Travel Photo Thursday — September 26th, 2013 — Sunset on the LaHave River, Nova Scotia

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. The weather here in Korea has been nothing short of glorious. This is my favorite time year, when we get a few weeks of mostly sunshine and almost no humidity. There is a bit of a nip in the air in the morning, but the days are still fairly hot. Thankfully, it is not the intense heat of August! I woke today thinking it’s time to put the blanket on the bed. For our last Travel Photo Thursday of September, I am sharing with you sunset on Nova Scotia’s beautiful LaHave River.

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Sunset on Nova Scotia's LaHave River

Sunset on the Lahave River, Nova Scotia.jpg

Where did I take these photos from, you might be wondering? From the deck of the Lahave Ferry Brady E. Himmelman, of course 🙂 This cable ferry (yes, it navigates the river on a cable!) runs between the towns of Riverport and LaHave (and is much faster than driving!). The Brady E. Himmelman has its own web page, where you can read lots of interesting tidbits, if you are interested.

On The Deck, LaHave Ferry Brady E.jpg

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  1. How cool is that to go on a ferry boat on cables. It sounds so unique and interesting. Beautiful sunsets and once again, I love learning more about Nova Scotia which keeps enticing me to visit. Hope the weather stays great for you.

    • Hi Mary! Yes, it is a fun ride, and the scenery is amazing. I do hope you get to visit Nova Scotia one of these days 🙂

  2. I’ve never managed to do that ferry ride but I did take a cable ferry across a river near Baddeck, Nova Scotia.

    I’m in Ontario and enjoying the fall right now – colors, warm days and cool nights.

    • Hi Leigh, I’m sure Ontario would be very pretty right about now. I think I have taken that ferry in Baddeck as well. Have fun in Ontario.

  3. And how cool would that ferry be!? Love these photos and I know I would love the ferry. I am posting from ‘the other Washington’ tonight on the east coast where the weather is beautiful. In my Washington it is cloudy and dreary I here! Have a good weekend!

    • Hi Jackie, It really is a neat ferry. If you arrive, and there is no ferry on it’s way to pick you, you ring a bell 🙂 I would have love to have done that, but alas the ferry was arriving. Enjoy Washington! I have never been, but would love to go.

  4. The weather was beautiful in my part of the world too… (^_^)
    Beautiful sunsets!

    • Hi! I think good weather is happening in a lot of places these days. I am enjoying every moment. Winter will arrive too fast 🙂

  5. This is really beautiful Mary, and Prague has long been on my bucket list. You make it sound so interesting, particularly the history which is obviously a big part of the city and the reason to visit.

    • Hi Johanna, I enjoyed Mary’s Prague as well. It’s a favorite city of mine. 🙂

      • Oh dear I’m so dotty! I was having problems with my computer yesterday and of course this comment was meant for Mary’s blog but it didn’t show up there … and it’s shown up here! Sorry Nancie!

        I did comment on your post and for a minute I panicked that perhaps it had gone onto Mary’s! But thankfully I see it didn’t.

        I love ferries of any kind. They give you a chance to kick back and day dream generally without worrying about rough seas. There’s a wonderful cable ferry in Queensland that crosses the croc infested Daintree River which we went on recently (and hoped it wouldn’t sink!).

        • Johanne, you did give me a good giggle! 🙂 Over croc invested waters…yikes! Now that would be fun…GULP!!

  6. Reckon I’d love that ferry ride too. There’s nothing nicer than to kick back and watch the world go by from the deck of a reasonably stable boat. Weather here is rainy, cold and dismal!

    • Hi Johanna, It really is a lovely ride, and the ferry is quire new, so very safe. I hope your weather changes for the better soon!

  7. Sunsets are always beautiful and this one is no different. Beautiful photos, Nancie!

    • Thanks, Salika. Yes, hard to take a bad shot of a beautiful sunset!

  8. I’ve never been on a cable ferry. Looks like there are beautiful sunsets to enjoy from the boat.

    • Hi Michele…It’s a great little ferry, and of course, the sunset is a fab bonus!

  9. I loved our trip to Nova Scotia in August this year!

    The weather here in Toronto is beautiful this week 22C.

    • Hi Jackie! Nice to hear that your enjoyed my home province. It really is a beautiful “slice” of the world 🙂

  10. A cable ferry? What a cool experience that must have been, Nancie! I took a ferry here last weekend, a conventional one, but it was very lovely. I like taking the ferry when the weather’s beautiful as it was on your ride as well as mine. Talk about a golden sunset!

    • Hi Marcia…good weather makes a ferry ride even that much better!

  11. I love the combination of clouds and sunset, it brings out more interesting light and reflections like the one’s you have posted – beautiful Nancy!

  12. What a gorgeous sunset. I’ve taken a few cable ferries in South East Asia and there was one in my hometown in Australia, but I don’t think I’ve ever been on one with a view as lovely as this.

    • Hi Tracy! I’ve been on a few ferries in SEA, but never a cable ferry. Where in SEA?

      • We went on a couple in Sarawak. Hearing tales of how huge the crocodiles that have been sighted near those ferries added a thrill! I can’t remember if one of the ferries we crossed the Mekong on from Vietnam to Cambodia was a cable ferry. I have a feeling one was.

  13. I love ferries, but I don’t think I’ve ever been on a cable one! I keep adding to my list of things to do when I make it to Nova Scotia.

    • Hi Jess! I hope you make it to Nova Scotia soon. The best time is summer or fall.

  14. Wow, love the Sunset photos. Great to see more of them. Glad to hear the weather is great there at the moment, I love autumn myself as well.

    • Hi Anwar, Well the sun has finally been pushed out by the rain, but I do love fall in Korea!

  15. Beautiful sunset photos! I have never been to that part of the world! : )

    • Thanks for dropping by. Nova Scotia is a beautiful part of the world. If you ever get the chance to visit, don’t hesitate!

  16. Gorgeous shot! Would love to visit this place one day!

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