Vancouver: Down on the Farm

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This week we are down on the farm in Vancouver. Welcome to week 289  (8/4/2016) of Travel Photo Thursday. I’ve arrived home in Halifax, and thoroughly enjoying my time with my Dad. However, he is not connected at all, so that means that my Internet time is severely limited. I have managed to get a cheap sim card for messaging, and 1G of data for emergencies (and you know how long that will last). Thankfully, my favorite cafe is still in business, and they have excellent wifi. If I don’t get around to everyone, don’t despair. I definitely will, but it may take a bit of tine. Okay, here we are , down on the farm in photos.

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My friends moved to what I guess you could call the fringe of Vancouver, last year. Although, still not far from anything, it’s definitely more rural than many parts of Vancouver. Until I arrived, I hadn’t realized that their new rural home included a farmyard complete with chickens, rabbits, lamas (THREE), and the newest arrivals being two sheep.

Into the Barnyard…

Following the food…. The goat’s name is Phoebe and she is a real love bug. Anytime she sees a human she comes running, hoping for a rub!


Vancouver: Down on the Farm

The sheep follow the lamas everywhere. This is Cookie (I think), and she is supposedly with child, and the young’in could “pop-out” any time now.


Vancouver: Down on the Farm


The chickens and roosters grab a piece of food, and run!


Vancouver: Down on the Farm


This was the best shot I got of the three lamas and the sheep together. Phoebe was not in sight. The sheep are Bubblegum and Sprinkles. The white lama is Madonna, the small brown one is Cocoa, and Cookie is ready to have a baby (white and dark brown).

Vancouver: Down on the Farm


Madonna  and Cookie doing nice poses for me.

Vancouver: Down on the Farm



Vancouver: Down on the Farm


Bubblegum and Sprinkles are never far away from the lamas.


Vancouver: Down on the Farm


Beautiful mountains in the background.


Vancouver: Down on the Farm


There is a dyke just to the right of the property, which is a recreational area.  I managed to catch a bit of the sunset with my Iphone. (The big camera’s battery had died).

Vancouver: Down on the Farm


The eggs from the chickens taste fantastic, and the chickens produce enough eggs for family consumption, and some to sell. Two pigs were raised and slaughtered last spring. I was lucky enough to feast on some of the fantastic bacon and pork chops! The sheep will be bred and their ewes sold.

I hope you enjoyed being down on the farm in Vancouver. I loved my time there! Have you ever stayed on a farm (big or small)? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Interesting to have such a rural property on the fringe of Vancouver. Although I lived in town, I grew up inf a farming community. My father was a farmer (grain only, no animals although he’d raised pigs before I was born.) I remember looking after chicken for family friends one summer while they went on vacation. Collecting the eggs each day was smelly and messy! No one in the area had llamas.

  2. Love the pic with the bench…

  3. Okay, is this Sue’s place? I love the setting and all the critters. Can’t recall being on such a farm in recent years although we are in an agricultural setting in Greece where the cows graze in the olive groves and it isn’t unusual to see a goat herd moving from hill to valley at season’s change.

    • Hi Jackie! Yes, this is Sue’s place. They’ve been there about a year.

  4. They are all cute! Living in the suburbs, we would love to stay someplace like this. Love their names too.

  5. Such farm life scenes are a source of joy for me. In this city all I get to see is traffic jam! 🙁
    Happy #TPT!
    Thank you for hosting. 🙂

  6. What a sweet post! This is what I call a friendly pack. I see that llamas are getting popular. I see a lot of them in farms when I drive outside the city. The animal names are so cool!

  7. I never saw the rural part of Vancouver! Lamas are adorable – now I wanna visit there!!

  8. I’ve stayed at my friends sheep and cattle farm in N.Z. called Gumtree Farmstay and my Nanna had a free-range milking goat farm with chickens and ducks. We lived on a sheep farm in Devon, U.K. for 3 months and we’ve house sat in Port Douglas, Australia where we looked after horses. I quite like the laid back country life. 🙂 Your farm stay must have been a little surreal after Seoul!

  9. The green city of Vancouver – I have been visiting 30 (!) years ago and was very impressed of the beautiful setting. After that I dreamed of immigrating to Canada for many years and my following three kids got all English names 😉

  10. The animals are adorable. I love farms. I lived on a dairy farm when I was young. We had lots of cows, some pigs, geese and chickens. I loved the rural way of life and I have many pleasant memories from living here.

  11. It looks idyllic and I love the many photos of the animals as well as your description of their personalities. I think it would be fun to try living on a farm and it sounds like rural life is kind of a lovely change for you as well as spending time with your father. Looks like you are having a terrific time on your vacation!

  12. Ahh, love the rural life! Those lamas are so stately, they could be ready to walk the lama runway.
    Almost every household in Jamaica has pigs, chickens, goats (we probably have more goats per capita than any country!), maybe a cow or two. They provide enough to feed the family and sometimes, to sell or trade with the neighbors. Mine was no exception. We also had horses when I was younger. Surprisingly enough, though, we didn’t grow tomatoes or carrots, but we had mint, orange, grapefruit, lime, mango, pepper, banana, and ackee trees, and sugar cane. Everything was always fresh and during mango season, each morning we’d wake up to mangoes under the trees.

  13. Halifax is somewhere I have been meaning to visit, I hope you are enjoying the trip! My husband loves Vancouver but I had no idea it has such rural areas. I love your photos!

  14. I love your photo of the farm and that rooster is so colourful!

  15. Some great photos of the farm. It must be so nice getting fresh eggs to eat every day

  16. How lovely to have a farmstay at a place where you are actually friends with the owners. Somehow, I never thought of llamas as farm animals. And come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever stayed on a farm.

  17. were the lamas well behaved? I have found some will spit and bite while others just want o follow you and be friends.

  18. It is so weird where you find LLamas…I mean you automatically assume Peru but then you find them here in New Orleans or in Vancouver! I know a person who has them here in New Orleans, and they are mean little monsters!
    I hope yours are more tame. How far out of Vancouver are you?

  19. Hi, Eric!

    I don’t live in Vancouver. I was visiting friends who have a hobby farm in the Maple Ridge area. One of the llamas was a 4-H project. These guys aren’t nasty, or at least not when I was there! 🙂

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