World Wide Photo Walk, Daejeon, Korea October 11, 2014

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World Wide Photo Walk, Daejeon, Korea October 11, 2014

I didn’t have to go far for travel inspiration this week. The World Wide Photo Walk 2014 was literally held in my neighborhood. For anyone who isn’t familiar with this event, it was started  by photographer Scott Kelby,  and is into its seventh year. I think this is the first year that Daejeon was registered, and I was really excited to partake. Photography is a huge part of my travels, and wherever I go I look for photo walks or photo groups where I can meet up with other photographers. It’s a great way to meet people who share the same passion, and these walks and meet-ups are usually free or inexpensive.

We were lucky there was a great charity event going on here in Daejeon, the Daejombie Charity Run, and as photo walkers we were the official photographers. The event is a 5K run in support of a local animal shelter, but there is a big twist. Along the route runners have to dodge zombies! Each runner has 3 lives, and by the end of the run most are “running dead”. There were six zombie zones and I was with the zombies in zone 1.

Of course,  before the race we have the make-up…


World Wide Photo Walk 2014



World Wide Photo Walk 2014


This zombie had a plan…


World Wide Photo Walk 2014

World Wide Photo Walk 2014

World Wide Photo Walk 2014


Can you imagine running into these zombies on a dark street?!


World Wide Photo Walk 2014

World Wide Photo Walk 2014

World Wide Photo Walk 2014


We made it to Zone 1…


World Wide Photo Walk 2014


And the Zombies were up for the chase…


World Wide Photo Walk 2014

World Wide Photo Walk 2014

World Wide Photo Walk 2014


Thirsting for more, the Zombies moved to the finish area to try and “kill” a few more runners before calling it a wrap…


World Wide Photo Walk 2014


One of the younger Zombies waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting runner…




Have you ever participated in a photo walk during your travels, or attended an event hosted by a local photo group?

Linking up to Weekend Travel Inspiration.

If you aren’t zombied out yet, you can find more photos over at Flickr.

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  1. This is fantastic — both the pictures and the event itself. It must have been a lot of fun to witness and photograph. I’m impressed by the very realistic makeup job (although I have not seen actual zombies ever so cannot judge the authenticity). This is the type of 5K that I would actually be interested in doing.

    • This was my first experience with zombies, too. They look real enough to me!

  2. The special effects are realistically gruesome and the event looks like lots of fun in support of a great charity. I’d love to participate!

  3. Wow! What fun!! These are awesome (and totally scary) pictures! I’m not sure I could have run without screaming the whole way, lol. I wasn’t aware of the Photo Walk, but will definitely be looking out for this again next year. What an awesome time!

  4. What a great job with the makeup! That looks so much fun. I love unique ideas for charity and I love the idea of a photowalk. I need to find one near me.

  5. Interesting, and great makeup, but I think I’d pass on this. I can’t even watch The Walking Dead for very long. 🙂

  6. What a fun time! I love all the zombies!!

  7. Wow, crazy gruesome makeup! Did anyone freak out that happened to walk by without knowing what was going on?

    • Actually, there was a big event going on at a larger concert hall just in front of zone 1, where I was. We had a few Koreans freaking out 🙂

  8. Nancie, I participated in the Worldwide Photo Walk as well. Jim and I flew to Riga, Latvia for the weekend for their first ever walk. It was a blast. Thanks for linking up with Weekend Travel Inspiration. I hope you come back every week!

    • Hi Corinne. Now that would have been exciting. I hope the weather cooperated.

  9. I reckon those special effects would have me feeling a bit feak and weeble! But it looks like a pretty fun event – maybe smelling salts would do it for me 😉

    • HaHa Johanna…the zombies were pretty tame, all things considered 🙂

  10. Awesome make-up work on the zombies! I haven’t taken a photo walk on a trip but this sure looks like fun.

    • Hi Sue. Yes, the makeup artists did excellent work.

  11. I did a photo walk in Toronto last year as part of TBEX and really enjoyed it – though I think the number of participants was on the high side. You got some great shots.

    • Thanks, Leigh. Yes, sometimes there are a few too many people. That’s when you really have to spread out.

  12. walking, running, photographing, and zombies all rolled up into one mix–looks like big-time fun!

    • HaHa Carole…We had a little bit of everything in the mix!

  13. I’ve never participated in a photo walk but I definitely want to after reading your post. I love the zombie make up. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

    • Photo walks really are fun, and this was definitely the most one I have ever participated in.

  14. What a fun twist to a charity run. Those zombies were downright creepy. Fantastic makeup jobs.

    • Makeup students from one of the local universities did the makeup. They were good.

  15. Great post. The pictures are amazing, olso the sory. Thnak you for sharing this underful article with us.

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