Wanderfood Wednesday, May 11, 2011 – Chugging along on a Korean Wine Train

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I am reposting this to the Foodie Tuesday link-up hosted by Inside Journeys (March 18, 2014).

Here we are for another week of Wanderfood Wednesday, kindly hosted by Wanderlust and Lipstick.

A couple of Saturday’s ago I was up and out of the house at the ungodly hour of 6am. WHY? I was off to catch the KTX (fast train to Seoul) to meet up with friends and spend the day sampling Korean wine on the KOREAN WINE TOUR. Initially, I had hoped to board the train in Daejeon, but that turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. Plus, I discovered that if I got on in Daejeon I would miss the wine tasting. Wasn’t that a big part of the reason for this adventure?

Heading down to the train platform at just before 9am, it was impossible to miss which car we belonged on…

Traveling south to Chungcheong Province, our first stop was the city of Suwon, where we picked up more wine tasters, and the wine tasting began. Between Suwon and Daejeon we tasted four different wines… a white, a red, Beaujolaio Neauvou (not my spelling) and a sweet wine. Number 2, the red, was our favorite.

Miss Sour Puss, our server, never smiled once during the entire wine tasting…

Playing games for bottles of wine…(sadly my group did not wine…sniff.)

We arrived at the wine growing area around 11:30 am, and it was time to eat. We were treated to a huge buffet of Korean, Chinese, and Western food. Of course, wine was available; as much as you could drink. We tried all 3… a white, a rose, and a bokbunja blackberry. All three were pretty rough around the edges. We definitely ate more than we drank. (For some weird reason I have no photos of lunch; sorry.)

After lunch we moved into another building where we were treated to a wine foot bath. Soap making was also included on the itinerary, but that never happened. The wine foot bath was definitely a novel experience. Thankfully, we weren’t left with wine stained feet and legs!

Then again, wine stained legs would have matched my wine tasting socks…(ewww…ugly socks!)

Then it was off to the wine cellar to view the barrels, and the store to (not) buy some Korean wine 🙂

Some wine to take home, maybe… (NO!) Retail prices range from $18 – $25US…OUCH!

Back on the train, and off we went to the Nangye Museum of Traditional Music in the small town of Yeongdong. We were treated to a live concert of traditional Korean music. Then, we had the opportunity to play the instruments (I won’t be quitting my day job!)

Late in the afternoon it was time to get back on the train one final time and head back to Daejeon and Seoul. There was more wine to sip, and snacks to munch on.

Overall, my friends and I thought the tour was good value for the money. There were a couple of things that could be improved upon:

–The wine tasting was a little fast. We thought it would have been nice to have had more time between each wine selection.

— The organizer should not include things on the itinerary that are not going to happen; ie. the soap making, and a demo of the wine making process.

— Overall the staff were good. However, this tour is marketed to the English speaking community, and the level of English among some of the staff was questionable. At $100.00US per person, all of the staff should have good English skills.

We were happy with the tour, and if you’re coming to Seoul you can find out about the latest wine tour on Facebook. There seems to be one every week or two. The tour is best with a group of friends. As far as the wine goes, well… I wouldn’t be running to the store to buy any. However, the industry is in its infancy here, so hopefully as it matures the wine will improve.

Wine Tour on Facebook

From the train…

Nangye Museum of Traditional Instruments Museum

(My camera “died” during the tour, so these shots are a mixture of mine and a friends, who kindly gave me permission to use them for the blog post.)

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  1. Oh, cool! I’ve never even heard of the wine train. Is it a regular thing?

    • They’ve been offering it for a few weeks now. If you check the facebook link in the post, you’ll see the info. on the latest. I think you can sign up to receive updates.

  2. Wine tasting before noon? Some hearty people!

  3. Beth, I was a little skeptical at first, but the servers kept things under control.

  4. That sounds (and looks) like so much fun. I think they should definitely do something similar in Spain.

    • Spain would be the perfect spot for a wine train. I would come over!

      • You’re absolutely right. Spain is the mother of all wine and a wine train can increase it’s wine tourist incredibly.

  5. A great overview of this tour. What better combination is there than wine, food and travel?

    • Your so right. We had a really nice day.

  6. Even though the quality of the wine was not spectacular, the Koreans sure came up with a great idea to promote their brands :)) I’m sure you had a great time!

    • Your right about that Adrian!

      • Opps……………you’re

  7. What a great outing. I love trains. I love wine. Put the two together and it would be perfect. Great post, Nancie, I had no idea this existed!

  8. Too bad the wine wasn’t good but the car looks great. I’m sure the company made up for it. I’m sure the wines will get better.
    That wine foot bath made me think of that Lucy episode where they stomped grapes.

    Thanks for linking up this week, Nancie!

  9. Love the wine-soaked legs picture! Are Korean wines exported?

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