note the name of the street. I’ll update this section soon…promise!

One last thing…a recipe for Thai Chicken Noodle Soup…

I found quite a few recipes, and I think this one was the closest to what I ate last night, except for the spinach leaves and the chicken in mine was not shredded. If you make it, let me know how it turns out…Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

This is my contribution to Foodie Tuesday, hosted by Marcia at Inside Journeys. 


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  1. I am getting caught up on my blog reading this morning. What a fabulous sounding (and looking) meal that is! Look forward to more reports from Chaing Mai.

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