Korea’s Traditional Performers

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. This week my students are “suffering” through their midterm exams. The weather is turning colder, and I continue to dream of warmer climes.

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Here are two of my favorite shots from the Anseong Dance Festival that I attended several weeks ago.

(To view a larger version click on the photo.)

Spinning the Ribbon… (using only his head)

Traditional Korean Dancer


Spinning the Disks

Korean Traditional Dance Troupe Spinning Disks


This was a fun and inexpensive day. My only expenses were getting to the festival and lunch. I spent about $20.00.

To learn more about Korean Traditional dancing:

Korean Traditional Dance

If you are planning a trip to Korea, you can find festival information here:

Korea Festivals


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  1. Wow, that firsts photo is top stuff.

  2. What wonderful colors in the spinning ribbon. Sorry, my photo is the last of my scary stuff leading up to Halloween.

  3. I feel dizzy just thinking of spinning my head like the dance in the top photo. Super shot.

    And I’m with you on the cold as there is a SERIOUS decline in temperatures in Calgary. Somehow I must embrace it – but not for a few weeks as I’m off to Spain where the forecast is pretty decent.

  4. Loving those bright colors. Hit ya with everything I’ve got plus, that Google + thingy !

  5. colorful

  6. Wow! These photos are stunning!

  7. Great colourful shots. So apt for Circus scenes.

    (Sorry for all the confusion. I’m quite new here and I’ve posted the wrong URL the first time around. My submission is actually here http://parismoviewalks.co.uk/beautiful-drainpipe-in-paris/

    Will try to do better next time. Promise….)

    And thanks for this great project!

  8. I simply love the first photo! Colors, composition… everything (^_^)

  9. All your bright and cheery photos make me realize a visit to Korea is long overdue.

  10. I think I would get dizzy just watching the first guy, let alone doing it. It sounds like a very interesting festival.

  11. you always break my heart with these shots of Korea…I love the country and would love to be there

  12. Beautiful photos! All the spinning reminds me of the whirling dervishes in the Middle East. Fascinating to watch them perform, especially since there’s a spiritual element to their dancing

  13. Once again, such beautiful photos. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to Thursdays since becoming a part of TP Thursday!

  14. Spinning the Ribbon is very cool!

  15. I still love the amazing colors of Asia! Looks like it was a great festival. . . I like this kind of stuff.

  16. The colors in the first photo are stunning!

  17. Both great shots. The first for its dazzling colours, and the second for its elegance and poise.


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