10 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World

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Driving abroad: check out these strange driving laws from around the world.

Have you ever wanted to drive around naked? Or perhaps, on the contrary, you dream of a world in which you never had to see another person sitting in their vehicle with no top on? Maybe your dog is always suggesting that you provide them with a seatbelt? Or perhaps you have recently found yourself fuming because a careless driver splattered you with puddle water on a rainy day and you wish that there was some legal outlet for your revenge? No matter what your weird and wonderful (or entirely reasonable) driving tastes and fantasies, there is sure to be a country that caters for them. So sit down, crack open a beer (which you can do at the wheel on one of the countries on this list) and read up on some of the weirdest driving rules in place in the world today. Where are you going to drive to?

10 crazy driving laws around the world! 

With driving laws becoming stricter in the UK, you might be refreshed to hear that some of our laws aren’t the most outright ludicrous. From drinking to nudity, here are some of the craziest driving laws from around the world!

  • In Japan, driving through puddles and splashing pedestrians is worthy of a hefty fine!
    You’re walking to work following the latest rainstorm and the next thing you know it… SPLASH! You’re now soaked. In the UK, the driver’s most probably laughing at your expense, but in Japan, laughing is the last thing they’d be doing!

  • While in Italy, all dogs must wear seat belts.
    Despite our love for pets in the UK, it might seem silly to seat belt a dog in a car… But thinking it over, if 50,000 people in the UK are saved by seat belts each year, then how many dogs are saved in Italy? 

  •  Driving topless in Thailand is illegal.

            In contrast to Germany’s law, Thailand’s are a tad stricter. Although one of the most culture-filled and exciting places on Earth, you’ll probably be surprised that you cannot drive topless!


  • You can fully bare your skin whilst driving in Germany
    Always fancied driving nude? Then head to Germany because all cars are classed as “private spaces”, therefore, it is completely and utterly legal to do s0!

  •  Driving a dirty car in Russia? Fines await!

           Rather shockingly, amongst more pressing issues, you are forbidden to drive a dirty car in Russia unless you’re willing to pay the price. So scrub up,                       maybe even twice and you’ll be free to drive.



  •  In Spain, you must carry an extra pair of glasses.
    Although it’s a legal requirement that you must wear glasses if you need them whilst driving, in Spain, you must have a spare pair for those just-in-case moments. Also, applies to contact lens wearers!


  •  No mid-drive snacks for you in Cyprus
    How many times have you munched on a snack or taken a swig of water whilst driving? If you plan on doing this in Cyprus, it’s very much illegal and you can expect to incur fines if caught.



  •  Riding shotgun whilst drunk in Macedonia? Think again!
    Allowing your drunk mate to sit in the passenger seat might seem like a good idea at the time, but in Macedonia, the law says that it’s a cause for distraction.


  •  Although in Costa Rica, you can drink a can of beer whilst driving!
    Although drunk driving is strictly forbidden in Costa Rica, you can actually drink a can of beer whilst driving! If you do end up over the limit though, then that’s a different story.

  •  In Sweden, your headlights must always be on.
    Whether it’s night or day, in Sweden, you must always be shining brightly when you drive. The reason? Because allegedly it prevents between 5-10% of accidents on the roads. Seems pointless to us!



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  1. I like the German custom of allowing nude driving. It seems so un-German. I always think of them as being very conservative. I wonder if they realize drivers in big rig trucks get a birds eye view through the window?

    • Ha Ha, Joy! You’re absolutely right. There are probably many vehicles these days that could easily be high enough to look in the vehicle. I think this would be especially true if the nude drivers car was low to the ground!

  2. I think a lot of those make sense!

    • I agree with you. Although, I’m not sure how comfortable driving around nude would be.

  3. HaHa! Your opening question of driving around naked had me laughing. Fun post Nancie!

    • Can you imagine? That would be so uncomfortable. The word rash comes to mind 🙂

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