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Fly to Malaga for the best of Southern Spain

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After New Year festivities are well and truly over it’s time to start looking for that late winter/early spring break to get away from the worst of the UK weather. With winter temperatures that rarely fall below 60F, 300 sunshine days a year and just 2 hours 45 minutes flying time from the UK, Malaga ticks all the boxes.



Malaga – 3000 years of history

Although it’s just 80 miles from Africa and part of the Costa-del-Sol, you don’t have to be a sun worshipper to enjoy everything this much-changed city has to offer. The 3,000 years of architectural heritage waiting to be explored around the old city is just the start. Stroll through the winding lanes of the city centre towards the waterfront. Visit the Pablo Picasso Museum. He was born in Malaga, and his museum has over 250 original pieces of art donated by his family. Enjoy a lunchtime snack of fried seafood or tapas at one of the waterfront bars, or impress the natives and sample Malaga’s own Ajo Blanco. It’s a version of Gazpacho, a favourite Andalusian cold soup, and contains a creamy blend of olive oil, garlic and crushed almonds.

Spend time visiting the Kings Palace. This Alcazaba Fortress dates from the 11th century, while the nearby Castillo de Gibralfaro has its roots in the Phoenician period. The Museum of Arts is next to the port, while the Museum of Popular Art and Customs and The Diocesan Museum are close by. Art galleries seem to be springing up everywhere. For the artistically inclined, a stroll through Malaga’s increasingly arty area of Soho, to view the increasing amount of street art springing up, should be on the itinerary.


Tour the coast and countryside

For those who wish to explore the surrounding areas, a range of well organised excursions are available from Malaga. These range from a few hour’s guided tour around the city hotspots, to full day excursions along the coast or countryside or a couple of nights spent away. Leaving your hotel for a set period and returning to enjoy the rest of your break in the city. You can take advantage of a private chauffeur experience with HolidayTaxis. Head off down the west coast if you want to spend a few hours at the famous touristy beach resorts of Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella and Puerto Banus.

On the other hand, if your preferences are visiting more traditionally Spanish areas, then head inland toward the mountains. On the west coast head towards Fuengirola, before turning onto the A-387 towards the beautiful village of Mijas. The whitewashed walls and terracotta tiles of the village cottages are typical of other Spanish villages in the area such as Ojen and Casares.







Blending the old with the new

If you’ve never visited Malaga, or it’s some years since you did, it’s time for a second visit. For the last 10 years Malaga has worked towards embracing its thousands of annual visitors with impressive new art galleries and attractions. A pleasant promenade now spans the waterfront where you can enjoy a little retail therapy in the many new stores. Or chill and relax in the chic, trendy cafes and sample the local cuisine in its traditional bars.

As a year-round tourist destination, Malaga and its beaches fill with families and the young and trendy during the summer months. From autumn through spring the age group rises and Malaga life slows, becoming more relaxed and laid back and turning the city into the ideal destination for that late winter break.

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Alicante Shopping: Shopping to suit you in Alicante

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Having a browse around the shops when you’re away from home is always exciting. Checking out the different brands on offer, and trying to spot a bargain, are just some of the shopping pleasures we all enjoy. A visit to Alicante will not disappoint when it comes to retail therapy. There are plenty of different shops on offer where you can pick up something new to take back home – here are a few of the HolidayTransfer teams’ favourites.

If you like everything under one roof, there are a couple of indoor shopping malls in Alicante to visit. The Plaza Mar 2 is a brand new shopping centre located right in the centre of the city, not far from the beach. It’s the perfect place to find well-known favourites such as H & M, Zara and Mango, and there’s also an enormous supermarket selling all those holiday essentials and more. On the top floor there’s a number of restaurants if you fancy a bite to eat while you’re shopping. There is also The Centrol Commercial Gran Via which has more than 100 shops located over several floors. Fashion, jewellery, toys, sporting goods and perfume are just some of the items on offer. You could easily lose a whole day at this mall so come prepared to stay a while.


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10 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World

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Driving abroad: check out these strange driving laws from around the world.

Have you ever wanted to drive around naked? Or perhaps, on the contrary, you dream of a world in which you never had to see another person sitting in their vehicle with no top on? Maybe your dog is always suggesting that you provide them with a seatbelt? Or perhaps you have recently found yourself fuming because a careless driver splattered you with puddle water on a rainy day and you wish that there was some legal outlet for your revenge? No matter what your weird and wonderful (or entirely reasonable) driving tastes and fantasies, there is sure to be a country that caters for them. So sit down, crack open a beer (which you can do at the wheel on one of the countries on this list) and read up on some of the weirdest driving rules in place in the world today. Where are you going to drive to?

10 crazy driving laws around the world! 

With driving laws becoming stricter in the UK, you might be refreshed to hear that some of our laws aren’t the most outright ludicrous. From drinking to nudity, here are some of the craziest driving laws from around the world!

  • In Japan, driving through puddles and splashing pedestrians is worthy of a hefty fine!
    You’re walking to work following the latest rainstorm and the next thing you know it… SPLASH! You’re now soaked. In the UK, the driver’s most probably laughing at your expense, but in Japan, laughing is the last thing they’d be doing!

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A Couple of Differences Between Asia and Poland

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From Asia to Poland: A Couple of Differences (and a Few Similarities)

Say hi to Agness and Cez – best friends and the creators of eTramping who have been traveling the world since 2011 visiting over 50 countries including mysterious North Korea. Originally hailing from Poland, these two simply love intense and unique travels full of adventures and spontaneous decisions that usually take them to discover places not everyone has a chance to visit. Follow their journeys on Instagram, Pepo, and Facebook to get insider tips and tricks on how to explore the world like pros.


Zagan City

Zagan City

If you follow us on Pepo, you know that recently, we’ve made the move from Asia to Poland, where we’re going to spend a while settling down before we head out on our next big adventure. It’s great being back, and Gdańsk is a brilliant place to be, but we’ve started to notice a lot of differences between the two places. We thought it might be a good idea to let you know. So, without further ado, here are some differences between Asia and Poland (and a couple of similarities).

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How to Protect Yourself from Malaria When Traveling

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How to protect yourself from malaria when traveling:


How to protect yourself against malaria when traveling


Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease that results in severe flu-like symptoms – it can be lethal if not treated properly and promptly. The disease is actually a parasite, which is passed onto humans through the saliva of the mosquito when it bites in order to suck its victim’s blood. The parasites begin their life cycle inside the new host, which can take anything from a few days to two weeks. As the parasites grow and proliferate, the host becomes more and more ill. People can recover from malaria without treatment, but the disease can recur, and there is a high risk of severe complications and even death. Here is how you can avoid contracting malaria while you are traveling.

Protecting yourself from malaria can be reduced to four simple steps:

  • Awareness of malaria, its risks, and prevention methods.
  • Take action to prevent being bitten.
  • Take antimalarial medication.
  • Ensure you receive diagnosis and treatment fast if you suspect you have malaria.
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5 Tips for Maintaining a Weight Loss Regimen While on Vacation

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Planning a vacation is an exhilarating time, especially when it comes to anticipating all the freedom you will enjoy. However, too much freedom may derail certain lifestyle choices you have made, such as if you are trying to lose weight. An extended vacation may be great for the soul but tough on the waistline. However, whether you are following a diet low in carbs or are following one recommended to you by your doctor, there are several ways you can stick to your regimen and enjoy traveling at the same time.

Mahone Bay Churches Low Tide

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