Wanderfood Wednesday — Sampling a Local Bejing Dish

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Here we are for another week of Wanderfood Wednesday kindly hosted by Wanderlust and Lipstick.

Growing up in Nova Scotia I had always wanted to try Peking Duck. At home I could order duck in some Chinese restaurants, but of course the order had to go in well in advance. That never interested me. Perhaps what I wanted more than the duck was the experience of eating the duck in its homeland, China. That was always what intrigued me.

The evening that I set out for the Donghuamen Night Market (Beijing Snack Attack) it was in the back of my mind that I might be on a mission to satisfy my duck craving. I discovered this restaurant, Da Wan Ju, behind the street vendors, and after checking out the menu I decided it was now or never. There were two reasons that I chose this restaurant. The English menu did a great job of presenting the duck, and the staff person at the door to this crowded eatery was friendly. I can’t tell you how many times I walked out of restaurants in China because the staff were afraid of, or wanted nothing to do with a foreigner. Thankfully, this was not the case here.

Beijing Duck Restaurant

I caused a bit of a stir when I walked in. Here I was, a foreigner, a woman, and eating alone. I made eye contact and smiled at a few of the diners as I was lead to my table. Smiles were returned. Now it was time to enjoy the menu and make my selection.


The waitress spoke a bit of English, and as you can see the menu was also in English. I finally decided on the “Choice Roasted Duck” at 98 Yuan (approx. $15.00US). The Imperial Style was the same duck, but with many more side dishes. This would be an excellent choice for two or more diners.

I didn’t have long to wait. Within fifteen minutes of ordering my Beijing Duck with all the necessary condiments was sitting at my table for my dining pleasure.

Beijing Duck

Condiments included chili sauce, and oyster sauce, along with the sliced veggies and rice wrappers.

Beijing Duck

I was ready for my FIRST bite. Two words…………..ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. The duck was moist and flavorful. The vegetables and condiments were perfect complements.

This was a meal worth savoring, and I totally took my time.

No, I didn’t eat all of the duck. I was hungry, but not that hungry. I ate until I was pleasantly full. This is a great meal to share, but if you do dine alone make sure you are hungry, and take your time. Da Wan Ju is a great choice for a Beijing duck eating experience.

Beijing Duck

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  1. As you probably have seen, I love food shots. great photos

    • Thanks Frank. I love eating my way around the world (or at least Asia) and taking the photos to prove it!

  2. I love those duck dishes!

    So did you take the rest of the duck home? It’s a dish I have never tried though I was always intrigued by the rows of cooked ducks hanging in the windows in Toronto’s Chinatown.

    • I loved the dishes too. No, I left what I didn’t eat. When I was in Beijing the temps were well over 35 cel. everyday. It would have been too easy to end up with food poisoning.

    • Hi Az. No, I didn’t take the leftovers home. It was 35+ when I was in Beijing, so I decided that was a sure way to food poisoning.

  3. My kind of food, definitely. Mouthwatering pictures too.

  4. My kibd of food, definitely. Mouthwatering pictures too.

  5. Tweeted! Found you on LinkedIn.

  6. How wonderful it is to combine a love of travel and food. Your beautifully illustrated post is most inspiring!

  7. yum !

  8. Nancie,
    This looks pretty darn yummy, especially that last picture. The duck plates are pretty cool, as well.

    • It was sooooooo good. I loved the plates too. Would have love to have bought some, but no where to pack them.

  9. here’s what you do to me: every time, i want to GO where you are and eat with you. what inspiration!

    • Jessie, you are always welcome at my table. Hopefully, out paths will cross one of these days, and we can plan a great meal together.

  10. Peking Duck – noom noom! Great photos!

    • Sophie….My mouth waters when I look at these photos. I think I’d go back to Beijing just for the duck.

  11. I love roasted duck and the one in your picture looks so good! I haven’t been in China yet, and would love to try the dish right there one day.

    • Hi Dina………….you won’t be disappointed. I dined alone, and waddled away like a duck! It’s really a great share with someone.

  12. Great pictures, looks delicious


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