Wanderfood Wednesday — A Taste of Nova Scotia in Korea

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Here we are for another week of Wanderfood Wednesday kindly hosted by Wanderlust and Lipstick.

I think most of us crave foods from home when we are traveling or living in another country. One of mine was satisfied recently…………………………


Last week I was at the Costco here in Daejeon, and I saw that they had a fairly large seafood display set-up. What I could see from a distance were large crabs. I like crab, but unless it’s the king crab legs, not worth the cost (in my opinion). However, I could see something else that I knew was not crab, and I thought I knew what it was. I got to the display, and I almost did a jig (we do like to do that from time to time in Nova Scotia). They had LOBSTER, and not just any lobster but NOVA SCOTIA LOBSTER. I really hope that I didn’t drool on the display glass. I went lobster shopping. They had 3 sizes…..all with different claw bands. Of course, I was looking for a good size. Not necessarily the biggest, but not the smallest. Next was the price. I held my breath, but was VERY pleasantly surprised……………only 15,0000 (about 16.00U.S). The lobster lady wrapped it up nicely and I was on my way.


Now, the further I got away from lobster heaven the more I got to thinking “Why did I only buy ONE?”. It was so cheap. I have paid more for a lobster in Nova Scotia. Of course I went back and chose another. For about $30.00 I had the makings of a nice little feed of lobster.

I decided to have them the next day. I had to plan the rest of the fixings. Now, I am one of those people that really just likes lobster with my lobster. However, I decided to buy some butter and a French baguette. That was it, All I was really interested in was Mr. and Ms. Lobster.

I WAS NOT disappointed. The lobster meat was moist and flavorful. There was no guessing that I was eating REAL NOVA SCOTIA LOBSTER. I savored each and every morsel. I let the juice run down my arms.


The one surprise was all of the roe in their tails. They were full of roe (which is very tasty). I talked to my dad the next day, and told him about my little feast and asked him about the roe. He was VERY SURPRISED. Apparently, the lobsters with the roe have to be thrown back. Looks like instead of doing that the fisherman are sending them off to Korea. I am sure the Koreans would consider the roe a delicacy.

Roe or no roe, my lobster were OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS!!!


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  1. If these lobsters taste half as good as your description then I want one, you make them sound delicious.

    • Thanks Ryan. I think they were ever better than my description.

  2. Great post! Glad you were able to find a little bit of home in Asia. Thank you for sharing.

    • A touch of home can always brighten my day. It was also Thanksgiving week, so that made it even better.

  3. i love lobster and looking at them makes me to want some right now

    • I’m with you Zablon. Just looking at these photos makes me want to run out an buy some more. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t mind having some more myself……:)

  4. ABsolutely gorgeous… so I subscribed! Thank you – surprised you missed my most recent post on a lesson from a friend while in Bosna this summer! Now, what are you doing in Korea! I will have to read more on your about page to figure that out. I had Korean Teachers stay with us two years in a row for a month each time… two teachers each time. It was an incredible learning experience. Glad to connect with you. I know I am going to learn a lot!

    • Hi Valerie…………Thanks for lovely compliments. Right now I teach in Korea 30 weeks a year and travel the other 20 weeks. That’s been my lifestyle for a while now, and it suits me perfectly.

  5. How exciting!!! I LOVE finding things like this on my travels. That little taste of home. You prepared yours beautifully! 🙂

    • Hi Krista,

      Yes, finding something that brings just a little added pleasure when traveling is such a bonus.

    • Hi Krista,

      Agree, it’s these kinds of finds that makes traveling and living in another country so great.

  6. Gorgeous photos, and now you’ve got me craving lobster. They mostly sell clawless rock lobster here, but occasionally they have “bogavantes” from Canada. I’m another one that likes lobster with my lobster…

    • I know I’m biased, but I think Canadian lobster are the best and there is so much meat in the claws.

  7. Looks wonderfully appetising! What a lucky find, and how beautifully you’ve photographed it, Nancie.
    Chile has excellent seafood, but I do miss the giant king prawns we’re used to back in Australia…

    • Thanks Andrew! I love king prawn as well. Looking forward to having some this winter when I traveling in SEA.

  8. I don’t like lobster – I know, people cannot believe this – but I know it must have been exciting to find lobster from your part of the world all the way across the world. The photos are beautiful!

    • Sabina I like having you at a lobster feed, I can eat yours too………….haha. Thanks for your kind comments on my photos.


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