Travel Photo Thursday — September 5th, 2012 — Capture the Seasons

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. Where did the summer go? The semester started this week, so I’ve been busy meeting and greeting students, and preparing for classes. Hardly a moment to think about Travel Photo Thursday! I was nominated by Leigh from HikeBikeTravel to participate in the latest contest making the rounds. Thanks for the tap Leigh!

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Spring…Rural Korea

Spring is one of the nicest seasons here in Korea. The gray winter palette is slowly replaced with beautiful color. In this shot rural Korea is just beginning to “wake-up”

Rural Korea Springtime



This was a tough one, but I finally decided to go with a shot I took last summer in my home province of Nova Scotia. Living on the North Atlantic means yearning for summer most of the year. We make the most of what summer we do get, and Nova Scotia isn’t called “Canada’s Ocean Playground” for nothing.

Hirtles Beach, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Where are all the people? Beautiful empty beaches are not that uncommon. Great for those who love long walks, and for the very brave a dip into the cold North Atlantic is definitely refreshing!


Autumn/Fall…Seoul Forest

The autumn is also a lovely time to be in Korea. The temperatures are pleasant and the energy draining humidity of summer is just a memory. Although Korea does not have the dramatic color changes that I am used to, the leaves do change. The color changes make for a very picturesque time of year.

Seoul Forest


Winter…On Hua Hin Beach, Thailand

Since leaving Canada my winters have generally been spent in warmer climes, or at least part of them. This might not be everyone’s idea of winter, but I love it!

Kites and Kids on Hua Hin Beach


I invite the following bloggers to join the #CaptureTheSeasons photo contest.


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This is my entry in‘s “Capture the Season”.

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  1. You’ve captured the colors of the seasons beautifully, Nancie! I love that Fall picture and who wouldn’t want to enjoy winter in exotic and warm Thailand. Thanks for the nomination! Good luck with the upcoming school year!

    • Thanks, Mary. Yes, I never miss the snow when I’m on the beach. Hua Hin is even decked out for the season with Christmas trees, and santa 🙂

  2. I love Fall, so exciting and with school starting again (even when I’m not in school), I always find that it signifies change and new beginnings. Love the colours in your Fall photo.

    • Laurel…fall always feels like a new beginning. That photo is one of my favorites.

  3. Korea’s fall colours are so beautiful and for me, this is my favourite photo. I’m not sure why but I was surprised that the colours were so vivid in Korea- I initially thought the photo might be taken in Canada! Do you miss Xmas in the snow?

    • Jenny, I never miss snow!!

  4. Korea’s fall colours were an unexpected delight for me too. I live in North Queensland and our winters are nice and warm. I have not heard of the Capture the Season competition. I look forward to watching the seasons change.

    • Jan, Korea does get cold, and there is snow. At least where I live, it is much less than in Canada.

  5. I have only experienced the seasons once: When I lived in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco (study abroad in Ifrane). It was pretty and different…but the cold got old kind of quickly 😛 I was spoiled with the eternal summers of Puerto Rico growing up!

    My favorite shots are the last 2. Love the fall colors of the leaves and the moment/angle of the beach kite is perfect

    – Maria Alexandra

  6. Missing the change of seasons was an adjustment after moving to tropical Malaysia. That Spring photo is my favorite.

    • Korea has 4 seasons, but I have to say different in many ways to Canada. The summers are stinking hot and the humidity is beyond belief. The winter (which thankfully I miss most of it) is very cold, some now and dull and gray (ugly). Spring and fall are nice times to be here. Those two seasons last for about two months each (if we are lucky). I love being in SEA during Korea’s winter and summer (or anywhere else for that matter!)

  7. Beautiful images from your travels, Nancie. I just love the style of traditional Korean roofs, and those autumn colours are so lush in the second last one. And then there are the beach shots. I can’t resist those, either!

  8. Your fall shot is my favourite and for whatever reason I hadn’t thought of Korea having any colour at all. It’s hard to believe your bottom shot is winter. Give me another two months and I’m going to wish I was there. Thanks for taking on the photo challenge.

    • You’re welcome. It was fun.

  9. Autumn is my fave season. Love your autumn shot, but can’t get over your image of winter 🙂

  10. Love your season captures. That’s definitely my kind of winter!

  11. Love your fall pictures! Too bad we only have 2 seasons here in the Philippines. I especially loved spring in Europe.

  12. Growing up in a cold climate, I love summer 🙂 All your photos look great. My favorite is Seoul Forest photo.

  13. Lovely autumn colors and beautiful reflection! (^_^)

  14. Great photos all, but like the others noted, there is something about those fall colors that made that photo pop!

  15. How fitting! I was just thinking about how we really don’t have that many seasons here in West Texas since the summer is really long and winter looks more like fall in most places. Love your spring picture! And your idea of winter sounds pretty much ideal to me 🙂 Thanks for nominating me to participate!

  16. Even though I love summer so much, I am always drawn to Fall shots more. Maybe the colors, not sure, but I love this one. Great shots!

  17. Love the Autumn shot!

  18. I love the reflection of the leaves in the fall photo, and I would definitely love to live someplace I could go to the beach in winter!

  19. Beautiful pictures, Nancie! I love the fall photo with the reflection in the water. I certainly wouldn’t complain to spending winter in a warm locale. I’m not fond of snow and I’m thinking a location further South here in the states would be nice. Although my kids would be disappointed since they’ve discovered that they are rather fond of skiing.

  20. I LOVE your Fall photo – the colors are gorgeous. Hope your school year starts off well!

  21. Gorgeous pictures, Nancie! Your summer beach shot is probably my favorite – I didn’t know you were from Nova Scotia! It’s such a beautiful place and that picture really does say summer.

    • Hi Cindy…Yes, born and raised in Nova Scotia. It doesn’t matter where in the world I am, NS will always be home. Hirtle’s beach is gorgeous. My grandmother was a Hirtle from this area. I imagine at some point in history this beach was probably owned by my relatives.

  22. These are great photos, Nancie. I can just about smell the crisp Autumn air. I love the winter pic because it is so different.

  23. I love the Autumn shot.
    It’s actually my favorite, (maybe because I love fall).
    Anyway, thanks for sharing these photos it’s beautiful!

    • Thank you Melly. The park was beautiful that day.

  24. We have just published a highlights post featuring the best pics so far, check it out here

    • Thank you so much for featuring my photo.

  25. Beautiful photos! I particularly love your autumn image, just stunning. I love that your winter image is one of a beach!


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