Travel Photo Thursday, September 15th, 2011: A Coffee and Tea Kind of Morning in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. The Korean holiday is over, and it was back to classes today. We are having phenomenal weather here in Daejeon; sun and blue it. And, I love that fact that we have our first ever sponsor this week! And it is…

Bethany Salvon is a professional photographer and travel junkie. Randy Kalp is a semi-intrepid journalist traveling the world and missing his 7-pound hound. Together they run the syndicated travel blog Their work appears regularly on USA Today Travel Tips, The Coast News, San Diego Reader and a variety of other travel publications. This year it was noted on the Huffington Post as one of the top travel blogs to discover and was also awarded Best Informative Travel Blog 2011 from

Bethany is also the author of the new photography ebook “Getting Out Of Auto” which has opened to rave reviews from amateur and advanced photographers alike. (Click on the link to read about the book.)

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I took this shot at a lovely little restaurant in Chiang Mai’s old city, “Angels”. I was introduced to the restaurant by a friend, just a few days before I was leaving. I absolutely loved the place. Run a Thai lady by the name of Joe, with angel wings tattooed on her back!, meals are individually prepared and everything is delicious!(I will post the address when I find it.)

I absolutely loved how the coffee is served; including the tea cup with the tea bud (yes, that is a tea bud) 🙂

Morning Coffee at Angel's in Chiang Mai


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  1. Just enjoying your pic and my own special brew of coffee. But my post is for Michael – Fish River Canyon.

  2. Way too many sweets for me but, I do love the photo !

  3. The cookies look pretty tasty too!

  4. Looking very appetizing with a nice presentation

  5. That looks really nice. I’d bet that the tea would go a great job of clensing your palate before enyoing your coffee. One of the more fancy coffee houses I go to gives you spraking water for that.

  6. Looks a very appealing little breakfast that. Hooray for getting a sponsor! Leave me out of the draw, though – as I’ve already bought Bethany’s book. It’s excellent and so useful; someone will be very lucky to win it!

  7. I love everything about this photo…but especially the brightness of the pastel colours. I can imagine those cups and trays in my Kitchen!

    • Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Everything goes together so nicely.

  8. Comforting image… love it!

  9. Seems like a great friend to reccommend such a lovely place!

  10. Just stumbled upon this place! So excited to have found it. I can use it as an excuse to infuse my blog with some travel talk every week. And that tea looks scrumptious!

  11. Looks like a lovely way to start the day.

  12. Nice photo. I love starting my day with a coffee or tea and in your case … both!

    Congrats on securing a sponsor and making the event even more fun. 🙂

  13. It really is beautifully presented. The cookies look delicious. I’m always interested in how tea is served and brewed around the world.

  14. That tea looks way too good and thick – almost like café con leche 😀 yum! *goes grab a cup herself*

  15. These cookies look delicious! I almost posted a food-related pic today as way, but I’m not quite done with my Eating Well in London post, so I decided on a Union Jack cab instead. We saw them driving through London when we did some sightseeing there this summer and I thought they were too cool.

  16. Great photo with fantastic colours. I’m ready for a coffee though my at home presentation isn’t nearly as beautiful.
    I reviewed Bethany’s book and HIGHLY recommend it. It will make you excite to get your camera out and start playing.

  17. I love those crystal clear colors. I take pictures of restaurant food all the time–sometimes to the embarrassment of my husband. My picture today is about playing dress up in Nova Scotia.

  18. I love the way some people can make a cup of coffee so pretty! Those cookies are too cute to eat.

    I hope I win because after my recent trip I have decided I need to be a better photographer and get out of Auto! Thanks for doing this.

  19. Great photo. It all looks so inviting. I like the name of the restaurant very much, too!

  20. Another fun photo – like Vera Marie, I also take ‘food photos’ so really appreciate one like this that is so artistically done.
    My photo today is of a single building – sometimes one building brings back as many memories as does a landscape.

  21. Great photo of your morning coffee and tea! You got the lighting perfect.

  22. Love the photo: the cookies look sooo delicious! 🙂

  23. That looks like a perfect cup of coffee! And those little cookies — yum! (I ran out of time this week so my travel photo for today is a carry-over from mine from yesterday.)

    • Those cookies were good!

  24. Congrats on the sponsor! Love Bethany’s stuff.

    • Thanks, and yes Bethany’s work is fantastic!


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