Wanderfood Wednesday — My Favorite Korean Street Food

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Here we are for another week of Wanderfood Wednesday kindly hosted by Wanderlust and Lipstick.

Although I have lived and wandered throughout Asia for the past 10 years (well almost), I still marvel at the variety of street food that is available here. I don’t think I can go a block in any direction here in Daejeon and not run into a food stall. After getting over my initial apprehensions (will I get food poisoning?), I have no qualms about eating from the street vendors. My acid test is “does the cart look clean?”, “are there other customers?” If I can answer yes to both of those, then I’m happy to tuck into a little “bit of heaven”.

I have quite a few favorites, but my number one has to be the EGG SANDWICHEE (LONG EE). Just thinking of one makes me drool. These photos were taken back in 2006. I remember the day well. The rain was coming down in buckets, and I came up from the underground shopping mall to find this lady selling the most delicious egg sandwichees I have ever eaten.

The egg is prepared ahead of time, and looks like a mini omelet. Sometimes there will be onion and peppers mixed with the egg, but this vendor used only egg. Regardless, they all have a very unique taste, which has probably nothing to do with the eggs. The secret is the sugar that is sprinkled on top of the egg and then the sandwichee is browned on the grill. Then, of course, there is the addition of the obligatory mayo or ketchup. I always ask for “chokim”. That means “a little”. When you bite into the sandwichee you get this burst of pure sweetness.

Depending on the vendor you’ll pay between 1.50 and 2.00 for one. They are a great breakfast or lunch for any budget traveler.

Time to clean the drool off of the keyboard!

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  1. Have heard great things about Korean street eats; and what could be more satisfying than an egg sandwich?

  2. Hi Beth. Yes, you would never go hungry here in Korea 🙂

  3. OMG, Nancie, that looks amazing! The paper cups even have a certain charm. Isn't it weird how well we remember favorite “food” moments? I need to wear a bib next time I read these posts to protect my keyboard 🙂

  4. Hi Margo! Doesn't it though! We need bibs that say “Wanderfood Wednesday” 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness! I didn't know what I was clicking into, checking this on my early Sunday morning. I want one! What a charming memory. I love the rain. Makes it so easy to wander into something cozy.

  6. Hi Abby…………Thanks for commenting. Always nice to find comfort food when it's raining. An added bonus when it's my favorite!

  7. Beautiful post; you definitely had me drooling!

  8. @Sara………They look as awesome as they taste.

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