Travel Photo Thursday –September 22, 2011 A-Bomb Dome, World UNESCO Site, Hiroshima, Japan

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My travels in Japan took me to Hiroshima and the Peace Park. Despite being a horrific event, the Peace Park remembers the dropping of the A-bomb in a manner that is not overly depressing or oppressive. Like Nagasaki, which I had visited a few years earlier, Hiroshima’s Peace Park ensures that people never forget the event, and hopefully one never to be repeated.

Hiroshima is easy to get to, and easy to get around. A great walking city, especially when the weather is sunny and hot, as it was for my visit.
Here are two shots of the A-Bomb Dome, which is a world UNESCO site. The A-Bomb Dome is the only remaining structure in central Hiroshima, which predates the 1945 atomic bomb.

(Click on the shots to view larger versions.)

A-Bomb Dome, Hiroshima, Japan


A-Bomb Dome, Hiroshima, Japan


There is no charge to visit the A-Bomb Dome and the Peace Park, and it’s easy to spend a day there roaming the grounds and visiting the museum. Check out the sites below, if you’re interested in learning about Hiroshima…

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Wiki Travel: Hiroshima



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  1. You cannot help but be moved when visiting this memorial. We were lucky to attend a wedding in Kobe in 2001 and made the pilgrimage.

  2. Tough to think what war did to us and them. When I saw the Earthquake it reminded me of this terrible time in history

  3. Japan…my dream destination

  4. Great shots! It must have been unbelievably moving to be at that memorial. I would love to go someday. (On a separate note, I just realized the irony of my photo showing American celebration and yours showing the absolute horrors of war from another perspective.)

  5. My brother visited Hiroshima many years ago and I’ll never forget his reactions to being there. It really is important to remember what happened, but to look to a peaceful future. Your photos are excellent!

  6. Evocative photos, Nancie. I’d like to visit Hiroshima.

  7. I just visited the Peace Park. The Genbaku Dome impressed me the most…

  8. Years ago, Grade 10, we did a segment on nuclear science, and leaned all about Hiroshima. What an amazing experience to see the memorial. That’s truly something.

  9. Love the mirrored effect on the water- great shot.

  10. Ground zero monuments and museums at both Hiroshima and Nagasaki are places I wish more students, from around the world, would visit. Walking the ground and seeing what had been one would make a more lasting impression than learning about it in a classroom. Good post and an important one to share!

  11. I like how the Peace Park serves as a reminder so that we don’t forget, but is not depressing, that’s difficult to accomplish.

  12. Great article we here in US have seemed to have forgotten this . A warning of what war can bring and what is a threat today!!!

  13. I’m amazed even the dome is still standing. These sites are powerful reminders of dark times in history and I’m so glad you came away from it without feeling depressed.

  14. Again, great photos. And what a treat to have a photo gallery of other great shots. . .Travel Photo Thursday is great!

  15. This must be an intersting place to visit. I have been to a few “depressing” places in Europe, and I think we come away better people after visiting such a place. However, I like that the message in Hiroshima is more positive.

  16. These are great shots! I have never been but have wondered what was there to commemorate this event.

  17. What a moving picture. It reminds me of the Cathedral in Munich, which displays pictures inside the rebuilt Cathedral of what it looked like after the bombing.
    My photo entry today is a response to your photo from last week, by the way.

  18. Love the reflection in the top pic.


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