Travel Photo Thursday — September 27, 2012 — Andong’s Annual Mask Dance Festival, Andong Korea — A Preview

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday. Korea is getting ready to pretty much shut down for the next week to celebrate Chuseok. This is the biggest holiday of the year here; the equivalent of Canadian or American Thanksgiving. Everyone travels home, graves are cleaned and ancestors are worshipped. The price of airline tickets also goes through the roof, so I won’t be traveling out of country despite having a week off. However, I will be heading off to Seoul to celebrate a friend’s birthday and to catch the Broadway musical Wicked.  Then, next weekend I am off to Andong’s International Mask Dance Festival. This will be the third time that I have attended, and I never tire of watching dance performances from the around the world. Today’s photos are from the last time I was at the Andong Festival in 2010.


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A Mask Collage…I put this collage together from a group of photos that I took of masks made by people who attended the festival.


Mask Collage -- Andong Mask Festival


Masked Dancers


Andong Mask Festival 2010, Dress Rehearsal



Admission to the festival is free, and this year it runs from September 27 to October 7th. You can find out more at the official website …Andong Mask Festival .


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  1. Have a great week off, Nancie. I loved Wicked. It’s such a wonderful musical. Those masks are so interesting and colorful. It sounds like an awesome event to witness. I just went to their website and I would love to attend a Mask Dance. It sounds like a fun-filled week for you.

    • Thanks Mary! I’m looking forward to the next two weekends, and being off for the next week!

  2. I love the mask collage Nancie, It must be fun to see all the different masks and dances from different countries. Have a great time in Seoul.

    • Jenny, this is my third time to the mask dance festival. It is definitely my favorite Korean festival.

  3. Both of your upcoming trips sound great. . .don’t you love it when you don’t need to fly somewhere to do the most wonderful things?

    • Yes, Jackie! Flying can be such a pain in the butt these days. It can be great to travel by train and bus. No searching, so much more relaxing.

  4. Wow, look at those masks!
    I also like the idea of a holiday that honors the ancestors.
    Wishing you lots of fun on your trips, Nancie!

    • Thank you! I will for sure.

  5. That’s quite a diverse assortment of masks. That;s not something I’ve seen used very often in Canada – or maybe I just don’t get out enough. Enjoy your week off. I

    • I will indeed. I have never seen many masks in Canada either. Very big here in Korea, and also some of the other SEA countries I’ve traveled in. Indonesia is where I have also seen loads of masks.

  6. I love that mask collage, and what an excellent capture of the two masked dancers. How intriguing.
    Budget Jan

    • Thanks Jan! I’m looking forward to this coming weekend. There will be more photos.

  7. Nice festival, although the masks are… well, not my kind of thing. (^_^)
    I love the masked dancers photo!

    • We all have things we like and dislike 🙂

  8. Love the masks! How intriguing.

    It sounds like you’re going to have a great week off! I’m heading to NYC soon with my daughter and one of the plays on our list (if we can fit it in) is to see Wicked.

  9. Love the masked dancers. Elegant, yet spooky.

  10. Such a clever idea to make a collage of masks you’ve seen. I love the Native American masks because every different indigenous nation seems to have a completely different style and use different materials. It was interesting to me that these were all perfectly round. But the dancers masks are totally different. Do you know if the colors and designs on the round masks have any significance?

    • Hi Vera. I have no idea why they are round. These are all made by people who take a mask making workshop. I think the only “form” offered is round. That’s just a guess.

  11. OMG, Korean ballet! I would die to see that 😀 specially during a Mask Festival. Sounds fascinating. As always, great photos Nancie =)

    – Maria Alexandra
    Nomadic Translator LatinAbroad

  12. funky masks. A little eerie. must be an interesting festival

  13. Have a wonderful time at the festival! Would love to see the masked dancers.

  14. I really enjoy learning about holidays around the world. Love those masks!

  15. I so love getting together with my family for Thanksgiving and Chrismas every year. Though the details of the celebration are quite different, I love that different cultures throughout the world all have their own special, family-oriented holidays. Enjoy your week off!

  16. Love the masks. My roommate used to collect masks from our travels and every time I see a mask now, I think of her. Beautiful shot!

  17. I think my kids would enjoy those masks, although my girl may be spooked by those masked dancers. I remember seeing some Chinese New Year performers here in Penang who had a trick of quickly changing their masks as they turned around. One spin and they had a new face.

    • Hi Michele…I have seen the dancers do the quick mask change…lovely!

  18. How neat that you get to experience another countries’ holidays!! Have fun at Wixked – I’ve seen it 3 times – it’s my fav musical!

    • Becca, first Broadway musical I have been to in years, so I am excited.

  19. Oh, dear, I’m sure its too late now, but for some reason when I entered today’s url in Mr. Linky, it stayed on last week’s instead, so people have been going there and commenting. I do hope some will come say this weeks Travel Photo essay on Tucson’s Spanish Mission.

    • That’s easy to do, Vera. Your post on the Mission was great!

  20. Ahhh I remember the chaos on the roads during Chuseok. Enjoy getting to Seoul! Those masks are lovely. I love festivals where people go to the effort of making their own costumes rather than store bought things. Enjoy!

    • It will be crazy out there today, Tracy. Thankfully, we have train tickets.


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