Travel Photo Thursday — October 3, 2013 — A Sea Captain’s Mark in Historical Mahone Bay

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Thursday’s here, so that means, another week of  Travel Photo Thursday I have no idea where September went, and October doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Autumn has definitely arrived on the ROK. The nights and morning are cool and crisp. Daytime temperatures are still very pleasant. Rumor has it that there’s a typhoon heading our way. Waiting and watching to see what might happen on that front. With a storm approaching, today’s shot seems appropriate.


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In the 17 and 18th centuries Nova Scotia’s Mahone Bay was a major seaport. Today, many of the beautiful, old homes built by ship captains still exist, and many have been restored and maintained. If you ever visit, chances are you could find a B & B with a connection to one of these 17th/18th century sea captains. The photo below is one of the prettiest sea captain’s houses in this picturesque little town. The house has been restored and is well maintained. This particular property appears to be a private home. As I took the photo, I stood and closed my eyes, trying to imagine living here when the town was a bustling seaport 17th century seaport.

Sea Captain's House Mahone Bay.jpg

Should you visit, you’ll have no problem finding the house. It stands out proudly on the towns main street.


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  1. This house is absolutely gorgeous. I always dreamed of living in a house like this — now I dream of traveling as often as possible and having a house that I can leave for weeks at a time. Beautiful photo!

    • Thanks Jennie! I would love to live in a place like this, or at least spend a night or two!

  2. It’s hard not to fall in love with all those sea captain’s houses that you see in Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. I am so impressed at how well maintained people keep their homes on the south shore. I stayed in one similar looking but much larger B&B in Annaolis Royal this summer. The owner says he has to drain the water and shut it down in the winter because it costs him $10,000 just to heat it !

    • Hi Leigh, yes I can well imagine how expensive they would be to heat in the wintertime. A person could quickly go broke!

  3. What a beautiful house! I love all the details on it. How neat it must have been to live in that house and town back then. I’m glad they’ve retained the charming and historical look of the house. Hoping the typhoon bypasses you and if it doesn’t, hope it won’t be so bad. Take care and good luck!

    • Thanks, Mary! These little seaside towns in NS really do work on keeping their charm. They depend a lot on the summer tourist trade 🙂

  4. Beautiful house, it reminds me of a dollhouse…
    It’s great that it is so well preserved.

  5. What a charming home! I bet the town is gorgeous. I could imagine myself strolling the streets imagining the once bustling town as well.

  6. I could live there quite easily! Beautiful home, great shot, Nancie. We are off on our Pacific Adventure so will do my best to visit all the links, but hope my fellow bloggers understand I might be out of internet contact off and on for the next few weeks.

    • Hi Jackie! Yes, it would be very easy to move in and stay awhile! Enjoy your adventures.

  7. Such a pretty home. I love it!

  8. That is such a charming house. Part of me fantasizes about owning an old house like this, but I bet the upkeep would drive me insane. Perhaps just staying at a B&B is a better option for me. Good luck on dodging the typhoon!

    • Hi Michele…Yep, nice to think about owning a place like this, but I think the upkeep would be brutal!

  9. Wow, it’s my kind of dream house, and yes it does look like a dolls house.

  10. i agree with Jennie. I would have loved this house at one time but now I am glad we downsized last year and can leave any time to go and travel and take photos of houses like this!
    I will have to look through my photos to see if I caught this house when we were there in August/

    • Hi Jackie! Definitely more freedom to take a photo and walk away 🙂

  11. I’m with Muza-chan – it’s so cute and perfect that it looks like a doll house, but I’m also more in the downsize mode so I can travel. Our house isn’t nearly as fancy, but it is big and old and requires a lot of work when I would rather be off traveling! Nice house portrait!

    • Thanks, Cindy. Sometimes I miss my house, but I know that if I still owned it I wouldn’t be doing the travel that I do. It’s all about choices 🙂

  12. Is that a cat walking in front of the house? If so, it has cute and very skinny little legs! I always love houses from the east but I don’t think I would love cleaning the windows because there are always so many of them.

    • HaHa Sharlene…window cleaning would be a killer! That little cat is made of wire 🙂

  13. Wow, what a stunner of a house! The owners must spend a fortune on maintenance. Bet no one gets lost trying to find that house and the neighbors must use it as a landmark. Thanks for sharing, Nancie! Love it.

  14. such a GORGEOUS house! You keep tempting me with all these Nova Scotia photos and posts… Do you want me to go in the middle of winter or something?! 😉

    -Maria Alexandra

    • HaHa Maria! Summer or fall is a much better time to visit. If you go in the winter, be sure to dress warm!

  15. Wow that is such a gorgeous house! I have never been to Nova Scotia, but I certainly need to go, what a beautiful place it must be.

    • Hi Anwar! I hope you get to NS sometime. It is a beautiful place.

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