Travel Photo Thursday — September 5th, 2013 — Postcard Perfect Travel Sunsets

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. September, changes and new beginnings are everywhere. The weather and the temperature are agreeable again. Classes have started; new students, new lessons. This week I read the statement “September is my January.” I agree! I am busy making plans for lessons, for travel here in Korea and abroad, books I want to read, courses I want to take. With so much going on, I haven’t had much time to think about Travel Photo Thursday. I’ll share with you today some favorite sunset shots from my travels. They make me smile, and give reason for planning that next trip, whether near or far.

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Sunset at the pier in Hua Hin, where I spent last Christmas and New Years. Travel planning and thinking has started for this year’s holiday destination, and where to chill out this winter.

Sunset at the Hua Hin Pier


Yangtze River Sunset, China

Yangtze River Sunset, China


Sunset over the Danube, Budapest

Sunset on the Danube, Budapest


Daecheon Beach, South Korea

Sunset, Daecheon Beach, Korea...November 2012


Sunset on the Nile, Egypt 2004

Sunset on the Nile, Egype 2004


A sunset from home…The Dingle, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dingle Sunset, Halifax, Nova Scotia


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  1. These are some beautiful and inspiring sunsets around the world. You’ve certainly seen some spectacular ones. My favorites are the ones over the Nile and Budapest. Just gorgeous! Glad things are cooling for you. Totally agree that September is the beginning of so many things.

    • Hi Mary, Yes, there are. I don’t think I have ever seen a “bad” one :)Loving September!

  2. Hi Nancie, thanks for making me smile. Those sunset shots are beautiful. Sunset is one of my most favorite things – the best free show on earth. Isn’t it wonderful to see it in different parts of the world? Looking forward to see where you will shoot it next.
    Glad to hear that you’re finally having a more comfortable weather. Love the statement “September is my January.” It’s good to know that you’re busy planning something else other than Travel Photo Thursday. Looking forward to your post of those something else’s:)

    • Hi Marisol, Thank you! I never tire of sunset shots, and when I’m traveling, I often spend time planning those next sunset shots!

  3. My first thought when I look at your sunset photos – which are all beautiful – is what a fantastic number of interesting places you have traveled to. I am very curious as to where the winter holiday will end up being.
    And a 141 #TPThursday posts – that’s fantastic.

    • Hi Leigh! We have both been so lucky for all the traveling we’ve done over the years, and have been able to record it through our photography. Portugal is currently on the top of the list. Buying the ticket and booking an apartment will or won’t happen depending on a couple of things that are happening here at the moment. Hopefully, things will fall into place by the end of next week.

  4. Wow, these were incredible Nancie! The Yangtze and Korea sunsets were my favorites. That was a cool post showing some from all around the world! 🙂

  5. The Yangtse River Sunset is my favourite today, although I am a sucker for a sunset at any time. But this one is gorgeous and mesmeric 🙂

  6. Great collection! The one with the Yangtse bridge is a perfect postcard shot (^_^)

  7. I’ve often pondered whether I love sunrise or sunset better and with this post, you’ve got me thinking that maybe sunset wins. It is a magical time of day, isn’t it?

    • Hi Jackie! Definitely a magical time of the day, and the bonus is that you don’t have to set the alarm clock! 🙂

  8. loved all your sunsets Nancy and my favorite was the south Korea one with the sharp image of sunset and clouds

    • Thanks, Noel. The clouds and the light were perfect that day.

  9. I especially like the sunrays coming down over the water next to Daecheon Beach and the coolness of the sky over Nova Scotia. I look forward to more excellent photos from wherever you head off to next.

    • Hi Michele, It’s always amazing to me how each sunset can be so different and so beautiful in its own way. Portugal is high on the list for this winter!

  10. Gorgeous photos! Makes me wish I had been there for each one!

  11. You’ve got a beautiful collection of sunset shots, Nancie. Looking at them makes me feel serene and also makes me think of the sunsets I’ve seen on my trips. Beautiful!

  12. It’s amazing that no matter how many sunset pics I see, they’re all different and yours are quite beautiful. The sunset over the Danube really brings back memories of my stay in Budapest in March. I fell in love with that city.

  13. These are all very beautiful, Nancie. All the best for the new semester..

  14. I’m with you, Nancie – September always feels more like the beginning of the year than January. A great time for fresh starts. Hope all your plans and dreams for the “new” year come true!

  15. I love a good sunset, and these are glorious

  16. Great sunset photos – especially the ones in China!

  17. Beautiful sunsets, Nancie! I really like the North Korea and Nova Scotia sunsets.


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