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Welcome to week 222 (09/04/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. Last week I had readers lusting over Korea’s beautiful spring flowers. Well the flowers are still around, but we are now into that fickle time of the year where the temps go up and down. Right now they are down, way down. Of course there is a remedy for that …let’s go to the beach. Here are some of my favorite Asian beaches, and all with lovely toe warming sand and bathing suit temps!

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Langkawi’s Cenang Beach…

Believe it or not I ended up getting a flight from either Bangkok or KL on Air Asia for a penny! I’m not sure if Air Asia still offers their penny specials, but back in 2009 and 2010 I managed to snag a couple. If Cenang Beach was a person, I would say it has multiple personality disorder. Go to the left and you are on the side with all the normal, everyday holiday folks. The right side of the beach definitely has a well worn feeling. At least I thought so back in 2009. Take a wander to the right and it’s ritzville all the way. There were lots of expensive hotels, and comfy beach chairs stretching for a half mile or so, and not a person in sight. The shot below was on what I dubbed the ritzy side. I love this strange looking tree right smack dab in the middle of the pristine white sand. I was also extremely tempted to hijack one of the comfy beach chairs, but I was too chicken! One of the prettiest Asian beaches I’ve had the pleasure to visit.

Several hours later I managed to catch this awesome sunset…

Langkawi Sunset


Koh Lanta’s Long Beach…

Back in 2007 I got to wriggle my toes in the sand on this beautiful stretch of beach for two glorious weeks. The beach walking and swimming were also some of the best I’ve experienced in Thailand. I even flitted with the idea of getting ‘ship wrecked’ here for a few years!


On the Beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand



Hua Hin, summer home to the Thai royal family is another fantastic beach option, and it is only a couple of hours out of Bangkok by train or bus. You can even catch a bus from the airport, which I’ve taken. The bus was clean, modern, fast, and cheap!


Fun on Hua Hin Beach


Stunning sunrises at Hua Hin Beach, and the added bonus of watching the fisherman at work.


Fisherman, Hua Hin Beach


I’ll never forget beautiful Mabul Island in Malaysia. This is a divers paradise, and I did one of the best snorkeling trips of my life to world famous Sipidan. Even though I am not a diver, I hung out on the island for ten days. I snorkeled and enjoyed the beautiful beaches.




Last but not least, Krabi’s Maya Beach, where Leonardo’s “The Beach” was filmed. All of the snorkeling boats in Krabi make a stop at Maya Beach. I’ve been on this little strip of beach a few times. Sadly, last time I was there someone had started charging about $7US for the honor! It’s still a gorgeous spot and the best vantage point for taking a gorgeous photo is from the boat (at least I think so)!


Maya-Beach, Southern Thailand


Other than Maya Beach I have never been charged to enter an Asian Beach. Beach chairs are almost always available, at very cheap rates.

What gorgeous Asian beaches have you had the pleasure of visiting? Please, tell us in the comments.

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  1. I’ve been lucky enough to have been to all of these beaches … have spent a lot of time in Asia. How I wish I was there now!

  2. Hi Nancie, the virtual sights and feel of these gorgeous beaches brought relief to this my dreary spirit on this cold, damp spring morning. If I get a penny fare deal, I’ll pack up and go, too! I’m only familiar with Maya Beach. With it’s popularity, I’m not surprise that they capitalize on it. Love the photos. Your sunset shot is sublime.

  3. Lovely colors… I love the sunset too…

  4. Alas, I have’t spent any time at all on Asian beaches – the last time we were there we decided to spend four days at Angkor Wat instead of in the islands. It was a good trade, but someday I want to check out some of those beaches! As you can see though, I have spent some time on other beaches – I should have posted the photos of the lifeguard chairs along the beach this week!

  5. Sadly I am yet to find an Asian beach I would rave over, BUT, we did really love our stay in Langkawi when we stayed at Berjaya. I think I will have to check out Mabul Island – it sounds wonderful and I loved your pic.
    Happy travels!

    • Me either, but there seem to be some great ones out there. Just ones I can’t find 🙁

  6. Beautiful photos! I haven’t been to any Asian beaches ….yet. Hopefully someday.

  7. I am a water baby and I just love beaches, boats, and sunsets. I could never pick a favorite amongst this collection, as each one captivated me. Glad I found your link up from one of the other participants.

  8. The colors of that sunset are insane!

  9. These all look so refreshing and beautiful. Your beautiful photos really make one dream of a beach vacation. I wish I was walking along the shores right now. That sunset photo is amazing! We really need to go back to Asia and experience these beaches too.

  10. Oh Nancie, these are spectacular shots. Love the beach wherever it might be. Right now with 96 in Bangkok that beach looks mighty inviting as well!

  11. Awesome photos! I would really like to explore as many South Asian Beaches as possible. Here in California we have beaches but they are very different from what I consider an idyllic beach. I am from Puerto Rico so I miss the white sand and palm trees.

  12. Now >THAT< is a hellaciously nice sunset. Never too late to get shipwrecked there. 🙂

  13. I have been to Bangkok a few times, but never to Thai beaches. Clearly I’m missing out and need to get myself to one!

  14. That photo of Mabul Island is truly fantastic. I can’t believe how clear the water is. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to visit any of the beaches you mentioned. I was a boat’s ride away from Maya Beach, but the choppy seas made my seasickness to horrible to bear. Now that I’m landlocked in Texas, I’m really, really missing living on the water in Penang.

  15. Now those are some festive get-ups! Love the smiles too.


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